Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Story through pictures - Enjoy!

I know you all want to "read all about it" and you will as soon as I have the time and energy to write about it all! :)
We have had an adventure to say the least.
So, for now, how about a picture story?

I'll caption some of them for you :)
Details later!

Sad thing, I have NONE of the 120 plus pictures that were taken at court :( 
The camera got left behind in UA.
Thankfully, it was returned to me when I got back, however, all but one picture (the one below) was deleted.
I do have one other picture I didn't have before though.. lol
Oh well, God is good and I will always have those memories.

Here's me and Alexis waiting in the car for court-
and the silly boys high-jacking the photo.

Yes, I did use the outside ledge as a quick cool down for my pop :)

The dog that I listen to BARK EVERY DAY AND NIGHT!

Village we are staying in... 

Scarecrow in a tall, tall tree.. hmm.. 

The road out of our village and where I look out all the time when waiting for our ride to arrive...

Bye bye orhpanage bed..
You'll be empty tonight!

Bye bye orphanage clothes!

This gal in the pic with us is soon to be "orphan no more" also!!
So glad they are going to be close!
Her family is from a neighboring state so these girls will be able to hang out growing up!

See the notebook she has?
Run the race...
....Receive the price!

Me and her groupa

Her and her groupa

We were honored to be able to transport a gift package for Ms. Yulia from her Mama and Papa..
This was her shirt.. :)

Bundled up and ready to go!

The girls jumping in the air over the realization that Yulia will be HOME soon too and they will see eachother again in AMERICA!!!

They even had me come in for lunch and set up a special spot for Aliyah and I :)

These kids were in and out, cleaned up and done in less than 8 minutes!
8 minutes.

The orphanage

Knitting and crocheting class

Time for goodbyes!

This is her teacher that I've told you about before.. she loves her so much!
The teacher and I had another crying hug as I thanked her for taking care of my baby before I could.
She is a true "CARE" taker!

Time to eat!

We colored the picture together and hung it on their wall of pics :)

Fresh out of a bath and in her comfy jammas!

On our way to get brother!!!
She's about to meet her biological brother for the first time ever!

More to come......

Hello from Ukraine WITH Aliyah AND Aaron Horner! :)

So, I have a LOT to update you on, however, I am still running like crazy!
I hope to have time later tonight or tomorrow sometime to work on the updates.

However, in the mean time, we have had a couple of donations come in over the last couple of days- THANK YOU for answering the call!
So our need is now down to $4250!

The other GREAT news is ...

Just like God blessed us by doubling our expected blessing of children, he has now blessed us in a financial way as well!!

We have another donor that in response to God's urging has graciously offered to
DOUBLE donation dollars!!
That's right!
For every dollar donated up to $500 it will be matched!!

So, if we get in $500 in donations, it DOUBLES to $1000!!!

Thank you to the anonymous donors who have stepped up to help us out by not only answering the call, but to encourage others to do the same by their matching gift!!

So, share away, donate and be blessed!

Remember, you can donate to the right of this blog and it will come right to us.
If you would like a tax deductable donation, you may donate at and be sure to mark it HORNER FAMILY ADOPTIONS.

Thank you!

God Bless YOU!!



  1. Amazing! These brought tears to my eyes. You are truly caring for God's children. Bless you and your precious children.

  2. She looks so happy! What a beautiful girl!