Sunday, January 29, 2012

Court Part 2...

Court – Part 2

As we relished in the moments we had before being rushed into the courthouse, I let my  mind wander to the future, to the time when I will no longer have to wait for her to arrive or ask permission to see her. When I will no longer have to pay for a taxi to take us to and from the orphanages to see her or Aaron and be on a strict time limit on how long we can stay and play.  To a time when we no longer have to sit in a tiny, tiny room with all of us crammed in.  To a time when we will be home!


As quickly as my mind wandered off in to what will be, I was jolted back into the reality of today.

Today is the day it all comes to an end.

No more questions, no more waiting for court.

It’s finally here and today, today they become OURS!

Sasha said he’d stay out in the car with the other kiddos and play while Bryan and I went with Aliyah into court.

The kids were disappointed they wouldn’t be in court like they got to be last year; however, it would be better this time, for little did we know.. we were in for a WAIT..

A very, very, VERY LONG wait.

Ayden was not happy about it and we decided it would be better to just take him in with us rather than have him out there upset.

Our hearing was to happen at 3pm.

We headed into the courthouse and made our way to the court room where others were already waiting.

I immediately recognized the inspector from Aaron’s village, there was a representative from his orphanage there too –the attorney I think, I hadn’t met her before. 

There was a young woman seated right by the door who was constantly watching my every move.  She smiled occasionally and it was usually when Ayden said something silly – so I figured out she must be able to understand some English..(still no clue who she was)

There was a young man that bolted in and took his seat at the table that was back to back with another perpendicularly aligned in front of the judge and jury’s bench.

As our group entered the room it seemed to get smaller and smaller.  Our entourage consisted of Bryan, myself, Aliyah, Tanya (her orphanage director), and Andre (our translator).

We all took a seat on the two bench rows that were lined up in sequential rows consisting of only 2 benches each.

Aliyah, Tanya, and I all sat on the front bench which was directly behind a witness stand that lined up with the tables before the judge’s stand.

It was still so cold that we all had on our coats, hats, and scarves inside even!

One would think the adrenaline of the day would have kept us warm, but in the coat my shivering body remained!

We patiently waited until about 3pm when we were told we should sit at the table across from the prosecutor, as that was our place in the courtroom.

Bryan and I made our way over to the wooden table and took our seats on the bench.

Other than the obvious uncomfortable nature of having to sit directly across from the prosecutor who was continually jotting down notes, we now were separated from Aliyah and could not see her as the witness stand hid her small frame on the bench.

We sat there for a bit and I kept leaning over to wink at Aliyah or make a silly face to her.  Tanya nodded at me as if to say, it’s ok, bring her over with you.

So, that’s exactly what I did!

I motioned for her to come over to us and we schooched closer together on the bench to make room for her to sit with us.

She was so happy to be with us.

I just held on to her and played with her hair, which is growing quite a bit by the way, yay for no lice this time!

At about 3:30pm the boredom and frustration began to set in as we had now been in the courtroom for almost an hour with all these people just watching us and taking notes.

Not to mention, the growls that were coming from our bellies that were so hungry at this point!

During the previous 30 minutes we had tried to entertain Aliyah and Ayden with the camera, making silly faces and taking pictures of anything and everything in sight.

We watched out the window and watched as the huge snowflakes fell from the sky and coated the trees and ground.

I’ve said before that I just really like Tanya, the director of Aliyah’s orphanage.

She really likes us too!

We had a ball with her in the courtroom as Aliyah got us together to take pictures.

There may or may not have been bunny ears involved.. yes in the adult pictures!

Oh and some crossed eyes and tongues out too J

We had a good time!

As much fun as that was, we wanted court to happen!

What on earth are we still waiting for?

At about 3:45 we all headed back to our seats as we heard footsteps coming down the hallway and the call was made..


We immediately rose to our feet as the Judge and Jury (2 men) came in and took their seats.

Andre was now seated across from us, next to the prosecutor.

I wondered how this was to work, as last year we had our translator seated right by us and she would translate every word to us.

How is it going to work with him sitting over there and us over here?

Here we go….


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