Friday, December 16, 2011

SDA Referrals, Meeting Misha, Reunion with Aliyah!! BIG POST!

The much anticipated blog post about our SDA, meeting Misha and seeing Aliyah again is finally here!

First off, let me thank you all for the many prayers and kind words.
This has been a trying time for our family.
A test of our faith.
A test of our willingness to obey despite trials.
It has been tough, yes.
It will all be worth it in the end!
As you may recall, we had our SDA appt on December 5th where they told us that they had good news and bad news.
Good news being they were going to allow us to proceed at this time with both Misha and Aliyah.
Bad news being that we had to wait up to another week to get his papers released and start the process.
We saw both of those as GREAT news!
We had a really rough week between the two SDA appointments.
We hoped everyday that the phone would ring and it would be Sasha telling us it was time to go to pick up our papers.
That call never came.
We had to wait the full week.
We were somewhat skeptic as you can imagine on whether or not we'd actually see his papers on Monday the 12th or not.
Was this just another delay?
Were we going to be going home empty handed and have to come back yet again?
We prayed and trusted and we waited.

Finally, the day arrived.
It was Monday and we got the call that our appointment was at 2pm that afternoon.
We went to our appointment and as we sat down, they pulled our file out and opened it up to see that there was Aliyah's paperwork.
The clerk kept searching, looking, shuffling the papers.
Other clerks came in and out of the office, looking here, looking there.
Misha's papers were not in our file.
They were no where to be found. 
Lord, help us!
Please, find his papers!
We were told they were waiting for them to arrive, that they hadn't made it in yet.
So, we waited, and waited, and waited..
Finally, we saw it!
The file with the picture of our boy right on top!
I smiled so big, looked at Bryan and said, "There he is! There's our boy!"
His eyes lit up and all he could say was "YEP!"
We both breathed a sigh of relief!
As they handed us the file with the picture I gasped and tears welled up in my eyes.
You see, he is my boy!
He was holding two things.. two things that I love!
He had a monster truck in one hand and... MILKA in the other! :)
Ha! Yep, that's my boy! :)
The kids were all oohing and awing over him and saying how cool it was he is holding Milka.

They gave us our referrals and we signed the book and off we went.
Just a few more days and we'd be with our kids!

We were set to come back the next day to get the official referral to go see them and that went off without a hitch.  Thankfully! :)
We've had enough of those!

We were informed that there was a home that was available for rent that is actually bigger than where we had stayed (which is insane, b/c that was a 2 story  house) and it was cheaper too - which was also pretty unbelievable as we had a killer deal on that place! 
So, we headed home to pack and be ready to leave bright and early.. or should I say dark and early the next morning to move into our new house and see our son for the first time in person and be reunited with Aliyah!  Excited is an understatement.
I was up most of the night!
I think I got about 2 hours of sleep.

We had a long day ahead of us.
Lots of things to do.
We started out with the drive to the region - it seemed to take longer this time than ever before.
I'm not sure if that is the case or if I was just that restless to get there!
We arrived at the inspectors office in Misha's county and waited there for the inspector to give us our approval to go see him and for her to come along.
She was a very professional looking lady.
She wore a fitted bright blue coat with a fancy scarf around her neck.
I loved her coat!
She was all business and ready to move.
This was good, but I was nervous that we didn't talk with her before going.
In the past, we have gone in, met the inspector, talked a bit and then gone to the orphanage.
This time we were told to stay in the car and wait for her to come out.
We were just told, this is the inspector, now we go to the orphanage.
Ok, here we go!
We drove a bit to his orphanage and as we pulled up I was flabbergasted!
It was beautiful outside!
There were lots of play things.
Jungle Gyms, play houses, the 3 bears from Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and even a little pool!
I've never seen an orphanage like this.
Granted, I haven't been in a ton, but what I saw impressed me.
He has only been at this orphanage for 1 month.
They moved him here when we were here last time.
It appears to be a great place all things considered.

I was snapping photos the entire walk up to the entrance.
We went in and to the left was a big wooden door that belonged to the orphanage director's office.
We knocked and entered to be greeted and sat down at a table to go over things.
The kids all went to the couches she had on the other side of her office with stuffed animals to play while we talked.  She told us that she really has no details to give us as he's only been here 1 month.
We said we understood and that was ok.
We just wanted to see our boy!
She asked us why we were adopting when we already have 4 children and we are so young.
That answer was easy.
God has blessed us to be a blessing.
He has called us to these kids and we are honored to share our home, our love and have them in our family!
She seemed ok with that answer.
She asked a few more questions and then showed us to a sort of auditorium to meet Misha.
When we arrived there was a group of children practicing their music with an elderly man, we now know as Anatoly, who played the accordion while they sang.
It was precious.
The sad part was that all of those kids were wide eyed, big smiles and just looking at us like, are you here for me?  Are you my Mama and Papa?  Are you here to take me home?
It was so sad to see so many of these precious little ones like this.

