Thursday, March 8, 2012

Not so easy to blog these days...

I am so sorry for the long delays in blog posts.
It has been one fun and full journey in our home over the last few weeks!
Tomorrow marks 4 weeks of us being home!
I can hardly believe it.
I remember so vividly those nights in Ukraine feeling so far away from home and far away from completion and I would tell myself that in no time, we'll be home and looking back on this as a distant memory.
It's not such a distant memory yet, but it is nice to be home!
Everyone is doing very well!
The kids are loving being part of a family.
Everyone has their buddy.
We have the big boys, Adrian and Austin.
The girls, Aliyah and Alexis.
The little guys, Ayden and Aaron.
We have had our days jam packed with all kinds of adventures including making up for Christmas and Thanksgiving all in one day!
Thanks Mom and Dad!
We really enjoyed that.
I'm tempted to do Christmas after Christmas every year..You can save TONS on clearance items! :)
Although, we haven't had a "real" Christmas on Christmas in 2 years, we are all looking forward to this year's holidays and spending them all together with our family here in Oklahoma.
Now, we'll see if that is God's plan for us!
We've prayed and asked for this year to be at home with family, so we'll see! :)

We've also had a couple of birthdays and have more coming.
We are going to be partied out soon!
Can that even happen?
Great thing about having 6 kids? 
Your family makes up the party really easily!
Friends are an added bonus!
Good thing when Mommy forgets to get invitations in time!
Just saying, that is a good thing in a purely hypothetical situation that one might come back from overseas and get over sickness only to realize that one might have several birthdays back to back and they start that weekend.. just sayin...

So, anyway, if you are THAT mom, you might appreciate a large family :)
We had Ayden's party first, it was a make up party actually.
We missed his birthday while we were in Ukraine back in October.
He was such a sport though and wanted to wait for Bubba and Sissy to be home to share his special day with them.
So, we waited and he had a great time at his party.
I had the honor of making his cake - it was a Cars themed cake and he loved it!
Made my heart happy! :)
Ayden is really enjoying being a BIG brother!
He loves bossing.. I mean, helping Aaron out around the house.
He really does work to help him figure out where to go at church and what to do in class and at home.
They do get in to trouble together too of course!
They like to jump on the beds and sneak up to play in their room at naptime or bed time.
They get to laughing though and bust themselves!
Ayden is such a big helper when it comes time for getting dressed or bathtime, he helps to show Aaron what to do and what to bring to the bath etc.
So neat seeing him in the older brother role as he's been our baby for so long!

Back to birthdays...The next weekend, yes, the NEXT weekend, we had Lexi's 8th birthday party.
She had a blast as well and we got to go get our nails done at the salon with Aliyah.
They were laughing at me being ticklish, it was great when they got their feetsies because then mommy could laugh too!
We were quite the squirmy wormies!
I was also priveledged to make Lexi's cake that was so pretty!
It was a Tangled themed cake and I had fun decorating it up with all the fun colors and flowers.
Lexi is turning into quite the young lady.
She really loves having a sister!
Aliyah was an answer to many, many prayers.
Lexi is my little prayer warrior!
I love that about her!
She will pray so passionately about so many things and is always taking her friends and others to the throne.
She is also doing exceptionally well with her reading!
She actually asks me to do school nowadays!
She read several books to me at the library the other day and has been reading to her siblings as well.
Big girl!

We've got a break from birthdays this weekend.. it's DATE NIGHT tomorrow!
Oh how I appreciate and look forward to Date Night.
Our church does a date night once a month and it is a true blessing!
We are able to take all the kids to the church and they play and enjoy kid time for 4 hours while we go on a date - all for $5! 
Not each!
What a blessing!

So, date night is tomorrow and then next weekend is Adrian's 15th birthday!
He turns 15 in 8 days.
We have had him home for a little over a year now and this is his 2nd birthday with us.
He has come such a long way.
In so many ways, he still has a long way to come but we are so proud of the young man he is becoming.
Please keep him in your prayers as you can imagine, entering the teen years, moving into the youth group at church, and all the other changes that come in a young man's life at this time can be a bit overwhelming; especially when it all happens in a matter of a year!
Remember how tiny he was?
He's taller than his Momma now, I know doesn't take much, but still!
He is planning on a Monster Truck theme for his party as of now, so I am coming up with ideas for that cake!
I can hardly believe he is that old already and has been home that long, and yet at the same time, it feels as though he's always been a part of us.

