Thursday, June 21, 2012

4 months home

Hey there!

Miss me?

I know, I know, it's been 3 months since the last post.

I never intended to go that long without posting.  Trust me there have been plenty of times I wanted to post.. you see, there's this thing called TIME that I can't seem to find when I want to post. LOL
 6 kids and 2 businesses, 3 dogs and a fish, homeschooling, and college can sure take up your time!

Where to start?

How about with the greatest news ever??

Aliyah asked Jesus into her heart yesterday at VBS!!

This girl is amazing me with her comprehension of English and her ability to speak it.
Honestly, I have wondered when other kids have accepted Jesus soon after coming home if they really understood and I have to tell you, this girl KNOWS what she knows and she can tell you all about it!  

She laus Jesus and Jesus laus her and he dead on the cross for sin and he buried and alive again for her!


Also,  Alexis is going to be baptized!  She accepted Jesus last year and we have waited to have her baptized to make sure she fully understood and was able to express what baptism is all about.
It clicked and she and Aliyah are going to be baptized together!
Sisters in Christ, in life, in love!
God is GOOD!

I want to cry just saying this!
I am SO PROUD of my GIRLS!

Adrian is at my parent's home taking care of my Dad for a couple of days since he just had surgery on his foot.  He is doing a lot of school work to try to advance a little quicker.
He has been so far behind due to a lack of any education in the orphanage that we had to start in Kdg and work our way up.  He is working on finishing up 1st grade and moving into 2nd.  He is one smart kiddo.  He is TALLER than me now!
He has the curliest, dark hair that grows in so quick and thick! We just got his fro cut off the other day and he looks so handsome and old! 
I can't believe he's been home for a year and 1/2 already and that he's 15!!
He is truly growing up.
We are working on proper English now that he's been home a while, we are asking him to try to speak in complete sentences and to say things properly.
While this can be frustrating (for all involved) he is doing well with it most of the time.
We get an occasional attitude when asked to correct it but most of the time he can do it pretty easily.  He has just become comfortable with speaking however he wants and knowing we get it so no worries.  Well, he has moved into the Youth Dept at church with kids his own age and we want him to be able to communicate with them and of course other adults as he ages.  He's only got 2 1/2 years till he's legally an adult!  We want him to be prepared and mature!
We don't expect him to leave the house at 18 of course but we want him to understand how other kids his age behave and speak and try to get him up to par if you will in those areas.
He is loving youth and will be going to his first Youth Camp this year and he cannot wait! 
He's had his braces on for over a year now and the top teeth are just about in place enough to start on bottom braces and then about a year or so and we'll be done with braces! 

Austin had his DOUBLE DIGITS birthday in May!
I cannot believe my boy is 10!
SO big so quick!
He is growing and is just below my chin.  He measures himself against me all the time.. you know, before long they will realize I am really short and probably not the greatest measuring point for tallness! HA!
Austin has gained an interest in playing the Guitar.  I have downloaded some online lessons for him and will hopefully get him in some formal lessons in the fall.
He is very excited about being a 5th grader!  We are hoping to start a new school program this year that will allow us to still homeschool but to have the assistance and accountability of a teacher as well.  The great thing about this school is it is online and we use our tax dollars we pay in for the district to pay for curriculum and the excess can be used for lessons, such as guitar! He can't wait!
I think it will be great for us.  The kids had a musical performance back in May and Austin was chosen to be up front on the platform to perform. He was THRILLED about this and he did so good!
He really loves music .. all things music!  As a matter of fact, he and Adrian have a boom box that Adrian got for his birthday that is on NON-STOP in their room.  They will take it to the kitchen when it is clean up time and pump it up in there or take it outside when we are playing out there and jam.  Austin went to Kids camp the other week and he did something so brave and so bold, I just wish I could have been there to see it - he did what is called the "leap of faith" where you climb up a telephone pole and jump off the top to reach out and snatch a bandana that is tied to a line in the air several feet away.  TELEPHONE. POLE.  JUMPING OFF..
Insane!  But HE DID IT!  I can't wait to see the pics!
So proud of his bravery!

