Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Worship is not about you

Well, we have made it into another wonderful week here at YWAM Haiti.  This discipleship school has been exactly what we needed.  Bryan and I have been so blessed and have had so many revelations and transformations are taking place.   God is good yall!  This week was a welcomed break after the mountain last week.  This week was worship week.  We started out our week on base where we all live in our classroom on Monday and Tuesday and then we headed on a bus to Cap Haitian in the northern part of Haiti for the remainder of the week where we got to do touristy things and worship the Lord too.   It was great!  Ill give you some details and maybe I can post some pics on here soon.  If youre my fb friend I have posted many more pics that you can go see on my profile.  Thankfully, we have our own internet now and it is a bit more reliable than the wifi we were using before. 

So, we started out in the classroom on Monday with a team from Mendicino, CA that is here for the outreach portion of their DTS.  (Discipleship training school)  They have been here for about 4 weeks and will be here through the end of February.  When they came in to teach our class we werent sure what to expect.  We have enjoyed having meals with them daily and visiting but they have been doing their outreach mostly off base where they are out in villages.   They came in and told us they were going to be teaching on original design.  I didnt know what that meant really.  As they began sharing their testimonies and how this teaching had changed their lives I became rather intrigued.  The idea of original design prayer is to seek the Lord and ask who it is that he created you to be - in this case others do it and tell you.  They ask the Lord to tell them just how he made you to be and how he see you what his original design for you was. 

This is a form of intercession prayer that is so powerful.  It speaks life into you.  It calls up in you the person God created you to be and gives you insight into Gods heart for you and how he wants you to live.  The teaching then moved into strongholds and how we are affected by the attacks of the enemy in different areas that we call strongholds such as fear, rejection etc.  They gave us each a questionarre that helps you to take inventory of the things that are signs that you might struggle with fear or rejection etc.  We went through the first one together which was the stronghold of fear.  It is amazing to me how many Christians struggle with fear and live their lives in this stronghold..me included.  I knew I had a little fear that I struggled with but as we went through each area I checked more and more boxes.  I was feeling deflated and sad that this was my reality; then they said lets break this off!  I was elated!  We stood together and prayed against the fear we were facing and cast it off.  We prayed for the Lord to fill those areas we had just evicted the fear from with his Holy Spirit and to fill us with joy and love and peace instead.  This was so freeing and powerful.  However, when the prayer was over I still felt that I had some fear.  I had felt so heavy before, but this was a lighter load, but still a load.  I wanted it all gone and yet it wasnt.  I figured Id deal with it later as it was time to move on to the prayer time. 

The DTS staff and the Mendicino team divided up into groups of 3 and they each came prepared to seek the Lord on our behalf and get words from the Lord for us.  I was excited and a bit skiddish at the same time wondering was this really going to be personal to me or was it going to be some sort of generic, you are his, he loves you thing.  I was called over to my group and sat down nervously.  The things that God spoke to each person were things that Ive always wanted to hear said of me.  God was reminding me that I am his masterpiece - as are you - we all are his masterpiece.  Read Ephesians 2:10.  He is the master and he hand fashioned each and every one of us.  I was reminded I am not a mistake, I am seen and known by God. 

I will share with you some of what My Daddy in Heaven said about me.  I was given many encouraging words which they then had us turn into I am statements claiming what God designed us to be as who we are.  So, here we go..  I am a woman of prayer and that my prayers avail much.  My prayers demolish strongholds and make things happen in the heavens.  It was also said that I am a cheerleader and encourager. I champion everyone elses dreams.  At the same time, God wanted me to know he is championing mine!  He his cheering me on and believing in me and my dreams.

I am a woman of Joy.  I have a huge mothers heart.  I was called a mother to the orphans.  I am called to be hope to the hopeless.  I am known and seen by God.  I am a woman after Gods heart.  I am hungry for righteousness and am a lover of God.  I am beloved by God.  I am a dancer upon injustice.  I have a heart like David.  I am Gods - I am his real daughter. 

These words spoke such life and encouragement to me.  They then sought the Lord to ask what my stronghold was and it of course came up that I was still struggling with fear.  I repented of that, cast it off, in its various forms, and asked the Lord to replace it with his love and his joy.  I have been walking in such freedom since then.  Thank the Lord!

Bryan wants to share with you some of what the Lord gave his team about his original design as well.  He was called designed to be a Johnathon type leader and friend.  Davids best friend- how cool is it that God designed me to be like David and my husband to be like Johnathon!!  Match made in heaven?  Yes!  Literally! 