We then have a bit of a break in birthdays until mine in April.
Next is Aaron's 1st birthday with us!! April 15th he turns 5!!
That little guy is a hoot!
He is one busy boy!
It is neat to see him blossom and come out of his shell.
We have learned that he cannot be left alone or out of sight for more than a couple of seconds...literally.
His poor Nana had to replace her contacts after a trip to the potty gone wrong.. guess it was an ok thing.. she needed a new RX anyway... :/  whoops!
We've also found shampoo in a tub, lotion on a counter, and soap in a sink.
Inquiring minds want to know! :)
He is terrified of running bath water and the bubbles from a jet tub but LOVES baths.. just DON'T put him in the room when the water is running.
He says he took showers outside - not sure how much truth ther is to that but he is literally terrified of running water.
He is also likes to get out of bed and sneak around to see if he can make it all the way across the house without getting caught. 
He loves to jump and eat and eat and eat!
Ya hoicha yeaste is a common saying in our home.
I want to eat!
He is trying his hand at English.
Most of the time it's Russian and we say it back in English and he says Dah and prances off!
LOL Stinker!
He is always excited to see Mommy and Daddy when we pick him up from church classes or when one is gone and comes back home.
He runs to the door screaming your name and bowls you over with a hug!
He's learned to kiss which is in my opinion one of the cutest things ever!!
He used to just lean in open mouth and now he puckers up so big and puckers it out there and kinda points his lips up towards his nose!
LOVE those kisses!
My dad used to play a game with me of when I wanted to kiss him goodnight he would point to his cheek and then the other cheek and then his nose, forehead, chin, and ears.
I did this with Aaron one time and the next time I started he just went crazy kissing me all over my face!  He had it down already!
I love his giggles and to hear him crack up laughing at random things.
I read a book to the kids tonight and every page he would say oooooooo colastno!
Oooh cool!! :)

Next up is Austin's 10th birthday!!
Double digits in May!
He's already got his cake all planned out - Phinneas and Ferb with Doofensmirtz and an unbirthdayinator...
Yeah, good thing I have some time to figure out what to do on that one!
I am really excited about it!
We started planning it out back in Ukraine.
He and Lexi are the only ones who actually stuck with their theme.
So, I had a plan for theirs! :)
Austin is so proud of his new siblings and wants everyone to know about them.
He is working very hard at learning how to read at a more proficient level.
He loves to read!
This boy will go through a 300+ page chapter book in one sitting!
We go to the library and he reads several books while the others look or play and then picks out a couple to take home!
I loved to read as a kid, still do, and I love that about him!
He really enjoys reading to his siblings too!
He is such a big helper around the house.
He has moved into the "big boys" room with Adrian since we got home and is really taking to that.
He is really seeking out who God wants him to be and what HIS plan for his life is.
I can see God using him in mighty, mighty ways!
He loves to sing and is practicing daily for the upcoming musical at church.
I love to hear his voice, especially when it is praising God!

We get a birthday break in June and then in July we have Aliyah's 10th birthday on the 14th.
I'm sure she'll have an idea of what theme she wants by then.
Aliyah is having a ball being in a family with a sister and all those brothers!
She is working hard on her English.
She even sings along to songs on KLOVE and jams to our Rhema Soul CD in the car with Mommy.
She got a baby doll for Christmas that is one of those that will eat, drink, and you guessed it.. pee and poop.
Oh. my. word.
That girl thought it was the most hilarious thing she had ever heard of!!
A baby that will pee and poop!
The girls have had a blast with those dolls!
We are working on breaking the wear the same thing everyday cycle that she was used to.
She is amazed at having options for clothes.
She and Lexi can share several items and they have several matching items and boy do they love to dress alike!
They are TWINS they say! :)
Love my girls!

Bryan and I are doing great and really loving our new normal.
We are both focusing on our schooling a lot right now.
I am due to graduate MACU with my AAE in MAY!!!!
I cannot wait!
This is a goal that has been a long time coming!
Bryan is entering his sophomore year and will graduate with his AAE next spring!
So proud of him and his dedication to his schooling!
In between our college courses, homeschooling, bakery, and get togethers, we do a lot of traveling.
We have had a few of those times when we forget we can't all fit in our vehicles, and we must take two cars everywhere we go.
There have been the times when he goes in to bake early in the morning at the shop and I'll have an appointment or Bible study with the kids and he has to come home to switch me vehicles b/c me and 6 kids can't fit in the little Kia!
We get a laugh out of it most days!
We are praying for God to provide for us to be able to get a car that we can all fit in at the same time.
We will only do so when we can do so debt free.
We have purchased our cars outright and even though they may not be the newest, prettiest, or even fully functional at times, they are ours and they are PAID for!
So, for now, you'll see us in our two cars and meeting up in the parking lot to go to church or the store or to family and we're ok with that, b/c we are TOGETHER!

We are excited for what God has on the horizon for our family.
We have been in a lot of conversations and deep prayer about what is next for our family.
We are seeking God's will for us and what is next.
Thank you all for your continued prayers!
We appreciate each of you!
Have a blessed day!


  1. So what do you have in the way of vehicles and what are you looking for in case I hear of someone wanting to trade maybe? I have loved following your blog and coming to know your family BTW!


  2. Hey Lady,

    So glad to see your post but where are the pictures? I need pictures. Love the busyness of your life because it goes by way to fast. So glad your blessings are home.


  3. It's so great to see how God has provided for your family and how everyone is doing. I have truly enjoyed reading about the families journey and where you were just a few short years ago and where you are now! AMAZING!! I am so happy for you and Bryan and the accomplishments you guys have made in your individual journey's as well. Graduating from College in May and incredible and with Bryan not far behind and is incredible as well! I could imagine how hard you both have worked to achieve this CONGRATULATIONS! I couldn't imagine having so many birthdays so close together, but it sure sounds like you guys have a lot of fun!