Thursday, August 22, 2013

My favorite day EVERRRRR!!!

Today was an all out amazing day!
My God showed up and showed out y'all!!

We started our morning out getting things ready to go to Tent City.
Tent City is where people who have been displaced by the hurricane have gone to live.  
There are several tent cities in Haiti.  It is really a hard hit area.
The "tents" aren't even tents.
They are pieces of wood - like a tree limb, with tarps as walls and some of them have tin for roofs.. others just a tarp.

I'm sorry, what was I complaining about God?

Today I am going to show you photos throughout the story so you can see who it is I'm talking about and see details of the story.

This little guy was having fun playing with the puppies.  
My kiddos kept asking if I had seen any puppies so I had to snap this photo.

This is so heartbreaking.

Here are some examples of some tents that back up to the ocean.
The ocean is so littered with trash in this area that it is almost brown close to the shore and of course it goes back to beautiful blues and greens further out.  

These people have figured out how to make the best of their situation.
Look at the pretty mountains and ocean right behind them.

This tent we went into we met a young lady sitting outside holding this tiny baby.
She does not live here but stays and cares for the baby while the momma is gone.
He is so tiny.

When we asked what we could specifically pray for with her she said that she had just lost a baby. She gave birth and it was still born.  She still had her stomach all wrapped up to tighten it back in and hold things together. She said she was devastated and wanted us to pray for God to give her another baby.
This girl looked so young.  I felt the spirit leading me to instead pray for her to grow and to have a Godly husband and THEN babies.  After praying I asked her how old she was and she said 17.   She was not married.  I told her I understand her grieving and her longing to be a mother but that God's plan was for us to love him first and foremost, then when the time is right he will send us our spouse and then he will bless them with children if it is in his will.  I encouraged her to keep first things first and that means God - then Godly husband - then Godly family.
We were able to give her some food along with some clothing for the baby. 
We were able to play with the baby for a minute and snap some photos so enjoy..

When we left this tent we went to meet up with some others from our team and the following photos are from outside of that tent with the people that were gathering around as well as just the area.

This little baby...
His little underwear are so worn and barely hanging together.
As you can see he has no clothes and his pertruding belly.. this baby is starving. 

An example of a tent that had actual doors.
It was pretty hot outside and even 

These next pictures are from an intense experience.  We were at another tent and this woman came to us and said please, you have to come to my tent!  I have several sick people at my tent.  We need prayer.  Please come.
We assured her we'd come as soon as we finished there and we headed right to her tent when we were done.  We could hear the baby screaming as we came closer to her tent.  
Upon arriving we see the wailing baby flailing about and the momma looking so defeated and distraught.  
Grandma starts telling us that it is Voo-Doo and she thinks there is a curse on baby and momma to die.  They haven't slept or eaten and are miserable and crying.  
I could tell that the baby was dealing with some severe gas.  I asked the translator to  help me to explain that it was not voo-doo and that it was gas and I could help show her how to get it out.
All those restless nights with cranky gassy babies is paying off!  
I assured her that it was not hurting the baby but that he would cry for a few minutes while we worked it out.  I showed her how to massage his belly, it was so incredibly hard, and his little back and how to do the bicycle and push, bicycle and push. 
Within about 10 minutes that baby was sound asleep in grandma's arms.  
We did pray over each family member and really encouraged them to trust in the Lord and not in the Voo-Doo.  We anointed each of them and prayed over their hearts and minds.  
They were so thankful and relieved.
We told Momma to go to bed and rest; as most mommas know, when baby sleeps, momma sleeps! 
She was happy to do so and off to bed she went!
Grandma and I sat and she asked how often she could do this to him and if it would hurt him to do it more.  I assured her it wouldn't hurt him and to do it as often as needed!  If he has gas, get it out! 
She was teary eyed and hugged me saying thank you and I told her to say thank you to Jesus, not me!  He sent us there and gave us the wisdom to know what to do.
She said Merci Jeci!

This woman is a single momma who has the stresses of providing for her family.  Melissa was able to understand her as she is a single momma too.  She was able to use her life experiences to encourage this  momma on in her journey.  Thank God for where you've been, what you've come through and be aware to the situations around you so you God can use those past experiences to help someone else! 

This is one of my favorite pictures because it means so much.  Nick had been a little nervous to pray all week.  He didn't like to pray in front of others and especially on the spot.  I had been praying for Nick to be able to overcome this fear and to really open his heart and mind to the power of prayer and to step out in faith this week and God worked in his heart and he not only prayed for this family, but he lead it!  He lead the team to this tent.  He spoke to this family and asked their requests for prayer, he led the prayer and did great!  So proud of you Nick for stepping out in faith, out of your comfort zone and changing lives! 

This is the dump that the tent city backs up to.  It is massive and yes, it is on fire.  Yes, there are people up there rummaging through to find clothes they can wear or sell.  

Back at the house - Violet and Tamara - they love to take pictures and I am amazed at their dedication and hard work!  

"Click la ballo"
We were trying to teach Cassandra how to say kick the ball in english and that's what she would say.  Click la ballo.  Love that girl!  
Great action shot as she was kicking the ball with Bryan.

For some reason the pictures are all out of order but you'll get the overall idea as I try to describe each one... some are at home before leaving, some as we entered tent city, through tent city, the way home, and later that night but they are all mixed up.. oh well!

Tent city

This sweet woman said she was around 48, not sure of her age but somewhere around there.  She doesn't remember.  She had this little guy outside in this sweatshirt.  It was so stinkin hot but that is all she owned that fit him. 
We went into her tent and she told us that she had just returned from an 8 day mission trip herself.

Yes.  8 day mission trip.. she lives in tent city.
in a tarp.
as her home.
yet, she has NO EXCUSE.
She is out sharing the Gospel and the love of Jesus.
I'm sorry God, what was my excuse?

Sandy - she and this woman connected.  Isn't my friend pretty?

I'm amazed at how these people carry things around on their heads!

Oh my word, this tent was amazing!  This man was outside his tent in his wood shop - another tarp covering his work... and was hand crafting furniture with such detail that you'd never believe he did it without some automation.

Here he is showing us his bed and chairs he made.

Such beauty amongst the destruction.

This is the image of Haiti.
She is thinking.
Notice the chains around her wrists and the bleeding heart growing out of her hand.
So sad.
These people need the freedom the Lord brings.
They need hope.
They need a savior.

Madison. Such a heart for the Lord!

Melissa - AKA "almost" PETA president.  
Silly woman loves her chicken and dogs! 

Lindsey - No Blanc, Hatian; u blanc?
As we would walk/drive around people would yell BLANC!  (white people!)
She would respond - I'm not white! I'm Haitian!  Are you white?
Most would look at her like she was crazy, others would laugh and we always cracked up! 
Silly girl!

This is Nick with Charley, or Bob, or Pierre.. depending on who you are..
His name is truly Pierre, but Angie has for some reason always thought it was Charley and has called him that for 2 years I think?  I decided he should be Bob if we were just picking names.
He was a good sport about it.
He was our main Tap Tap driver. 
Don't let the job description fool you, this man is a man after God's own heart!
He is a prayer warrior! 
He is strong in the Lord!

I love this place, these people, and my God who sent me here!

Stay tuned!

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