Thursday, February 23, 2012

A little update :)

Hey there!

I know it's been a minute since I posted.

We did make it home safely and the flights were amazingly simple with these little travelers.

I say that and am in awe that I truly feel that way after looking back and realizing we had bloody noses, popping ears, motion sickness, and much more.

Really though, it was not that bad.
I saw how everything that happened, including Aaron's screaming fit in the passport control line was meant for good.

How you ask?
Well, had he not been screaming that he had to use the bathroom (after our already 5 trips to the facility) then we wouldn't have been pushed through the incredibly long line which made it to where we actually made our flight in the knick of time.
Had he not been screaming and people let us in line ahead of them, we would have missed our first flight and then each after that of course.

I will try to sit down and write out all the details of the last few weeks of the adoption and up to coming home very soon.
It is a bit busy around here with all of us home :)

We got home Friday night a little earlier than planned which was greawt!
We got home and rested well!
Saturday am I woke up and had to call a dear friend over to help with the kids as I had to make an ER visit with Austin who had some mysterious hives that were taking over his little body.
After that we spent the aftn getting ready for Daddy Daughter dance for the girls and Bryan and the boys and I had a special Mommy and Me date. 
We love this night every year.
It is a great bonding experience and an excellent way to show boys how to treat ladies and to act like gentlemen and how to show the girls how to be treated and act like ladies.
We have a great time every year.
Aaron was so tired after eating that he actually fell asleep at the table!

We went to church on Sunday and really enjoyed having everyone there!
It was easier getting 6 kids ready and gone than 4!
Amazing how God works!
We got home from shurch and woke up Monday with a bit of sickness.
Tuesday it got worse and Wednesday we were in the ER yet again with Alexis - 104 fever that wouldn't break and then she couldn't hold anything down.
Not a fun morning.
We then got everyone into the doc that aftn after finding out Lexi had Strep.
Can you say wild fire?

After all 6 kids were seen, shots given, and prescriptions written we were worn out and ready to go home. 
We had to make 2 trips to the pharmacy b/c we had so many prescriptions and they didn't have all that we needed for everyone.
After several days on meds and no more fevers, we headed to our homeschool valentine's party that had been postponed from Monday due to weather.

We had a great time eating and playing with friends.

Fast forward to Sunday when we had the kids dedicated in church.
Basically, this is a parent dedication saying that we commit our family to the Lord and that we will raise them in the ways of the Lord.

On that day we had a fun morning of getting everyone ready to go and hubby being so sweet to start the vehicles to warm as we finished getting ready only to find that when we went to load up the van was locked.. with the keys in it running. 
This is where having an old, beat up, yet paid for vehicle comes in handy.
You see the window is a bit off kilter so we could nudge it down and put in the tire iron from the car and unlock it.
Crisis averted!
We made it to church not long before the end of the service in time to be called up to the front for dedication! LOL

God is good even in our craziness!
We have spent much of this week just getting things organized and everyone settled into their new rooms.
We have cleaned and played and cleaned and played and slept of course!
Yesterday was a fun day that we spent at my parent's house working in the garden.

We cleared our area that they have so graciously alloted for our garden and tilled up about half of it.
We planted our potatoes and then hustled off to church.

So, there is our trip home and first few days in a nutshell!
I love my life!



  1. precious! Especially that pic of the daddy daughter dance. What a precious family you have. Thank goodness that God has gotten you all over the sickness.PHewww and I think it's bad when I have to take my daughter to the doctor I can't imagine taking all of them. God bless you all!

  2. Always love seeing pictures of those sweet kiddos. Glad everyone is feeling better.