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Plumbline #2 Rejection/Rebellion

In continuation of the last blog post about plumb line, we are going to look at the two extremes we tend to swing to when we are not plumb.  We tend to swing to one side or the other.  One side being rejection and the other being rebellion.  In most cases you will swing one way or the other, while some people may go between both at times.  Keep in mind that emotions in themselves are not moral; it is what we do with them that is right or wrong.  What we are under pressure is what we really are.  Angry Christians have unresolved hurt in their lives.  This rings true with me also.  I realized that when I have my angry bouts it tends to be when someone has done something that reminds me of a deep wound in my past that I never actually dealt with and stuffed it instead.  Let me tell you, stuffing is never good.. Ok, it is with turkey so I take that back..stuffing your pain is never good.  Remember how we talked about wounds and how it will get infected and fester and must be opened and scraped out and then sutured and healed?  Yeah, stuffing gets you there!  Blech!


One of the keys to how we react to things is the fact that we see the world the way that we are; not the way that it really is.  When we have unresolved hurts in our lives we tend to act out of rejection or rebellion and see the world through those lenses.  If we are feeling rejected from a past hurt, we tend to feel rejected anytime we are feeling insecure or hurt in anyway.  They stem from the same root.  While you are reading this you should take a minute and think about the authority figures in your life and any traumatic experiences you had with them.  Since then, as an adult, or teen, do you see any childlike responses that you have had show up in your life? 


Lets look at the two extremes:  Rejection:  These are the stones in the wall of rejection that we build up when we have unresolved hurt stemming from rejection.  *Sadness * self pity *self hatred *depression *apathy *inferiority *failure *guilt.  When we went through these, man, I was marking almost all of them!  I struggle with every single one of them except apathy, and Im sure I have at times.  I couldnt believe how many I had marked - what about you?  Do any of these resonate with you? 


Now, with rebellion, it is a different story completely the stones of rebellion are: *hostility *conceit, *sophistication, *elation & deflation, *competitiveness, *superiority, *dominance, *rigidity, *stubborn, *unteachableness, *delusion.  How about these?  Any of these resonate with you?  I only had a couple on this one. 


With the rebellious person, they tend to walk in sin more so than those on the rejection side.  The thing with sin is it is like cancer in the body, it spreads and takes over.  The people on the rebellion side tend to have a spirit of bitterness, resentment, be critical, controlling and struggle with possessiveness.


People on the rejection side need to forgive due to holding grudges, whereas people on the rebellion side usually need to ask for forgiveness.  These words under each category are markers of a life out of line with the Lord.  It is not WHO we are.  It is NOT our identity.  The key to knowing our identity is that it is in God!  KNOW God!  When we are swinging out of plumb we are sick.  Sick people are limited in their effectiveness.  Whole, free, anointed people are affective in evangelism.  We are ALL called to be evangelists!  We are all to spread the word of the Lord wherever we are so dont think, well, it doesnt matter for me b/c Im not a missionary.  Wrong, you ARE a missionary.  You may or may not be out of your home country but you are a missionary where you are! 


We must deal with the sickness instead of just treating the symptoms.  What is the root of the issue?  Where does the pain originally come from?  Where is the original wound?  When we react to things it is a reflection of our heart and our reactions are simply symptoms.  What are your triggers?  What causes you to react in those ways? We must own our triggers.  What is it that causes you to respond out of rejection or rebellion?  Own up to it.  We are all experiencing a love deficit when we are acting out of rejection or rebellion.  NO PERSON can ever fill your love needs.  With the plumb line, we tend to have the authority figure at the top, holding the pendulum and dependent upon our reaction to their responses to us we swing to rejection or rebellion.  The solution to this constant swinging is to replace those authority figures who have been at the top for so long with God.  Allow God to hold the pendulum and fall in line with him. 


We must deal with the foundation of which we have built our walls and tear down each brick (those mentioned above) and reset the foundation.  In rejection the foundation stone is unbelief while the foundation stone of rebellion is pride.  We must lay down the burden of our sins and come boldly to the throne of grace to receive mercy.  (2 Cor 6: 16- 7:1) Then we must build our relationship with the Lord.  Ministry is an overflow of our relationship with God.  If we arent filled up, we cant overflow.  We cant be effective in ministry with open wounds everywhere.  We must build on the chief cornerstone - JESUS! 


We need revelation of our own hearts.  Once we have revelation, we can have transformation!  Knowledge bring sight.. think about it, we go to the Doctor because they know things we dont; they have studied and know how the body works and what things look like; because they do, they have sight we dont.  A botanist knows plants; we would have no clue looking at plants whether or not you could eat them or what they are for unless we too studied them and thus had sight.  If we Know Jesus, and we KNOW the Father, we will have sight.  We are all seeking love - the love deficit we have is really a God deficit.  Ask the Lord to reveal himself to you. 


One of the important things to tearing down these walls is that we must also deal with repentance.  Maybe you have someone you need to seek forgiveness from; maybe you need to forgive someone.  Maybe you have been a victim for a long time of abuse or other situations, if you will take responsibility for even the smallest part that was your responsibility, that will change things for you.  I will admit that when I heard this, I got upset, and by upset, I mean livid.  I couldnt believe that they would suggest that I somehow was responsible for any of the abuse that I lived through. 


As I sought the Lord about it though, he began to show me even the smallest things that I had not taken responsibility for that lead to certain wounds.  Yes, I was wounded, badly, but I opened myself up to it by making poor decisions in direct disobedience to my parents wishes and or advice.  For example, when I was a teen, I was raped.  I thought, how on earth was that my fault in any way??? Well, God reminded me that I was not supposed to be dating; I was defying my parental authority by sneaking around with a boy that then landed me in that situation.  No, I did not ask to be raped, want to be raped, expect to be raped, I did however pursue a relationship that I was never supposed to have.  I had to own up to that.  In my previous marriage, I was abused to no end.  I remember one night I had a knife held to my throat with my 10 month old son in my arms as my head was bashed into the mirror shattering it.  Did I ask for that? No, but I did marry a man that did not have the same beliefs as me in God and did not value what I valued.  I was unequally yoked.  Again, I chose to be in that relationship that God forbid me to be in.  I had to take responsibility for my part.  This was a hard step for me and yet it was so freeing and lifted off so many burdens I have carried for so long.  Do you have anything that you need to take responsibility for and seek forgiveness from? 


One of the activities we did at this point in class was to write a letter to the Father and then write  a  response back from the Father to us.  Dont read either before you have written both.  Share with him what is on your heart in regard to this post and the last; then listen and write what he has to say to you in response.  Once you are done, read them both.  This was so powerful for all of us.  Yes, the Lord will speak to you.  Just be open and honest and write until you dont feel you have anything else to write and then get another piece of paper or a new tab on your documents and listen to what the Father has to say in response. 


More to come

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  1. That was an amazing read. I needed to hear that. Thank you!