Aliyah as I said up there made the best decision of her life yesterday and I couldn't be prouder!
She is truly blowing my mind with her English.
She is doing some school work with Math pages and some Phonics stuff to learn letters.
She knows all the alphabet and her numbers and can count really high!
She loves to do school and loves to help!
She is always helping out around the house and with the little boys.
She sure loves having a sister and all things girly.
She loves to have her fingernails painted and to wear earrings - which must be changed daily, if not hourly! :) 
She went to kids' camp this year with Austin and oh man that was tough on this Mama! This was the first year I wasn't able to go as a sponsor and I hated it!  I missed my babies and I wanted to be there enjoying the camp with them and all the other kiddos!  That was truly my favorite part of being a sunday school teacher - spending a week at camp with the kids and seeing their lives change and how they grow!  God is good! While at camp she made friends with our children's pastor's daughter Ms. Ashley who was a sponsor at camp.  She is going to her house tomorrow to go swimming and hang out.  She looks up to her so much and I hope this relationship will strengthen them both.  I am glad that God is blessing my girl with a great mentor like Ashley!

Alexis is now 8 years old!  Her hair is long again and we can fix it all kinds of ways.  She keeps saying she wants it as long as mine and loves that my hair is back to a darker shade so we are "twins" again. :) She sure missed her sister while she was at camp.  We had a great time together though and made the most of our time alone.  She loves to change out her earrings too and I think she thinks the best part of a sister is that they can share EVERYTHING.  They share clothes, toys, earrings, friends .. EVERYTHING she says! 
Oh, except for the bunk beds.. they don't like to share the bottom bunk.. one always wants it and the other never wants to share it.. a bit of a thorn there.. lol Next bed sets will be two twins side by side!
Lexi is working on her reading and can't wait to start her new school program so she is working hard to read better.  She can't wait to do school on a computer!
Lexi is maturing more and more everyday.
She has such a sweet spirit and is so sensitive to what God is doing and her prayers melt my heart.
God sure blessed me with her!

Ayden is doing great as well.  He has been eating and eating and eating and eating!  This kid who never made a "happy plate" because he was too full is now making happy plates at every meal and sometimes coming back for seconds!  I think we are on the verge of a growth spurt!  While I know he needs to grow up, I must say I sure love that he is so little and cuddly and I can still hold him and he's almost 6!  He is now in 3T and 4T stuff which is a huge thing for him.  He just wants to be big "like them other people" ( his siblings)  Ha!  He calls them "those other people" or "them other people" all the time and it cracks me up!  I must say that I sure love that he comes in every night or early am to cuddle me.  He still molds perfectly to me and we can cuddle in tight and snuggle till wake up time.  He asks me every night "Can I come lay with you?"  I'll say not yet, I'm not going to bed yet(sometimes wish I was since it's usually 8pm when he asks) and he'll reply, ok, see ya in the middle of the night!
I don't know how he does it but he wakes up and walks in climbs in and goes right back to sleep.
Love it!  He thinks it's so cool that he's a big brother now and he tries to "help" Aaron with everything. Sometimes this means shoving him into his classroom at church when he's taking him to class.. or trying to speak russian/ ukrainian to him at dinner.  They are peas in a pod!  They have a real hard time going to bed at night though.. seems to be that they think that we cannot hear them or see that they have turned on the light and are playing and laughing the loudest belly laughs ever!  I am glad they get along and are enjoying each other though! :) 

Aaron is now 5 as well.  We had his first birthday party in a family and it was great!  Cousins came and we had a great time!  He got a dump truck that he had a great time with and still plays with everyday.  He has this thing that he puts on his underwear backwards. EVERY DAY.  It cracks me up!  I say Aaron your underwear's on backwards.. unnn ooohhhh yeh mem... pitter patter of feet to the bedroom to change it around.  He tends to put his clothes on inside out or backwards most days.  He likes to sneak up and play after bed time and even sneak to the girls room to get them to play too.. of course this is where he gets busted .. MOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!  and then pitter patter back to the room!  He is a very inquisitive little man.  He loves to give kisses now and puckers up so tight and sticks out his lips so far and scrunches his face and will kiss kiss kiss over and over giggling!  I love it! He's working on how to be held and hugged.  I still have to remind him to mold around his legs and arms.  He is more comfortable with it and tries to cuddle when we sit down or run up for hugs but he just doesn't quite get the arms around the neck thing just yet but the fact that he's coming and trying is great!  We are bonding!  He has had some serious sinus issues and we are working with an allergist to get his allergies under control.  I bet he's had this infection LONG before we got him and ever since.. too bad the first docs didn't catch it but glad we got to the specialist and they did.  We go back for a follow up in a couple weeks and hopefully it'll be cleared up.  

