Monday, January 30, 2012

Court part 3 - the final! :)

Court Part 3

Everyone quickly and as quietly took their seats.

Bryan, Ayden, Aliyah, and I all sat on the petitioner’s side of the table as our translator Andre and the prosecutor sat across from us.

Everyone else remained in their original seating on the benches behind the witness stand. 

The Judge sat down in her chair in the center of the box next to two men on either side of her who were to be the jury in our case.

The man to her right was an older gentleman with graying hair and he wore his glasses down on his nose as though to only look through them when reading. 

He seemingly continually peered over those gold wire frames at us the entire time that he wasn’t spending looking at the documents.

The man to the left of the Judge was a much more lax gentleman, who seemed to have somewhere else he’d rather be.

I sat there with my arm around Aliyah or rubbing her back the entire time.

I can’t really imagine what she must be feeling as a young girl in this courtroom.  Knowing that her fate is in the hands of these three people who are seated in the big box and fancy chairs; only I know something she doesn’t quite understand yet, and that is, that God already has this taken care of!  He planned this from the beginning of time.

We are here for her by God’s calling and his provision and we are going to finally, officially, legally be a family.

Today, God is going to make official in the worldly view, what he wove together in the Heavenlies long ago.

Introductions were being made and approvals being given for our family to adopt Aliyah and Aaron on this day.

Each orphanage representative and child services representative stood, introduced themselves, their title, and gave their reasoning on why this is in the best interest of the children for them to come and be a part of our family.

This is where much was lost in translation.

Unfortunately, we were not able to know every word that was said or even the outline, just the basic gist of things being said as our translator couldn’t very well yell across the table so we could hear him.

I suppose this overview would have to do.

I am one who likes ALL the details upfront.

I don’t like to be left wondering and guessing.

I suppose this is going to be a day of learning for me.

Learning to go with the flow a little bit better and not know everything that is being said.

I might not like it, but I know I have nothing to worry about because; God has gone before us and is right here with us.

Even if I don’t know what they are all saying 100%, I know what God said and THAT is all that I need to know! J

Bryan and I were each called to stand, say our names, addresses and date of birth to confirm for the record that we are who the papers say we are.

The court hearing seemed to go on and on forever.

The Judge and the juror to the right wanted to go through every single page of our homestudy out loud in the courtroom and ask us questions throughout the reading.

Some of the questions we were asked were:

Why are you adopting?

Are you broken?  Can you not make anymore of your own children?

Will you have more children of your own?

Why are you adopting from Ukraine?

Why not American children?

Why do you want 6 kids?

You already have 4, why 2 more?

How big is your home?

How many rooms?

Who will sleep where?

And the line of questioning went on and on.

I know we’ve answered most, if not all of these questions before on the blog, but I’m sure some of you out there want to know as well, so, here were our answers:

We are adopting because this is what God has called us to do.

From Ukraine because this is where God led us to adopt from.

We are not broken, God willing we can have more biological children.  They are all our children, whether born in our hearts or my womb.

We may have more children of our own, if God so chooses to bless us.

We planned to adopt American children and God opened our eyes to the need here in Ukraine and turned our hearts to these kids here.

We may adopt American kids in the future if that is what God has for us to do.

Yes, we have a home and it has plenty of room for all of us.

We have 2 people to a room at this point in time.

Boys with boys and girls with girls, well, other than Mommy and Daddy.

After our lines of questioning, they began asking questions about the children from the orphanage representatives.

It was pointed out that Aliyah was in the courtroom and they gasped- YOU are Tatiana?  Stand up please.

She stood up and spoke so well.

She told them that she wanted to be a part of our family.

She wanted to be our daughter and for us to be her Mama and Papa.

She spoke for quite a while answering each question.

Again, much was lost in translation, or lack there of.

I just watched in awe as she stood with such strength and bravery in front of all those people with all those questions and she stated what she wanted.

She sat down and I went right back to rubbing her back to help her relax and know it is ok; she did well and we are proud of her!

The judge and jury seemed pleased with all that they had heard in the courtroom today and we were told it was now over, and they would be back in 20 minutes with the decree.

Ok, over, wait, does that mean over like they approved us and we are done or over as in they are done questioning and are going to deliberate for 20 minutes?

Andre told us, no over, you are good.

Ok, opinion here or ruling?

Ruling, you are approved, they have to go do the court decree, I think.

You see, it is those “I thinks” and “maybe’s” and “I don’t knows” that drive me up the wall!

What do you mean I think?

Did she or didn’t she say that we were approved?

Approved I think.

She will be back in 20 minutes with the ruling.

Ok, so they are deliberating?!

Ahhh, what’s 20 more minutes right!?

We waited and waited.

Tanya, the orphanage director pulled out some cookies and candy for Aliyah and Ayden and they enjoyed that.

We looked out the window, and watched the light fade into the darkness of night.

We waited and waited, and waited some more.

20 minutes turned into 40 and 40 minutes into an hour.

We got permission for everyone but us to leave as it was getting late and they had long drives ahead of them back to their perspective places.

We gave Aliyah our final hugs and kisses until we come back to pick her up for good in about 2 weeks.

It was bittersweet.

This process is almost over, but here again, I am saying “see you later” for another time.

Thankfully, the LAST time!

The courtroom, now void of all others than Bryan, Andre, Ayden and I seemed barren.

We quickly called out to Sasha to make sure the other kids got to give lovins to sister before she left.

Thankfully, they all got to and we all went back to waiting.

Bryan had to go out to take someone to the bathroom and while he was gone, in a flurry, in came the judge and jury.

I told them, my husband is taking one of the kids to the restroom; he’ll be right back.

They didn’t care and said, it’s ok, let’s proceed…..

 I listened as they read off their judgement and thanked God for giving me a mild understanding of Russian.

I could understand most of what they said and finally, towards the end, I heard her say, and their new names will be…

Aliyah Elizabeth Horner


Aaron Michael Horner


Thank you JESUS!

They are ours!!

I thanked each of them and headed out of the courtroom and Bryan was rushing back in.

I told him, it’s done!

I told them you were coming back, but they went ahead - but it’s done!

They are ours!

I jumped in his arms and we praised God together!


  1. Oh Alecia,

    I got chills just reading this. I so can't wait for our turn. How hard it must be for these children to stand up in court and say what they want. So glad we serve an awesome God that is right there with us. God speed Alecia. Bring those babies home.

  2. Congrats! One step closer to being home!

  3. Praise the Lord and Congratulations!!!!!!!