Friday, January 31, 2014

Week 2 in Haiti - Spiritual Warfare

We have made it into our official first week of classes - Spiritual Warfare. We are so pumped about all that is happening and all that is to come. We have some great teachings still to come and this week was simply awesome. The Lord has been speaking to each student on a personal level this week as well. Some of the things the Lord was speaking into my life this week are that he wants more of me. He wants me to praise him and worship him in new ways. I have recently discovered my artistic side with smash booking as well as learning to draw and paint. 

This week he has challenged me to dance before him. The cool thing about that is there is a dance class weekly here that I decided to go to in response to God. I went and although it was not the greatest thing I’ve ever done I enjoyed it and I learned some things. I was a bit nervous and self conscious; however, the Lord just kept patting me on the back and encouraging me to keep going and that he was proud of me for stepping out. I would love to be able to dance a beautiful dance for the Lord one day. I love to watch dance and always have. I am excited to step into it and see what he does with it. Lexi and Aaron are both down with some crud and not doing well. (update - they were sick for 6 days and on complete bed rest but are up and well now! Praise the Lord) The other kids have been working around campus with a team that was here from Pennsylvania. They helped to pack food and get supplies ready to be distributed to some of the villages in the 5th district. 

Oh! At the beginning of the week on Sunday Austin and I went to a church at one of the villages in the 5th district with the PA team and we got to attend the dedication of the church building service. That was so special. We enjoyed playing with the kids and hugging on the mommas. I got to rock a sweet baby girl to sleep. So precious! The team had brought lots of goodies for everyone in the village like bowls and wooden spoons for each family as well as candy and snacks for the kids. They also brought those wiki stix things you get in happy meals. They were quite icky and sticky but the kids absolutely loved them. We made so many pairs of glasses, mustaches, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Austin was a big hit with those things - he had kids lining up to have him make them a cross necklace. It was such a blessing to see him ministering to those kids and so happy.

Bryan and the other kids had their first experience of hand washing laundry. Whew! I am thankful that they fixed the washing machine and that we are allowed to use it and that we don’t have to do that all the time and that I didn't have to do it this time. Yes, I know that was the longest run-on sentence ever. Maybe. LOL 

OH! And the Lord also spoke to Bryan and I on a very personal level and gave us some very clear instructions on what to do. So, as a result of this, we want to thank each of you that have been praying for us and ask you to please continue to pray. We would also like to open up an option to you all that feel led to and would commit to doing so to join an intercession team with us. What this would look like is that you would let us know you want to be a part of this intercession team. You would commit to praying for us as often as the Lord lays us on your heart. You would be signed up with your email address and would receive an email with any prayer requests and updates to prayers that we have. This is a way for you to join us on a deeper, more intimate level than scrolling a blog and thinking of us. This is a way for you to partner with us and partner with the Lord in his work in our lives. We would be so honored to have you praying for us and with us in this time. If you would like to join the intercession team and receive email updates on prayer needs and praises, please email me at with Intercession Team and your name in the subject line and you will be added. You can feel free to type a message too if you so desire, but to sign up that is sufficient. We thank you in advance for listening to the Lord on this and coming alongside us in this journey.

I wanted to also share some of the highlights from class this week with you. We had an amazing teacher who is so full of passion and zeal from Canada, Charlotte. There were so many, many great things she said that were eye opening for me even though I grew up knowing about the spiritual side of things. I love how God is constantly renewing our minds and teaching us new things. Some of the key points I got this week were that worship is actually a combo of warfare and relationship. We make something happen in the heavens when we worship - we fall deeper in love with our creator and we also deal with the battle that is raging in the spirit world. This was eye opening to me as I never viewed it that way. 

She talked about how when we have a revelation of God that we are called to move and respond based on that new knowledge. Don’t just go ahhhh.. wow and be done with it. When God makes us free, we are free and there is no going back. There was a story of a slave that was set free and then upon establishing his home and family another slave owner burnt down his home and thus the paper of his freedom and put him back to work in the field. The slave worked and then eventually sliced his tendon to make him unable to work and thus free. There was no going back from that decision. He was now an invalid but he was free! 

We talked about depression and how it comes in through the door of fear. The Word tells us that perfect love casts out all fear! If you need to break the grip of depression you need to fill yourself with the Word. Fill it up and reverse it. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and of a sound mind. I have struggled with depression in the past and looking back I can see that yes, it started with a fear that was uncontrolled and then it progressed into terror and sadness and then I sunk further and further in. I am thankful for the freedom and pray for those I know struggling with this. There is freedom! There is hope! 

