Thursday, August 22, 2013


How about a ton of pics from the trip and our last day?


Love this girl!

This is Marcus - he made some really cool bracelets that I brought home for the kids.
Very talented!

Cool BIG tap tap

We even use Dump Trucks for tap taps!

The bridge over the road on the way to the ocean to watch the sunset at the light house.

Bath time!

Light house

This breaks my heart.. just trashed out... Ocean front and it is destroyed by litter.  :(

These kids were out there yelling at us while they were taking their baths and doing flips.


They were playing soccer by the beach.

Momma piggy

This fisherman was out setting his traps for crab.

Some kids caught a crab and tied it up and were flinging it in this couple's face and freaked the girl out.
Funny kids!

She came unglued!

They brought it over for us to see.

I touched it!

Looks like a little alien lol

Me and my honey under the light house waiting for sunset... 

We had debrief at the ocean.  We had our praise music going and just enjoyed the ocean as we praised our creator!  

This woman!  I swear every time I try to take her picture she catches me and looks at the camera - she was deep in worship and I loved the background and decided to snag a pic but alas..she caught me! LOL

Chicken coop progress.. post in and ready for wire!

My morning looks like this..

Talk about some parking skills...

Christopher saying hi! 

This is the hardware store.. a desk.  You tell him what you want and they get it for you.

This is Christian.  He is a sweet little 14 yr old boy that works at the hardware store and he taught himself English!  Pretty good too!

Now, this is a hard worker!  Look at that!  

Still don't get how they do this!

The girls!

We really like making crazy faces.  This is my girl y'all!  Love her! 

We got photo bombed!

This little guy has my heart!  
Christopher was my buddy this week! 
Love him so much! 

he likes my glasses.

Cuddling with Madison.

Pastor Jean Diosmy - the founder of Agape Orphanage.
He was giving out pictures to the girls from previous mission trips.  They loved it!

More chicken coop progress!

Bags packed.. hearts sad.. see you later Hope House.

View from the top of hope house...

This girl..

Yes, I was crying here..

Lexi wanted to go with us to the airport.. he wanted to see off his family.
Love. this. man.
Heart of gold.

This was an ad in the tap tap.. had to laugh...

See you later Haiti...

ALMOST got hit.. lol seriously about an inch from it.. they just smile at you.. it's normal here. lol

Lexi and Bryan at the airport.. brothers in Christ.  Brothers in love.

So, this brings me to the end of our trip to Haiti.

Definitely not the end of our time in Haiti though.
You see, after much prayer and seeking, we know that God has plans for our family in Haiti.
Long term plans.

So, with that being said...

We are moving to Haiti.

How long you ask?
Until God tells us to go somewhere else.

What will be be doing?
God's work!  
We are in the process of finalizing plans but for now we know we'll be working in some capacity with a local church, an orphanage, as well as teaching at a Bible College!

We are so thrilled about the opportunities God has set before us.
While we don't know all the details, God does! 
He's already worked it all out.
He just asked us to obey.
We will.

So, what happens to the shop?
We are closing the store front of The Cupcake Lounge on Friday, August 30.
We will complete all our orders on file through November and will not be taking any new orders beyond November.
We plan to leave late November after we tie up business here.
We are selling everything we own, chances are if you need it .. we may have it! LOL

Mostly furniture is what we have. ;)

We are thrilled to be on this journey with God and can't wait to see what he is up to and how he will use us in Haiti.

How can you help?

We want to pray for things to transition smoothly.
Pray for things to sell quickly and at a good price.
Pray for the entire process.
emotional and spiritual strength.

You can support us by committing to help fund us for a year with a monthly donation.
You can email me for details on this ( 
Every little bit helps.
You can make a one time donation to help with moving expenses and paperwork.
You can spread the word and help let others know of the opportunity.

You can help us with handy man stuff that needs to be done around the house to help get it ready to sell.
You can come help pack and help with the garage sale.
You can help us clean up things and get them ready for sale and posting on craigslist.

You can help us in any way you think of!
Let us know if you have some way God puts on your heart to help us that we haven't listed.

We are very excited and hope you'll follow along with us on this Journey as we take the Gospel and the Love of Jesus to Haiti!  


The NEW Horner Family