Monday, October 14, 2013

How you can help!

Well, we have sold just about everything we own!  We have our major baking/kitchen equipment left from the shop still.  We listed the house on the market this last Thursday and have had 6 showings.  No offers just yet, but we are praying!  We are now down to 46 days before we are scheduled to head to Haiti.  We have a few things we need to do to get there.  Most importantly is funding.

I have had several people ask how they can support us and what our financial needs/goals are.  I wanted to put this out there for you.

We need $20,000 to move our family of 8 to Haiti and get established with a home and vehicle.  Here is an idea of what you could do to help us achieve this goal:

If we were to raise $20,000 in the next 46 days (including today) we'd need to raise about $435 a day in one time gifts.

We also need monthly support to keep the mission funded of $2500.

We would love to have partners that can do $25 a month - if we had 26 people giving $25 a month that would cover 26% of our budget for the mission!

If we then had 25 people giving $50 a month that would cover another 50% of the budget for the mission!

Then we'd need 6 people giving $100 a month to cover the remaining 24% of the budget!!

Can you be one of the 6?  One of the 25?  One of the 26?

Missions is all about partnership.  Some are called to go and others are called to send.  Want to be a part of spreading the Gospel in Haiti but can't go yourself?  Partner with us and through your funding you will be laboring with us in the great commission!

You can go here to make both one time donations as well as sign up for monthly support.  ***Be sure to put in the notes it is for THE HORNER FAMILY. ***

Side note now - updated pics!  Here are our family pics we did last week.  First ones since everyone has joined our family!  

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