Thursday, August 15, 2013

Haiti Day #3

Today was a very special day.  

This morning the guys got back to work on the chicken coop and made some great progress.

Sandy and I went over to Agape today and the girls were working on hair again.
Mind you that I grew up one of the few white girls in my inner circle, I know how to braid some hair.
I felt bad for the girl that still only had about half her head done since the first day we got there.  
I asked one of the girls to go get me a comb and some hair stuff and she looked at me like I was crazy!  
You know she was thinking what is this crazy white lady thinking???
They brought it to me and lurked over in amazement that I could actually do it.
It's been a few years since I have done any hair like that so it took me a little longer than it used to and it hurt a little quicker than it used to lol.
Those girls just kept giggling and looking at each one I did and were just shocked that it looked like the others.  I enjoyed that.

I then taught Sandy how to braid a little bit - larger braids of course.  She was a nervous wreck but she got it.  We put barrettes in some of the girl's hair and just hung out in their room for a while before heading back to Hope House.

Alexi was at Hope House working and he had asked us over the last couple of days if we would come to his house and pray over his home and his family.  His son has been really struggling with things going on in his head and has been leaving early in the morning and walking the streets until dark and then doing it all over again the next day.  His momma and daddy are worried about him and thus momma isn't eating.  She is so thin and not well at all.  Lexi's two daughters are also struggling with depression and anxiety.  This is all to be understood in the aftermath of the earthquake.  The truth is though, that we have hope because of Jesus.  Lexi has such a strong faith in Jesus and knows that the Lord will heal his family and restore their health - mentally and physically.

Today we decided to make that trip to Lexi's house.
We loaded up in the tap tap and headed to his home.  
We drove for what seemed like forever - and this man WALKS this EVERY day!  
When we couldn't drive any further b/c of the steepness and the lack of a road we got out and began the trek up the mountain to Lexi's house.  

When we arrived we talked to the family and they showed us their home - which consists of 2 cinder block rooms where they have beds and a table with their cooking supplies under for storage and a tin roof laid over tree limbs to hold it up and joists.  Lexi has put a lot of work into making the most out of his situation.  He has put concrete on the floors and walls by hand and has smoothed them out by hand. He has only done one room but Angie plans to get him the concrete this week to finish it! :) 

We were able to speak words of love into each of their lives and pray over each one of them.  God moved mightily in that house today!  I am eager to hear that Momma is eating and healthy, that son is home and happy, and the girls are learning and thriving and full of joy and that Lexi is able to lead his family the way God intended.  This family is such a blessing to us!  
We anointed each person and each bed, room, pillow, window and door.  
We claimed that house for the Lord and rebuked any power of Satan and his demons away from that home and that family.  
I could feel the presence of the Lord in that home! 

As we were leaving each of them hugged us and thanked us and told us they loved us and we are family.

Yes, we are family!  

As we made our way down the mountain we saw all kinds of people and said many hello's - "Bonswa" (I have no idea how to spell it so yeah, sing it and you'll have it!) 

Bryan had his OU cap on and there was a boy wearing an OU shirt.
He was intrigued by this and hollered at Bryan to get his attention that they had the same team on.
He took off down the hill and then the translator stopped him and said, hey, you have on OU and he does too, they are FROM Oklahoma.  The kid said Ohhhh.. then he danced and said Oklahoma!!  It was so cute!

Here is Mrs. Angie.

Progress on the Chicken Coop

Rocky on his leash.

Violet and Tamara washing clothes.

This is the road between Agape and Hope House.  VERY rocky and full of trash.

Pictures from Agape when we were doing hair.

See, they were amazed I could do it. LOL

Sandy learning

We came home and most everyone was asleep!

Isn't this precious!?! 
Lindsey and Cassandra cuddling.
Cassandra goes to sleep by sucking her two fingers and playing with her belly button.
Cute girl.

Roof is on!

This is the back wall at Hope House- the neighbors love to be on the roof and see what's going on.

Lexi's house backs up to a huge drop off that is a dump. It's so sad that they just don't dispose of waste properly here.  

Lexi and his family.

Lexi and I

View of the houses up the mountains.

OU boy


OU boy as he stopped and sang out Oklahoma!

Some people playing music on the roof laughing at all the "blancs" watching - (white people)

Pretty sunset

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