Monday, August 12, 2013

More pictures from Day #1 in Haiti Enjoy!

This man works on the corner between Agape Orphanage and Hope House Orphanage hand making chairs and tables!  

This is Rocky the Rooster.  Rocky was brought in for dinner and instead was kept for the coop.  He was tied up to be brought home and then he got a leash.. yes, a leash.. Melissa :)

These are some of the supplies that were shipped over in the barrels.  We'll be organizing and putting all these things away this week.

Violet with the rooster - we had to tell her don't eat him!  We can keep him to help get eggs later! 

This is the street outside of Hope House

This is the bathroom our guys are putting in over at Agape Orphanage.

So proud of my man for jumping right in and getting to work on this bathroom as soon as we got there.

This is the side of Agape where there is a ladder to the roof where the girls live with cinder block walls and a tin roof.  The building below is the school house and the building to the left is the church.
The man who runs the orphanage is a Pastor and it is his church next door.


Melissa lovin on Rocky

Silly faces!

More silly faces!

Sweet kids!


Melissa and some of the girls

The girls' room on the roof

Beauty salon time! 

Even Barbie gets her hair done. 

The ice cream man came by the orphanage and we bought him out.  
It was a wheel barrow with a cooler and a speaker that played music for about 10 seconds then cut off and started again.  

My turn to get my hair done

After many braids we ended up back with a bun.  :)

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