Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hello from Ukraine WITH Aliyah AND Aaron Horner! :)

So, I have a LOT to update you on, however, I am still running like crazy! 
I hope to have time later tonight or tomorrow sometime to work on the updates.

However, in the mean time, we have had a couple of donations come in over the last couple of days- THANK YOU for answering the call!
So our need is now down to $4250!

The other GREAT news is ...

Just like God blessed us by doubling our expected blessing of children, he has now blessed us in a financial way as well!!

We have another donor that in response to God's urging has graciously offered to
 DOUBLE donation dollars!!
That's right!
For every dollar donated up to $500 it will be matched!!

So, if we get in $500 in donations, it DOUBLES to $1000!!!

Thank you to the anonymous donors who have stepped up to help us out by not only answering the call, but to encourage others to do the same by their matching gift!!

So, share away, donate and be blessed!

Remember, you can donate to the right of this blog and it will come right to us.
If you would like a tax deductable donation, you may donate at and be sure to mark it HORNER FAMILY ADOPTIONS.

Thank you!

God Bless YOU!!

Pictures in post BEFORE this one!! :)

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