Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kid update

I am going to change things up a bit on this blog.  I have used it for our adoptions over the last couple of years; however, God is now doing something different in our lives.  I don't want you to miss out on something God has for you through my blog by stopping b/c our adoption journey is over and I just quit blogging.  

I will update on the kids and do fun posts about them from time to time in regards to their adjusting and such, but I want to truly center in on what God is doing in our lives.  

I have been feeling a deep need to blog about so many things lately, and it has been quite overwhelming to a point that I just need to stop and write it out.  First off, an update on the kids..

Real Talk....

Aaron is 5 and will have his 2nd birthday home in America in April at which time we'll have two 6 year olds.  Aaron has had a difficult time with English.  He seems to be spaced out a lot of the time.  He tends to wander around like a lost puppy.  We have to get him to focus, look at us, and then listen to the instructions and help him to it to do it.  He is such a sweet boy most of the time.  He and his siblings have their disagreements as do all siblings.  He knows basic words and of course how to whine... AAAAALINNNNNNAAAAA!!  We are working on him saying Aliyah.  He will whine out each persons name when he is not getting his way.  While I understand this is typical behavior to expect from a neglected child from an orphanage, (shoot, almost any kid at some point)  I still wish he wasn't so used to having to defend himself and to fight to get what he wants.  I'm sure over time this will get better.  He is doing school, but he is struggling with it.  I am wondering if he is Autistic as well based on the behaviors that we see in him that were behaviors Adrian displayed.  I plan to have him evaluated in the coming months.  We are still working on what to wear when and what is too small or too big.. inside out or upside down..wearing socks with our know all the crazy things we have to teach our boys. 

Ayden is 6 now and he loves the fact that he is a big brother.  He seems to think that means he is a boss.  He tries to "help" Aaron do everything.  He is doing great in school.  He is learning to read and he tends to guess what the words are without sounding them out.  We are working on actually reading the word, not just guessing.  Ayden loves to spend time playing any kind of sport.  He starts many matches of tennis in the house and of course catch, and golf, and anything else that involves throwing things and breaking things!  For as much as we've played in the house we've only had one broken frame and one vase.  Not too bad right?  Ayden is trying to decide what to do as his extra curricular activity this spring.  Both boys are in size 4 now which is a HUGE thing in this house.  Ayden has always been so small and never been anywhere near close to the expected height/weight for his age.  He has lost 3 teeth all with in a few days of each other.  The tooth fairy forgot to come one night and so the next day he lost another tooth and had to put BOTH of them under his pillow.  Thankfully the old tooth fairy was put on leave without pay and the new tooth fairy remembered to come by!  Way to go Daddy! 

Alexis turns 9 this Friday.  I can't believe she's almost 9!!  She is doing a great job at reading- she still guesses at some words, but is trying more and more to sound them out.  She loves having a sister around.  They love to paint their nails and play dress up.  Lexi has such a loving heart and she is so compassionate.  She has been writing songs lately.  She loves music!  Recently her teacher at church and the kid's music leader called me aside and said they saw this gifting of music and worship in her and wanted to foster that.  They gave me a special journal and flower pen to give to her and encourage her to write the songs that God puts in her heart.  Sometimes she wakes up with songs in the night and so we have a lamp beside her bed along with her journal and pen.  I can't wait to see what God is going to do through her!

Aliyah is doing amazingly well with her English and her school.  She is so loving and kind.  She likes to paint her nails with Lexi and I.  She is growing SO FAST!  She still has some foods she doesn't like and pouts when we have them.  She loves to help at the shop.  She is a mothering sister.. she tends to try to mother Aaron.  I suppose that is because they didn't have a mom for so long that when she finally met him she felt that was her obligation.  She is coming to know that she doesn't need to do that.  She loves to fix Lexi's hair and loves for me to fix hers.  She is such a joy to have around.  She will turn 11 this summer.  Crazy to think we've been home a year on one hand, on the other, seems like they've always been here.

Austin is 10 and will be 11 in May.  He is doing great in his schooling as well.  He loves to learn new things and tell others all about it.  I know that this will be good for him in his goal to spread the Gospel. He has such great leadership skills, we just need him to work on being kind and giving his best in all he does.  He knows that God has called him to be a leader and knows that Satan doesn't like that and so he's attacking him.  He is learning what it means to be a servant leader.  We are praying that God would show himself strong in this area of his life.  He also loves music.  He is hoping to get back into guitar lessons soon.  

Adrian is almost 16!  16!!!  Oh my word!  We've been home with Adrian for a little over 2 years now.  He is just as lovable and sweet as he's always been.  He still struggles with basic things that we just have to remind him of what to do or how to do whatever it is.  He loves to work at the shop with Daddy.  He is a great helper!  He is taller than me now; not that it took much to do that!  It is hard to believe how much he's grown.. he was a tiny boy who was 13 years old wearing size 8 pants tightened all the way down and now... he wears a size 9 1/2 or 10 shoe!  This kid grows overnight!  He has gone up 3 shoe sizes in the last 6 months.  We are learning a new way of life with him.  Trusting God in his plan for Adrian.

Well, there is your update on all things Horner Kids.  Tune in next time for more exciting news and adventures with The New Horner Family....

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  1. So glad to see this update about your beautiful kids! You surely have been blessed as well as your kids are blessed to have you guys. Looking forward to hearing more of what God is doing.