Monday, March 11, 2013

More than 3 blogs in a month?? Whaaaat??

Hey y'all!  You ready for an adventure?  I have some great things that God placed on my heart this morning to share with all you lovely people!  I am so excited to see where God is going to take this and just what he will do with it! :)

So, I have not always been a committed follower of Christ, meaning that I haven't always read my Bible everyday, I haven't always prayed when I knew I should; I have put things before God. I have had a deep longing for God and his will in my life lately.  Last year in Ukraine God got ahold of me with a devotional called "Jesus Calling."  I was at a very dismal point in my life.  I was stuck overseas without family or friends around.  I was crying out to God to save me from the trap I was in.  I was overwhelmed and ready to come home with my kiddos and enjoy my family again.  Someone sent me a note from the devotional and I went online and purchased it in my Kindle app.  I would wake up every morning and read the devotional and the couple of verses that were with it and then be done.  At first it was speaking to me and helping jumpstart me into a prayer or a praise to God.  Eventually it became routine.  I did it to say I had done it and to stay on God's good side.  I would have my days where it was something that really made me feel alive and motivated to do what God had for me and others when I was just mindlessly reading it and checking that box for the day and just as easily as I picked it up and read it, it was over and out of my mind.  Now, don't get me wrong, devotionals are GREAT!  I LOVE them as a KICK START to help guide me INTO God's WORD.

I have wanted so much more than just a checklist religion.  I have wanted connection, encouragement, love, acceptance, and just more of God!  As the year came to a close, I began to get nervous.  What was I going to do now that I had finished the year long devotional?  I didn't know what to study!  I had become so dependent on it telling me what I needed to hear and read that I was lost on my own.  I became increasingly anxious about the new year and what God had for me.  I was incredibly ill at the time and the illness continued for several more weeks.  I was so sick I couldn't see straight and had a hard time reading anything.  I took some time away from my routine since I had already completed the year devotional and I was not feeling up to finding another one just yet, I just coasted.  I was miserable. I wasn't getting nutrition in my physical life nor my spiritual life.  I finally began crying out to God to either heal me or take me.  I was done with the sickness.  I was done being frail and living a life of pure exhaustion.  As I posted a couple of posts back, I finally was well enough to make it to church and God and I had a heart to heart.  He started healing me that day.  I then decided to dive into the Word and see what he had to say about healing as that was relative to my life.

I did a 31 day study on Healing and Recovery which increased my faith and reassured me that, as always, God has a plan for my life.  He is the Healer!  I have since done a reading plan on Discipleship, and am currently doing one on prayer.  I have found a great Bible App / Program that right now is FREE - it is called the Faithlife Study Bible.  It has commentaries side by side with the scriptures.  There are pictures, cross references, reading plans, videos, and more!  I truly love this new study Bible. It runs $89.99 but is FREE for now.  You should go get it.  It works on iPhones, Androids, and PC or Mac computers.  I hope that you will crave more of God and spend more and more time getting to know him, his will, and his ways.  If the Bible is our instruction booklet, how are we to do what it says without reading it?  Reading to understand that is..

Do it and do it well and with good intentions.  Pray like you mean it.  Live like you have a purpose - because you do!  Seek God and he will make himself known to you.   Praying for you and me as we go through this journey of life together.

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