Friday, December 27, 2013

T minus 14 days to Haiti!

14 days!!

We are so excited!  We are so ready!  We are so not ready!

Yeah, you read that right.. WE are ready.  Unfortunately it's not an easy task to move 8 people to another country!  We have been cleaning, clearing, organizing, downsizing, and repeating said process over and over for the last few weeks and even more so this week.  I am over it- lol However, I can't wait for the end result!

Praising the Lord -
The house is SOLD!   We close next Friday - Jan 3 and will head out shortly after closing to some dear friend's house in Arkansas for a couple of days and then on the road again to Georgia to spend time with family and then we are off one final time on the road to Florida.  We will fly out of Florida on Jan 10 and arrive in Haiti a couple of hours later!  YIPEE!!

Updated Need:

We have booked our flights!  Thanks to the Lord helping us sell some of our equipment we were able to book our flights to Haiti!


Make a tax-deductible check to:
Youth With A Mission Haiti
PO Box 236
Akron, PA 17501
NOTE: Please make all checks payable to YWAM Haiti and include a separate note designating how you would like to see the funds used. THANK YOU!!
If you are wanting to donate by year end, PLEASE let us know your intentions.  I know this is soon but this is urgent.  We need to raise the funds quickly.  Please share this with those you think would be blessed by the work we will be doing and who would prayerfully consider coming on board with us as support members.  This seems like a large number but really, for an entire family of 8 people to go overseas for 5 months, it's not that much! 
We cannot do this alone.  We are not called to do this alone.  We are a family in Christ and we need the support of our brothers and sisters as we spread the Gospel.  
Here is a breakdown - would you consider covering one of these items? Consider doing a  fundraiser within your small group or within your family or coworkers to get an item fully funded. We are happy to come speak and share our hearts and plans with your group! If you have a large group that can do $100 a piece and there are 40 folks.. boom a tuition is covered.  
DTS tuition Bryan - $4,000
DTS tuition Alecia - $4,000
DTS room/board for all 6 Horner Kids - $5200
Airfare to Haiti - DONE!
Airfare back from Haiti - needed by June - $1376-$2000 depending on changes
Will you prayerfully consider donating to this cause?
*if you don't care about it being tax deductible - you can donate with the button on the right of the blog too :) 
If you do donate, please let us know as it takes a while to go through processing with YWAM and we need to be able to know what we need to raise still and where we are at in our budget.  
Thank you in advance for giving

Please pray about giving and helping to send the Horner family to work in Haiti!

Time is drawing near.  We need your help and we need your prayers.

Tuition and fees must be paid when we arrive in Haiti on Jan 10, 2014.  That's 2 weeks from today.  Will you help us?


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