Sunday, January 29, 2012

What a MIGHTY GOD we serve!!!

The Need

First of all, I must give all glory and praise to God for providing in a miraculous way!!

I was set to leave Saturday for Ukraine.

Our need was still near $7000.00.

We had an anonymous donor who pledged to match all donations done on Friday dollar for dollar up to $500!

What a God send!!!

We posted it out there and you all responded.

You opened your hearts and prayed, you shared, and you gave!

For that, I am so grateful!

As a result of the matching donations, we were able to raise $1400!!

That along with some other donations that came in through the earlier part of the week brought our need down to $4600!!!

Did you catch that!?! 

God did a MIGHTY, MIGHTY thing last week and we are trusting him to do another miracle in our situation this week!

I have made it to Ukraine and am sitting in the apartment going over the budget and we have to get this $4600 in quickly!

The need for tomorrow alone is almost $1500 and that is just the first step. 

We still have a lot of paperwork to be done daily and fees to be paid daily in order to get the kids home.

This week we have to do visas, passports, birth certificates, medicals, embassy clearances and then of course get everyone back home.

If you feel God tugging your heart to help these kids, to help our family, we would be so appreciative of you answering the call.

God will truly bless you for doing so.

He cares for these kids and he said in the beginning that it was going to come about in a way that EVERYONE would KNOW that it is only through GOD that this all came to fruition.

Isaiah 41:13-20.

Please, if you can help, donate now to the right of this blog and it will come directly to us.

If you’d like to make a tax deductable donation you  may do so through and be sure to mark it HORNER FAMILY ADOPTIONS.

Thank you and God Bless!!!

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  1. The lord is ever faithful and can
    Provide... But perhaps you could consider helping Him along? Second job? Less eating out? Picking up some extra overtime, perhaps?? Surely He wants to see ayOUR efforts at doing YOZuR part to bring this beautiful child home!!!

    Simply attempting to guilt others into giving up THEIR hard earned pennies without doing the same does not seem to align with the Lord's grace towards us poor sinners, non?