He is a servant of the weak, a caller of destiny and has a great fathers heart that models the Father heart of God.  He is a spring of joy.  He is a powerful warrior who is known by his intimacy and transparency.  He has a servant heart.  He has a heart for the lost and the broken.  He is one who will declare the word of the Lord and is a protector of truth.  He is a man of wisdom and understanding.

This prayer time was so powerful and so uplifting.  I cant wait to do it again and again.  I was also able to join in and be on the other side of the prayer for one of our DTS staff and that was also very intense and encouraging to hear how God saw my sister in Christ and what he originally designed her for.  It was so neat that we all received words of affirmation and confirmation for our lives.  God loves his kids and loves to brag on them. 

After the class time was over I was thinking through the worksheet we had completed and feeling convicted in one area.  I had been feeling convicted about a past sin that I needed to confess and deal with once and for all.  God gave me the courage to not only face it but to confess it aloud and to ask for forgiveness from those necessary.  I have seen the Lord in this all and his loving forgiveness and grace has been lavished upon me and I am now walking in a freedom that I havent previously known.  It is great when you have nothing to hide and you arent concerned that you will slip up and say something or let on that something is wrong in one area or another.  The staff and students and my husband lovingly came alongside me and forgave me and loved me through it all.  I am so thankful. 

Moving on from there we packed our bags, including our hair brushes and all our personal care supplies this time, and headed for Cap Haitian.  We were staying in a hotel this time instead of tents where we had comfy beds and even air conditioning!!!  WOAH!  Of course, its still Haiti and we dont have power all the time, but we did enjoy a cool room most of the time!  We went up to the Citadel and took a tour of it as well as San Souci Palace.  Both were amazing historical structures.  We heard of the history of this great nation and walked through the rooms of both places.  We learned something that Ive never really learned before and isnt really taught in most churches in the way it was taught to me this week.  Are you ready for this?  Worship is not about you.

Worship is not about you.

Worship is meant to bring glory to Gods name.  It is meant to lift him up and not for you.  It is not for what I can get out of it.  It isnt about what good things he blesses us with while we worship or as a result of our worship; but it is truly all about him.  It is about joining with him in spiritual warfare and shaking the heavens.  When we truly praise the Lord and worship his name, things change.  Lives change. God moves!  I was in awe of this.  I have always loved worship; mostly because I feel loved on and blessed and I receive breakthroughs etc.  This week I came to a new realization that worship is about so much more and in fact is not about me at all.

I learned to worship in new ways this week acknowledging that it is actually a time for me to exalt God for no other reason than he is God!  There is such power when we truly worship the Lord for who he is.  We are moving things in the spiritual realm when we worship the Lord correctly. 

We had several unique worship opportunities this week which stretched our limits of our comfort zone and truly put God on display.  Each time I prayed and asked the Lord to make himself known and to change the place and the people who were where we were at.  I had to lay down my selfish ambitions and self righteousness and remember who I was doing it for and why I was doing it.  When I did that there was much more power in my prayers, umph in my praise, and freedom in my worship of the Lord.  I sang louder than ever before, danced with flags without inhibition and felt the presence of the Lord in a new way. 

Instead of me coming seeking what good things God had for me I came seeking to honor him and in turn got to join him in his work.  I was able to pray his vision for Haiti and the people as I declared him King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Ruler of Rulers, and Lord of all!  I really loved seeing this new for me side of worship.  I got to see how great God is and understand that in my worship of him, he was truly exalted and it does make a difference. 

This week has been so special for me in so many ways.

I enjoyed going up the mountain this time- on a horse of course!  ;)  We took time at the top of the mountain outside of the Citadel to do an original design prayer for Haiti.  It was so neat to see how God originally designed Haiti to be.  God designed Haiti for so much more.  It is to be a sending station; to be a beacon of light, of hope.  A people of passion after his name.  This country was meant to be Gods majesty on display.  God has big plans for Haiti yall!  I am excited to see the changes coming to this country!  God is on the move here and we are going to continue to intercede on behalf of this beautiful nation and these beautiful people reminding God of his promise and his people.  I am so so very excited for Haiti yall!

We would continue to ask for your prayers as we move forward in our DTS and seeking the Lord with our whole hearts.  We want nothing more than to be in his will and doing what he has designed us to do.  Please pray about joining with us in prayer, interceding on our behalf during this time.  If youd like to join our intercession team and can commit to praying for us daily we would love to hear from you!  Email us to sign up by sending an email with intercessor in the subject line at newhornerfamily@gmail.com or visit the website and sign up there at www.thehorners.yolasite.com

Love you all!


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