Saturday, January 21, 2012

A committment and a quarantine...

How about we start this post off getting to know me a little better?

For those of you who don't know me well, and even some of those that may think they do, here's a side of me that I don't like to show.
Although if you're my FB friend, you probably know b/c I post on your wall or comment on your status or share a funny video at midnight or later in the morning.

I have a habit.
A bad habit.
Of course, not all habits are bad, but this one is.
I enjoy late nights when everyone is in bed and I am free to blog, read, relax, watch TV, do school.. just do something for me.
While taking time out for myself is a good thing, WHEN I do that is key.
A late night for me means a grumpy early morning for me and the fam. 
So, I chose to change this habit the other day.

I decided to go to bed at a decent time and get up earlier than normal and make breakfast for my kiddos. 
I used to do this all the time and really  miss the rewards of doing so! 

I wanted to hold myself accountable on this so...

I left a note on the counter where they would see it when they got up.. just in case I was not up and down there yet.

The excitement from them when they saw it was amazing!

They were telling eachother over and over "Mommy's making breakfast!!"
I got down stairs and boy, we made a FEAST!

It took quite a while but we had all of their favorite things we could make in UA.
We had pancakes, fried taters, eggs, cheese, and sausage.

I TRULY enjoyed this time with my kids!

Here they are enjoying their BIG breakfast.  : )

I didn't post all of that to say, hey, look at me.. I did good.
I did it to show you that, we are all human.
We have our places we struggle and we fail.
I fail in this area most days.
Well, not anymore! :)
It was so worth it to listen to the conviction I felt in my heart and to do something about it!
I hope that will encourage some of you to do something different that will make a difference in your daily lives / families as well! :)

Switching scenes now..

This was our last visit with Aaron.
We arrive to the orphanage and it had been snowing all morning so there was enough to play with.
We got there and I went down the corridor to his classroom and was told he was outside with his groupa.
I got the kids from the lobby and we headed out to meet brother.

It was so neat to see the excitement on his face and the other kids as they shouted MISHA'S MAMA!!

I love it!
We played outside with his groupa for just a few minutes before they were all being hurried off to another area with the caretaker using her outside voice to tell them exactly what she wanted them to do, which was to get away from us.

What is wrong?
We are ok with them playing with us!
We love to spend time with our kids friends.
Let them play, it's ok!


I wasn't quite sure why they took the other kids away, but we stayed and played anyway.
Then another group of kids headed out to the area we were in and we thought they must have just been moving for the other groupa to come play in that area.
We decided it was a bit cold anyway and we'd rather play inside for the rest of our visit and warm up!

We headed inside and this is when it went haywire!
We headed in towards the little room where we usually have our visits and we were met by a caretaker who literally shoved me back and told Aaron to go to his class and for us to get out.
I was getting yelled at from every direction.
They were trying to take Aaron away and tell us to leave.
They were getting in my face and yelling and I had no clue what to do.
I called our facilitator and asked him to please find out what on earth was going on.
They were yelling over and over QUARANTINE.
Ok, quarantine, that hall is on quarantine, fine, we'll go upstairs or play here in the lobby.
That wasn't good enough.
They wanted us gone.
They tried to take Aaron down the hall and I asked them to wait and to talk to Sasha.
He talked to them and they said that he was sick.
Ummm, sick and outside in the freezing cold?!
Then they said that it was a virus of some sort that was going around the orphanage and they were on quarantine till Thursday and that we had to leave.
This didn't make sense.
If they were all sick, why on earth was EVERY SINGLE child outside playing in the snow?

I held on to Aaron until we could figure out what was going on and what to do.
Sasha said he'd call the director and find out where we could go and call back.
We were to be fine in the lobby for now..

So, I finally let him down and we decided we'd just sit there and have our visit if we had to.
Time was running out and I wasn't going to waste it arguing with them.

He was looking in the mirror at himself as though he'd never seen one before.

I pulled out the coloring books and some paint and he really enjoyed that..

For the (literally) one minute that he got to do it before they came and snatched him up and took him away despite my pleas.

I was so upset and confused.

I was informed that they did not know what was going on but that some kids had gotten sick so they quarantined the place and it is going on for one week.
They said we could visit with him OUTSIDE if we wanted to but not inside.
Umm, ok, he's "sick" and you want him outside!?
No thanks.
I don't want to make him sick!

After much questioning and pleading, they said they thought it was measels.

To avoid any issues with this situation, we decided it would be best if we just said our see you laters and headed out.  We'd already spent the majority of our visit on edge with them.. trying to communicate, and keeping them out of our faces.

I was devestated b/c I knew that this was now going to be our last visit until Gotcha Day since this quarantine was now in effect.
We had planned to come back with Bryan on Tuesday and now, we won't see him for a couple of weeks. :(

I told them I was not going to take him outside because if he is sick (which we know he wasn't) that will make it worse and of course, we have court on Wednesday, I don't need them saying I put him in danger by doing so.
So, we asked for a few minutes just to say our goodbyes and then we'd leave.

I had Sasha tell him why we had to leave and that we love him and will miss him like crazy!
He also was able to tell him that in about 2 weeks we will be back and then we will be able to take him out of there for good!  We will be together forever and be able to go HOME soon!

We had 5 minutes for everyone to say there bye's and to explain what was going on.

I don't think he's ever been on a phone either.
He had no idea what to do!
He just nodded and smiled continually.

I love this face!

It finally hit as the caretaker came walking across the snow covered path to get him.

We had to leave.
He was so sad.
I was crushed.

He wanted so bad to come with us.
We wanted him to come!

He just kept giving hugs and looking up at me with those big puppy dog eyes.

My  heart was breaking.

I hated this.

I held him, which he's only learned how to be held in the last couple of weeks (at first he just would be straight as a board but all smiles as he was feeling loved).  Now, he cradles around me and really cuddles in.

I told him I loved him and Papa loves him, we all do.
I told him we will miss him but we will be home soon!

I cried and cried and tried to smile through the tears as he was so upset..

This picture was the last we'll have until gotcha day..
It can't come soon enough.
He wants his family and his family wants him!!

Soon, buddy, soon!


  1. Alecia-when you get a chance, could you e-mail me a ?? I am going to attempt to write an article on home schooling and adoption and I am guessing you do the former since you have had your kids in UA all the time...THANKS!! You have been in my prayers!!

  2. I have that same bad habit! Good for you for working to overcome it!

    Wow on the "quarantine."

    So sad on saying goodbye. That little face is so precious! You are getting so close to the end though!