We went on a mini family vacation to Branson with my parents and had a blast!  We stayed in some cabins on the side of a mountain.. the drive was a bit tricky. lol  We went to a family fun park that was full of different racing vehicles that were for each age group and it was a blast!  We played mini golf and arcade games and wore everyone out just in time for bed! LOL  We cooked out on the grill every night and that was great! I love grilled food!  We had special desserts for every meal and hung out in a game room and decided we want a pool table and air hockey table when we have room for it!  So fun to play each other and spend time together!  We floated down a river and it was FREEZING cold water!  The temp was ok for just relaxing as long as you didn't hit the water.  All of the kids really had a great time!  We could see fish and we even fed them chips and sandwiches- they went crazy for them!   LOL   We also went to a restaurant called Lambert's where they throw the hot rolls to you.  The kids (and adults) LOVED this place.  It is an all you can eat place.. not that I could make it through more than one plate, but it was a great experience.  They all had so much fun catching the rolls and laughing when one plopped in someone's face or the head of the poor man sitting behind us!  Ha!  

We have opened a second location of our bakery in Midwest City and are working to get it off the ground.  We are in the process of getting a sign up there and replacing our Moore store signs to be more legible and EYE CATCHING!  :)  God has truly blessed our business and we just signed with David's Bridal OKC as their preferred cake vendor!  We have been doing a LOT of cakes lately and are going to be doing even more with this new partnership.  We were praying about how to increase business and get our name out there and not 5 min after a friend in our SS class responded to our prayer req email I was reading my Bible and read two different scripture sections about not worrying about tomorrow and that God has a plan and he always takes care of his people and then the phone rings and it is David's Bridal!!  MIRACLE!  God is so Good!  

I graduated with my Associates in Arts and Ethics in May as well and that was pretty cool!  Basically, it means I know a little bit in a lot of areas, but it was one step closer to achieving my next goal.  It was a huge thing for me as I am the first in my family to graduate college!  I am still attending FT and pursuing a bachelors in Christian Ministries.  When we came out of Graduation to the van to take a pic of our family we were told there was oil pouring out of our van...
LOTS of oil.. like.. ALL of the oil...
Not sure what happened, but it was not good.
So, a friend took some kids and we took others in the car and headed home.  Guess it's time for a new van after all.  We were fortunate to find a 15 passenger van in excellent condition and at a steal of a deal.  So we now have a van for all the kiddos and us to fit in and even take on a few friends or family if we want to carpool and there's plenty of room for restocking trips as well as delivery of cakes for weddings!  Blessing in disguise because had that not happened, we would not be able to all fit in and we might have hesitated to sign with David's Bridal as we didn't have a delivery vehicle.  God knew what was coming! 

Bryan is working hard at his classes and is about 1/2 way to graduation as well!  So proud of him for all the hard work he does to care for our family and to pursue his education.  He's in watching the Thunder play in the Finals right now. He's so excited!  We celebrated what a great Dad  he is this last weekend with what else than Thunder gear!
He's worn it proudly this week.
I have to say, I don't know how he does it.. up at 3 or 4 am to bake, back home by 7am to let me go in, getting kids ready and to the shop to help open and run the shop all day till the night help comes in.  I sure am blessed to have him in my life!  He and I make a great team ya know?  God had a great plan when he put us together! :)  I sure love him!

I think that about catches you up. :)

My brain is running out of thoughts.. so.. that's all for now!

Here's some pics - cupcakes and cakes and kids ;) 

Thanks for following along and sticking around to check even when I don't post for months on end!  


  1. YAAAAYYYY!!! Well worth the wait :-)

  2. Alecia,

    Of course you are busy. You are a Wonder Woman! So glad to hear how things are going and see all the pictures. Beautiful family! Hope to have ours together soon. Can't wait!