Thursday, August 1, 2013

Two....One... Blast off!

So, I started this post late Thursday Night and it continued over into early Friday am..

Yesterday I told you about what God did in saving us during the tornado.  Today I'm going to give you a glimpse into our lives after the tornado.  Life has not been easy, not by any means.  We have faced many struggles in the aftermath of the storm including emotional stress, financial strain, vehicle troubles, nightmares, and yet we have seen God divinely at work in all of it.  Yes, all of it.  After the tornado I prayed and asked God why he saved us.  I said is it because you know I'll commit my life to you?  He replied, no, it's because you already have.

The tornado was a wake up call for our family.  We have committed to fully seeking the Lord's will and following him wherever he may lead.  To give you a little back story, Bryan and I have known for a very long time that we have a call of missions on our lives.  Now, while we say we have a "call"  I did see a sign at youth camp a couple of weeks ago that said.. who needs a call when you have a command?  Matthew 28:19-20.  That is such a great eye opener.  When I was a young girl, about 8 or 9, it was prophesied over me that I would be a missionary.  It has been confirmed over and over throughout my life.

About 5 years ago when we first went to FBC Moore we had visited on a Sunday and filled out the visitor card.  The following Tuesday we had a hanger on our door with a free meal ticket for the Wednesday night meal and invites to all of the activities that were taking place.  We decided to go and just loved it.  We truly felt God calling us to go there.  This was a shock to us as we were not even looking for a new church home.  We were happy where we were.  We had only visited because our church was having an outside service as a community outreach and our boys had just had surgery and couldn't be in the wind.  So, as you can imagine we were a bit confused when we felt this leading.  We decided to pray about it and then to ask two random people in front of us to please pray with us over a decision we needed to make.  The men obliged and before praying one of them said, The answer is yes.  You wouldn't have come back if you weren't comfortable here.  Oh, and don't be surprised if you are being called into missions.  Let's pray.

Let's just say that Bryan and I had to have a heart to heart after that one.  I hadn't mentioned it to him before and well, God took care of that!  I shared with Bryan my sincere heart for the lost of this world and how it had been spoken into my life several times.  He shared with me that it was his heart too and we would see where the Lord would lead us.  Most of you know the next phase of our life included 3 international adoptions.  We followed the Lord to Ukraine time after time and he blessed our family 3 times over with these sweet babies.  As our adoption journeys came to an end so did our time at FBC Moore.  We felt the Lord calling us to go deeper, to seek him more, to dive in and we were longing for more of God in every way.  The Lord led us to our current church home, Bridgeway.  We have loved being at Bridgeway for the last year and have grown closer to God and each other as the days and months have gone by.

As we have been at Bridgeway we have had great leaders speaking into our lives and encouraging our walk with God.  After the tornado, we realized that God must still have some great plans for our family or he wouldn't have brought us through it.  We have prayed, and prayed, and sought, and prayed and really asked the Lord to reveal his plan to us.  Day by day, week by week, we are seeing more and more of his plan for us.  A few weeks back we had a sermon at our church by our  head Pastor Sam Storms (great man of God and you can get the podcasts on line if you would like) about missions.  He was telling us that we have 3 options in responding to God's command in regards to missions:

1. Go.

2. Send.

3. Sin.

Pretty clear right?  Well, as I sat there listening to his message, I was trying to rationalize why we hadn't gone anywhere yet.  We have served in many ways.  We served in children's ministry for years.  We went overseas to adopt 3 kiddos.  I currently serve in the youth ministry.  We serve in our community. We use our business as a mission field.  Maybe those guys had it all wrong.  We tithe to our church, and thus we "send" vicariously right?  Maybe.. just maybe we'll do it when the kids are older.  Well, we do have special needs in our family.. guess we can't wait till they are all grown.. If we wait till they are out of school, then we'll be gone for college, and then some will be having kids of their own and then we will be gone from grandkids.. and then we'll die.  Yeah, just rationalized my whole life away!  I totally realized this is exactly what I've done since I was a teen.  I knew what God wanted me to do.  I made excuses that I was too young.  I looked too young.  I was a newlywed.  I was a new mom.  I was a single mom.  I had messed up too much.  I still looked young.  No one would respect or listen to what I had to say as I'd made such a mess of my life.  Maybe when I'm 30, that would be a good age.  I am 32 now.  Yeah.