As they left a lady came through the door holding our son's hand and leading him to us.
As I saw him, my heart melted!
I dropped to my knees, arms stretched out and called his name.. Misha!!!
He came right to me and was just looking around taking it all in.
All the kids were so excited and everyone was trying to get his attention, Misha, Misha, Misha..
I'm sure it was a bit much for him but he did so well.
He just looked to each one as they called him and tried to interact as best he could.
He went to Bryan and leaned in for a hug.
We played with a baloon and his puppy that Austin gave him.
We talked with him a little through our facilitator in region, Andrew.
He asked him if he wanted a family and his response..
He asked him if he would like it if Bryan was his Papa and I was his Mama, he looked to each of us and back to Andrew smiling and said DAH!

He didn't know what to think about these people who were taking so many pictures of him.
He finally came around at the end and grinned a bit for me. 
I'm sure we'll have many more full on smiles to come.
I wonder though, how long has it been since he's really smiled?
How long has he cried and wondered, will you be my family?
Are you here for me?
Finally, yes, honey, it's your turn!
We are here for YOU!
We are YOUR Family!!

Our visit was over way too soon.
I never wanted to leave him.
Yet, paperwork called.
We had to get on the road to Aliyah's county to meet with the inspector there and go to see her!
This was going to be great!
We couldn't wait!
Off we went!

Another couple of hours in the car and a stop at the notary later and we were back in her county.
We went back to the inspector's office where we had been so many times before.
We were told we had to redo some of the paperwork which was going to set us back a couple of days, but it was all going to be ok, because, we are going to see our girl!
We will be done soon and what is a couple of days in the long run right?
Now, that wasn't my initial reaction; I was furious! HA!
Then I realized, it's not worth it, don't let this upset you, hang in there!
We had to wait for a while for the inspector to be ready to go and finally, we left to go to the orphanage.
We got on the grounds and the children have all come to know us and as we walked to the building and into the director's office we were greeted over and over with "Dobre Dien"  - Good Day!
Yes, it is a good day!
The director was busy with someone in her office so we waited in the hallway as she finished up her call.
Aliyah's classroom is 3 doors down on the right from the directors office and I knew it was school time, so I kept peering that way.  Surely someone will let her know soon that we are here.
Sure enough, one of the little guys that recognized us ran into the classroom to get her.
I heard the door open and her gasp as she saw us all!
I ran past the inspector and her clerk to Aliyah.
She leapt into my arms and I picked her up, squeezed her tight and the tears began to fall.
She was right where she belonged, in my arms! 
I was shaking from all the emotions!
She was holding on so tight and rubbing her hand through my hair as she lifted her head to meet my eyes and tell me she missed me and loved me!
I love you!!
Best words from her mouth!!
She then hopped down and hugged her Daddy and Sissy and then brothers.
It was great seeing her again.
Her hair has grown since we've seen her and she looks so cute!
We got into the director's office and spent the rest of the time in there as they handled paperwork she sat in my lap and cuddled.
We told her we got to see her little brother today and would she like to see a picture?
She was so excited!
I showed her all the pictures and she hopped up with the camera to go show him off to the director.
She is so ready to see him!
I am so ready for them to see eachother.
I'm ready to have them HOME!
We are on track!
After our time there, we had to get back in the car, take the inspector and her clerk back to their office and then to move into our new house.
It was a long and tiring day, but oh, so worth it!

Please continue to pray for our paperwork process.
For us to get a courtdate soon.
For favor with the inspectors, prosecutors, judge and jury.

We also still have a large financial need.
Please pray about what God would have you to do.
We need a financial miracle.

Donations can be made through Eli Project and will be tax deductable there...
What a great thing - you can help save the lives of 2 orphans and help your tax situation! :)
Be sure to let me know you've donated there so we can have it put in our account. 
The donation link is under hosting right now, they are working to get our family page back up so you can donate there.
You can either email me or message me on here or fb to let me know to check the account and we'll be sure the donation gets to our adoption fund.
You should be able to mark it HORNER FAMILY ADOPTION but if it's not working, just message me to check for your name.

Or, if you don't need the deduction but want to help, you can donate here on our blog through paypal.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

We appreciate it more than you know!

THEY appreciate it more than you know!

This is their ONLY Christmas wish.. a family!

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  1. Oh Alecia,

    He is the cutest ever! I am so amazed that they look just like your family. God is good! Continuing to pray for you guys.