We are to be different. There is no middle ground or neutral zone. That being said - I am on God’s side. We don’t work for God. We work with God. The more time we spend with God the more powerful our ministry will be. There is something you are supposed to be doing. Are you doing it? 

Satan only has as much ground as humans allow him.. He has no power unless you give it to him. WOAH! By the power of God in you command him to leave! KICK HIM OUT of your lives, your homes, your families, your workplace etc! If God is for us - who can be against us?? There is no power in hell or any scheme of man that can stand against the power and the presence of the Great I Am! He lives in you if you have accepted him as your savior and by golly you have the power in you through him to trample of Satan and his evil minions! 

You are supposed to be doing something. You have an eternal purpose. Are you doing it? If becoming a Christian was all there was to it then God would just Zap us home. That isn’t it y’all! We are to be Jesus on the Earth and spread his love and the great news we have! 

When you are on your way to do what God has called you to and you face many obstacles - you know it must be worth it. The win on the other side is worth it so just keep going. No matter what your naysayers try to say or do to break your spirit - take heart and know God is in control and he will complete the work he has started in you. Also, as christians we are to intercede on behalf of fallen man - intercede - to come on behalf of. The whole purpose of prayer is to enforce the victory of Christ by exercising the authority he gave us. We are partnering with him. 

Authority without movement is useless. 

A tool in the hands of someone who has authority is powerful and changes things. A tool on the table is nothing; decoration. Don’t be a tool that is wasted. Be used of God! Be a tool in the hand of God and move in his authority! God is the fan and the electricity - he is looking for someone to plug it in - that’s you, that’s me - partner with him. He does the work - he allows us to participate.

Each encounter with Christ should change us. The more time you spend in the word the faster the process of renewing your mind happens. Brokeness is not a bad thing. Brokeness is having God reset your mind. Live as close to the throne of God as you can get. Soak. Choose wisely what you allow into your heart, mind, and home. It will feed one or the other kingdoms - God or Satan. We want God and anything in the way needs to go. Watch what you say. Our words are an access point either for God or for Satan. 

I loved this comment - When Satan asks you “Who do you think you are?” Your response should be “It doesn’t matter who I think I am - it’s who I am reflecting that you should be concerned about!” It is not about your ability. It is about stepping into the authority God has given you. It is not that someone moving in God’s authority has become more talented.. just more surrendered. 

We talked a lot about fear - how the spirit of fear is actually fearful- think about that one. The Bible tells us perfect love casts out all fear - God is love! We also learned about thanotophobia - the fear of death and how that is the basis for all other fears. Who knew! Where fear is active, faith is not. Where faith is active, fear is not. 

We talked about being firm in your pursuit of God and that to love at all is to be vulnerable. We also talked about how we are all given the same measure of faith. It is up to us to develop it; so, it’s not that we need more faith, it’s that we need to work that muscle and strengthen it. (Romans 12:3)

Faith is activated by love. Love him. The more you love him the more you believe who he is and what he will do. (SO TRUE) Faith expresses itself in love. 

OOOOH this was good - If you’ve ever heard about or studied the Armor of God you know what I am talking about and if not you should check it out. The armor is GOD’S. That means when we put it on.. we look like God. In the spirit realm the enemy sees us as that and woah! Yeah, he can’t win that battle! You have the authority to wear the armor. Use it! 

God is the creator. We are created in his image and our words create. We can create life or we can create death. Satan, however, was not created in his image and thus he cannot create. He does use humans to create his kingdom for him. So, if you speak and release life you form life. Speak to the heart and encourage others. Speak life. Lift up. Create a space that God can use in your words. 

If you have read this far along in my notes, I commend you! :) I actually have more that I didn’t put in here but those were the ones I felt I should share with you. I pray you are blessed by this blog and thank you again, so much for your prayers. 

Much Love,

The Horners in Haiti

PS.  I know you all are hoping for pictures and I do have some to share.  Unfortunately I can't seem to get them on this computer.  I am working on it and will update with pics ASAP! 

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  1. Can't wait to see the pictures.
    Also I liked the paragraph about "when you are on your way to doing what God has called you to do.."
    I reread that one several times & felt very encouraged by it.