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Day #2 in Haiti pictures included

Hello from Haiti Day #2!!

Well, we spent our first night in Haiti and it sure is different!  We had no electricity and plenty of heat!  I am a hot sleeper so this is going to take some getting used to.  It was nice to sleep outside on the porch with a breeze and a light sheet.  I think I was so excited I had a hard time getting to sleep.  We were awakened SUPER EARLY (3:55am) by Rocky.. 

He was not so loved this morning...

Stupid rooster! 


I was thankful for ear plugs for sure but man alive, they weren't even kicking it. 

I was able to get up a little earlier than normal and spend even more time in the word and reading one of my books I brought with me about ministry.  

Today consisted of more work on the bathroom over at Agape and then the start of the chicken coop.

Bryan and Nick worked tirelessly and got the sink and shower done!  
Way to go guys! 
Only thing left is some tile work that will have to be done later when they get some more tile. 

While some of the team stayed back at Hope House to organize and sort donations Sandy and I went over to Agape to play with the girls over there. 

When we arrived one of the girls grabbed my hand and led me to a can with a lid on it.. 

I could hear noise coming from the can and asked what it was?
She opened it and it was... 
dun.. dun.. dun..
the chicken.

She had put some food in the can and put the chicken inside and put the lid on.


That brings a whole new meaning to "canned chicken"!

Better yet, a new meaning to slow cooker!  

Funny thing is.. that chicken was happy. lol

We brought crayons and coloring pages with us today and had the girls come over to the church building to color and play games.

The girls enjoyed having the new crayons to color with.  
We all colored our page and then we decided to play some games.

Sandy is great with coming up with fun games for the girls.
We played several racing games with different types of steps, skips, hops etc...

We played duck, duck, goose.. 
ring around the rosie,
and even a few clapping games.

Then, the cutest little girl got right in the center of the circle and yelled out....


I loved it! 

My kids would have loved to have been there for that one! 

The girls and I had a blast doing this.

I have videos but for some reason it won't let me upload them here so I'll try to get them on You tube and add them later.  

I thoroughly enjoyed these dancing times, singing, and playing with the girls. 
As we were doing all of this there were boys from around the neighborhood who came by and were yelling to us saying "HEY YOU!"

So adorable.

After our game time we headed back to Hope House to meet up with the rest of the team, have lunch and get started on the next thing.  

I haven't told you about Alexi yet..
He is one of the strongest men ever!  He is such a sweet man and dedicated to boot! 

Alexi worked at another orphanage that Project One was helping before and has since joined Angie in getting things ready at Hope House.

Alexi walks every day to the Hope House and back.  
One of the great things about Haiti is you work when it's cooler in the morning and rest when you are tired and hot and then start again later.
No rush on things.
No overworking.
Care for yourself so you can care for others and do the job needed.

After lunch we met up with a little boy named Watson's momma.
Watson is at an orphanage that she wants him out of and wants him to come to Hope House.
Watson is a social orphan - his parents have no way to provide for him and have put him in an orphanage rather than leaving him on the street.

We took her to the other orphanage for her to be able to get him out and we went to a woman named Gearlene's house. This is where the teams used to stay when coming down to work. 
As we waited for her to come back we sat and prayed over the situation.
As time went on we smelled a heavenly smell coming from next door.. 
Fresh. Baked. Bread.

I was like Toucan Sam .. following my nose right over to that little bakery in that house and oooooiiieeee!  I am glad I did!

We were able to get a full bag of bread for just $3!
It was hot out of the "oven" too and sooo good!
We walked around the front of the house and saw two men out working on some clothing.
They had the coolest sewing machines - singers with the push pedal base that works great in a country that doesn't have electricity most of the time. 
One of the guys was making a dress shirt and the other dress pants.
No patterns.. just raw talent! 

One of the little boys from next door came over and played with us while we waited for Watson's Mom (Dallis) to get back with him.

This little boy's name is Evanson - he has severely crossed eyes and has to walk with his head sideways to see.  Breaks my heart. 
He is a little spit fire!  
He loved to play with everyone's glasses and phones and was like a ping pong ball! 

Dallis finally came back .. alone. 
This was so sad to see.
They had told her she could not have her son.
That they have a legal right to have him and if she wants him she has to pay to get him back. 

Pay for the bed he has slept in, the food he has eaten, the clothes he has worn.. etc..
this was heart breaking for everyone involved.

Sad thing is.. the bed, food, and clothes were all provided by Project One.. 
Trusting God to work this out in his timing and his will. 

We also got to meet Zachary today - he is a translator for A.I.M (adventures in Missions).  Sandy had a friend that had come before and worked with Zachary and knew he loved music.
He is an excellent musician and yet has no instruments; so she sent him a guitar!  
The joy on his face was priceless!
It's so great to see people so passionate about God and sharing the gospel with others.
He is a youth/children's pastor as well.
Thank you Lord for the faith of many Haitians - even in the midst of the destruction and devastation, you are here! 

I brought my Young Living Essential Oils with me and little did I know there would be an urgent need for them!
This is little Cassandra's legs and arms.. she has some sort of raging infection!
We think it is from a mosquito bite that got infected and then has spread from location to location.

We tried to lance it to no avail and put the oils on and it just started bringing out the impurities immediately! 
She also had a toenail get ripped of somehow today and so we can treat it also.
We applied lavender, peppermint, and thieves and it's working great! 


After pics to follow....

Bryan and Nick finishing up the bathroom.. 
Shower - Check!

Sink - Check!

Canned Chicken..

Coloring pages




Tamara and I playing on the phone. I was teaching her how to take pics :) 

Alexi resting on the porch - aka our sleeping area this week :) 

Dallis - Watson's momma

Le Canaan - Canaan land - Gearline's house.

The promised land!

Rolls rising!

The bakery!

Sewing going on!

Coconut Tree!


Lumber and city scape

Not sure how they do this but these ladies have some STRONG heads!

Zachary and his guitar.
He even played songs for us and taught us a couple in Creole!

This woman..
Angie Jeffers.. Age 63.. Doing the splits..

Violet and Cassandra

Look at her!  Precious!  

Chicken coop started!

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