Monday, April 1, 2013

Sleepovers, bugs, dates, and more!

We have been a busy little family lately! 
We sure love spring around here.. just wish it would come and stay for more than a day or two.
We went to the zoo a few weeks ago -- here's my monkeys hanging on the monkeys!

And.. Picking their nose.. :/

A few days later we went to the Sam Noble Museum... notice the coats! 

Here are some awesome pics of some really cool bugs - Yes, I thought pictures of bugs were awesome!  
Why?  Look at the detail!

Such vibrant colors!

Amazing attributes!

Who takes so much time to make such beauty?
GOD does!

I just loved looking at these marvelous creatures that God gave us!

The kids got to go on a bone hunt and excavate while we were there.

We do our best to have one on one time with each kiddo as frequently as possible.
Lexi and I were able to go to the Audio Adrenaline concert that K-Love put on for FREE~
We got early bird entry and got close seats.  
Manic Drive put on a great show before AA. 

This was a surprise for Lou.  
She was SO THRILLED!!! 
Telling everyone around that she didn't know she was coming and that I surprised her for our special Mommy and me date! :) 

She even got to go onstage during the Kings and Queens song!

She won a KLOVE T shirt - which she had signed by all the members of both bands - except one. :) Such a great bonding time with my baby girl! 

We also saw some of our friends from church there and grabbed a photo of course!

You didn't expect a normal photo did you?

Surely not!

Oh, ok, we did take one.. 

We went to the BugFest at the Norman Library and saw all kinds of Yuckiness!
Look how big that beetle is!!?! 
 Not sure why this is going upside down but it is the kids painting with maggots.. yup maggots!

Aliyah with her bug antennae
 Keifers with his... he looks messed up!
 My handsome boy Austin with his on too!
 Better pic of the maggot painting...
 And the maggots...

 Ummm I thought we were going for serious in this one..
 Maybe this one??

 Aaron Bug!

 Adrian bug!

HUGE tarantula - ICK!

I even played with some of the bugs - this little guy liked me! :) 

 Rolly polly olies
 Millipede! EW!


 Awe, there we go.. butterfly!

So, if you didn't know we have recently changed churches - last fall.  We are at Bridgeway and LOVE it!  God is doing some great things there and we are excited to be a part of it all!  I have some really great girls that I am priveledged to play a small part in their lives in the youth dept.  We had a sleepover and had a scavenger hunt of sorts... Here are some of us being bunnies - the bunny was on break!

All of us in the stall.. 

 We even crashed the Disney store !

Walking with TP hanging on your shoe...

 Find the same dress for all of you...
Playing Duck Duck Goose...

Late night games and candy.. and silly faces of course!

We had a great time - I have a few videos but better ask permission first.. 
There may have been some dress up and a model walk going on... 
Aliyah and I also had a mommy and me date - she was a GREAT helper with a wedding. 

Now, I am out of new pictures so I suppose it is time to write some things that have been going on other than our fun and wild adventures.

We have had a rough few weeks.
We know that God is in control and we know he wants to mold us into the family he wants us to be.
That being said, we are being tested.  
We are facing some trials.
Things I would have never thought we'd face.
I guess it's true that you think it'll never happen to you until you find yourself smack dab in the middle of it.  

Let me tell you first about some great things..
I finally got to meet with the school district specialists to get Adrian an IEP.
We set some goals and made plans to achieve those goals.  We scheduled weekly visits with his "life coach" for lack of a better term.  We also scheduled him for an evaluation to be able to get him occupational therapy.  We should be hearing from the speech therapist to get weekly times set up for that as well.  We are making progress.
He has a new curriculum and things that will help him to feel successful and to prepare him for some sort of independence.  
It is hard to think of what he will do after we are gone.  I know we need to think about those things and figure out how to set him up for success after we are gone.  
For now, I am trying my best to enjoy every minute and help him to feel loved and accepted just as he is!  We celebrated his 16th birthday in March and it was a great milestone.
This was a milestone birthday for us.
You see, if God had not called us to adopt...
if WE had not listened...
If we had not moved when God said move...
If we would have ignored the little unction to adopt...
He would be dead.
Yes, Dead.

You see by this time he would have been "eligible" to age out.  
Adrian doesn't have the things he needs to live on his own. 
He would have been lost without any hope of survival.
He would be a statistic.  

He called, we listened, we responded, and he blessed us.
Adrian is our gift from God.
He saved us just as much as we saved him.
God saved us both! 

If God has given you even a flutter in your heart for adoption, I pray, I plead with you to please listen and respond.  You could be the only chance for a child in need.

I will update more on the other things soon.

Just know God is at work in our family and we are trusting him in all things.