As I played all of this out in my mind the sermon was brought to a close and it was time to pray.  I felt great conviction over my excuse making and rationalization.  As we bowed our heads to pray I felt God urging me to go forward and surrender to the call of missions on my life.  Fully.  Completely.  I didn't want to have any conflict and what if God wasn't speaking to Bryan in the same way he was me?  How stupid would I look?  I began to say.. Ok God, if this is what you really want, show me who to go to pray with.. he said open your eyes.. I saw a couple walking by and closed my eyes again.  I said, ok, well, if they aren't going forward for prayer themselves then I'll know you really want me to go.  No, if you really want us to go you'll tell Bryan.  Just after that Bryan reaches over and grabs my hand with tears in his eyes saying we need to go.  We are supposed to go.

Again, I rationalized with God.. Ok, if he really means we need to go, like Go.. Go.. then he'll say that when we get there.. oh, and if you REALLY want us to GO then you'll have him go to the same people you told me to go to.   As you can imagine, he walked past not one, but two other people available to pray and went straight to the same couple that God told me to go to.  As he began to speak and pour out his heart saying that he didn't want to avoid God's plan for us any longer and that he knew we were to go, I began to sob.  I was so thrilled that God had graciously answered every single stupid request I made of him to reassure me of his will.  We prayed with this sweet couple and they encouraged us in pursuing God's plan.

From there I felt such excitement and urgency in my stomach that God was up to something big.. and it was going to come soon!  No sooner than I posted about this feeling in my gut on Facebook did I see a post about an orphanage my friend's mom just started in Haiti and the needs there.  I couldn't believe that this hadn't come up before and I messaged my friend Renee and asked her.  I liked the page for the group - Project One Haiti (you should go like it) and within seconds her mom (Angie Jeffers) added me as a friend.  I messaged her asking her to tell me about the orphanage and she invited us to come and see if this is where God would have us to serve?

WOW!  Ok!  When are you going again?  August 3rd.  WOAH!  Ok - if the Lord will provide for our children to be cared for as well as funding for us to come, we'll be there!  We committed to praying and trusting the Lord to work it out.  Well, he did for sure!  The kids were taken care of and three different times we were given lump sums of money that covered the majority of the trip!  WOAH!!!

So... As you see, today is now August 2... we leave... TOMORROW for HAITI!!!!  I cannot wait!!  We will be working in a couple of different orphanages helping to build gardens, compost heaps, chicken coops, bunk beds, bathrooms, helping them to know how to grow their own food and live off the land!  This is like my dream job y'all!  I have wanted to serve the Lord, love on others and show them the love of Christ while also living off the land and wow oh wow!  God has presented this opportunity.  We are going for a week long mission trip this time and we will be discussing long term possibilities and seeking the Lord's ultimate plan for us in terms of mission work in Haiti.


So, I have one need left that we'd like to help with on this trip and that is this...

We are going to be working with the kids in the orphanages to make Christmas ornaments out of Mason Jar lids and rings to then have at events for people like you to sponsor these kiddos.  We are in need of 300 Mason Jar lids with rings.  I found them at Walmart today - 1 dozen for $3.17 plus tax.  If you'd like to help please make a paypal donation through the button on the right and we'll swing by and pick up the supplies this aftn before we finish packing and leave first thing tomorrow morning.  It will only take about $85 plus tax to get all we need!  If you'd like to help, we'd love to have you on board.  If you have lids with rings you can drop them off at The Cupcake Lounge if you'd like to as well.  :)  304 N. Telephone Rd.  Moore, OK 73160

We will be posting as often as we can with pictures and stories to keep you up to date.  Please begin praying now about what you are called to do in regards to missions.  Have you been called to GO?  Have you been called to SEND?

Thank you for following our journey and we pray for God to reveal his perfect plan for your lives as well!   Please continue to pray for us as we follow God whole heartedly in this new venture!

Much Love,

Bryan, Alecia, Adrian, Austin, Aliyah, Alexis, Ayden, and Aaron Horner

The New Horner Family 2013

Be sure to visit - there is a video on the future trips page that I'm sure you'll enjoy as well. :)

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