Thursday, January 26, 2012

Court part 1...

The day started out as any other.
Everyone got up, ate breakfast, played around and eventually got ready for court.
People were in and out of our house coming to get money for this or that.
(meaning court fees and taxi fares)

We anxiously awaited the time the call would be for us to get in the van and go!
The boys all got their nice collar shirts on and Lexi and I got in our skirts.
We all primped and were ready to go!
We all gathered in the living room/kitchen/little one's bedroom and prayed over the day.
We prayed for court.
We prayed for favor with the judge and jury.
We prayed for peace and comfort during the process.
We prayed for the right words to say when we are asked to speak that would show God's glory and grace in our lives.
We prayed for Aliyah as she had to come and represent herself and her little brother in the courtroom.
We prayed for everyone that would be involved to have their hearts open to see what God was doing in our family and with these kids.

Shortly after the prayer, one of the kids hopped up and shouted:
"He's HERE!! Oleg is here!! It's time!! Let's GO!!!!!"
And with that, we were in a frenzy to get everyone and everything out the door and in the car!
The time had FINALLY come.
All we had left to do was go to court, wait out the 10 days, finish up paperwork and get HOME!
Our court hearing was set for 3pm.
We arrived to the court house at 2:35pm and I took a few pictures of the snowcovered evergreens that filled the grounds.
We sat in the van and early looked about for any sign of Aliyah.
About 10 minutes later we saw Sasha's car pull in.
I couldn't get out of that van fast enough!
I hopped out and ran to his car, flung open the door and reached out for my girl!
There she was, as beautiful as ever in a nice, long black puff coat with a big ring of fur on the hood and wearing the tan flower hat I like so much.
Her big smile said it all.
I'm ready to do this Mama!
I'm ready to come home!
There were a few things in the seat and the floorboard that were between us but that had no bearing on her flying out of that seat and over those things into my arms!
What a joyous moment that was!
I was laughing as she made her way over those hurdles and into my arms.
Nothing was keeping us apart.
We've fought long and hard and this is the day it all becomes final.
They will be ours, we will be theirs.
Legally, officially, in every sense of the word.


  1. praying praying that you get that favor! They are your family!!!! God is so good!

  2. Praying always for your family!

    -Izabella Klaire