Wednesday, January 11, 2012

PICTURES!! Reunited and it feels so good!!!!

Enjoy some pictures while I come up with words! :)

She. is. amazing.


REVISION - January 15, 2012

It had been a LONG 3 + weeks.
Aliyah had unexpectedly been gone from the orphanage.
She was gone to visit her grandfather and grandmother.
We were devestated to not be able to see her or even talk to her for such a long time.
We did a LOT of praying for her safety, for her health and for her to return soon.
We counted down the days until we would see her again.
We waited and waited and waited.
Finally the day had come!
Or so we thought.
We were told she'd be back on the 10th of January.
We called and were told she wasn't back yet .. maybe tomorrow.
So, we had to wait one more day but man, oh man, it would be worth it!
We arrived at the orphanage and the kids waited in the lobby as I went down the hall to her class.
I knocked on the door and heard "dah, dah, dah"
I opened it and looked to my left where her desk is and she wasn't there!
I looked ahead to see the two kids in front of the class signing and dancing for their classmates, but her seat was empty.
I leaned in a little further and looked over and there she was in the back!!
She looked to her teacher, got the nod of approval and she jumped up, climbed over the chair that was blocking the way and fell right into my arms.
I hugged her so tight!
I was SO HAPPY to see her!
She held on and looked up at me with her big smile and said I missed you Mama, I love you Mama!
I love you and missed you baby!!
I'm so happy to see you!!!
We smiled as we looked into eachothers eyes and then hugged tighter again and did over and over.
It was as though we were just looking to be sure this was really real!
It  had been so long!
Of course the kids heard us in there and all the other kids gasping and saying Tanya Mama and they came running down the hall to meet sister.
She ran out the door to them and I was not near quick enough with the camera to capture it all, but it will be burned in my heart forever!
She ran out and picked up Ayden and twirled him around, ran to Lexi and hugged and kissed her.
Ran to Austin next and he tried to pick her up! lol
Then Adrian was there ready with arms open and she jumped into his arms and they embraced eachother.
It was awesome!
She of course had to pick up Ayden.

Did you notice, they didn't shave her head!?!
I was so worried about that.
They have shaved her head everytime she's come back from grandpa's as she comes back with lice.
We prayed and prayed for no lice.
I told them that if she does come back with it to please let me come and I'll comb out every nit myself, but PLEASE don't shave her head.
She loves her hair and wants it long.
She's been so happy at the growth over the last few months.
She would be devestated.
So, I gave a HUGE sigh of relief when I saw this beautiful face with all that hair!

OH my goodness!!
I just realized when looking at this next pic, she is FULL ON SMILING, teeth and all in a picture!
Not by fluke, either.
I didn't sneak it.
She SMILED for this picture!!

Of course, once we made it to her room ( a new one this time - room #7), she immediately asked..
I tried to explain it in broken Russian but quickly got Sasha on the phone to translate that Papa had to go home to work for a bit, but that he'd be back for court, then he'd have to go back to work for a while and after the waiting period we'd go home and be together again!
She was pleased to know that he was ok and she understood that he needed to be home to work.
She was also quick to tell Sasha to please make sure you tell Mama that grandpa even wants me to come now.  Grandpa is happy for me and he wants me to go.
Please tell Mama not to worry that it is all ok.
Sweet girl!
I was THRILLED to hear that.
We were worried that she may not even come back to the orphanage after being released into their care.  We were so happy to hear that Grandpa understands that this is best for her and it is what she wants.  He understands that she is wanted, she is loved and she loves her family too.
I am so happy!

We spent quite a while at our visit.
We wanted to take in every second we could with her after not seeing her for so long.
We made things from the yarn.
This is a headband that Austin made for Aliyah.

We did a little school..
She knows most of her ABC's and was proud to tell them to me!
I am so proud of her!
She practiced writing her A's.
We flipped through the book and she read the words in Russian and the translation to English.
So cute!

She played with the camera..
Self portrait..

She loved on her siblings:

We made silly faces and bunny ears:

We had a girls only picture.. silly boys taking the picture cut off Lexi ..

We had silly face pictures!

And more...

We made bracelets, rings and necklaces with the yarn..

She somehow took an upside down picture of Austin!

More silliness...

We had a snack..
Yes we played with our food! :P
The funnest part was trying to juggle the fruit and playing catch with it!

We made another headband for Lexi while we waited for Aliyah to come back from lunch. :)

Coloring is always fun!

And of course, BUBBLES!

We wrestled and tickled!

We had FUN!


  1. Your children are beautiful! You are such a blessed woman of God!

  2. Looks like she'll fit right in w/ you bunch of crazies :P

  3. I'm happy that Alyah is back and you can be with her again! I can't wait to hear that she and Misha are officially your children!