Monday, December 5, 2011

God is GOOD!


This was our wake up call at 8 am this morning.
Yep, we slept that well.
We prayed for a good night's rest and boy we got it!
We jumped out of bed, into our clothes and rushed down the stairs to meet our facilitator who was waiting ever so patiently in the car.

What a way to start the day.
Of course, sleeping until your ride arrives leaves little time for worry and playing out all the possible scenarios and your probable reaction to said situations.
We had time to get ready and go!
No time for thinking, no time for debating, no time for wondering.
We did take time to stop and have family Bible study on the way out the door as everyone got their shoes on and guess what it was about?
Jesus welcoming the little children.
It said that Jesus loves the little children and does things for them.
Lord, we need you to do something BIG today for these kids!

We had no time to spare..
Not until we got into the city and waited over 45 min for our appointment.
Thankfully it was a "nice" day here today - it was above freezing and not too windy.
We had to wait outside the locked gate for what seemed to be forever.
The kids kept saying, please open the gate. 
We need our papers!
It was 10:05 and our appointment was at 10:00.
Still we waited.
When I'd give the eyes wide open shake of the head saying what's going on I'd get the shrugged shoulders and raised eyebrows saying I don't know.. waiting.
We spent our time praying and watching the people working on the church next door.
We watched the man make cement over and over and over again.
Now, I'm starting to get a little concerned..
I'm told they know we are out here and we just have to wait.
We watched the boys with the wheelbarrows bring more dirt down the hill to fill in the hole by the stairs.
Watched a few more buckets of concrete be made.
It really was watery.
We were very concerned on how exactly that would work.
Of course, we are not in the masonry business but a bucket of water, about 10 shovel fulls of sand and a half a bag of cement mix just didn't seem right to us.
Oh well, it was interesting to watch.
It was passing the time for us.
About 10:30am a woman came up to Sasha who had been out there with us the entire time and said something to him and led us to a door around the corner.
Apparently the gate was not coming unlocked and we'd need to go this way.
Making progress, we are now indoors.
We all huddled in the entry way and found places to sit on the stairs in front of the guard as we waited our turn.
The kids were really bored by this point and thankfully they did well with this change of scenery.
About 10:45 or so a lady we recognized from the SDA came out and called Sasha to bring us in.
We each took our turn through the turnstyle entryway and down the long hall on the left to the very end and took a right into the office where we were just a few weeks ago to see our daughter's picture for the first time.
We crowded around the little table and awaited the results of this wait.
The clerk pulled our file, opened it up and thumbed through our papers. 
Right on top was our updated homestudy and USCIS approval for 2 more kids in the age range we needed to get both brother and sister.
This was good news, it made it to our file.
Now, where were our referral pictures?
She continued to thumb and got up and looked around her office for a minute, sat back down and finally pulled out a plastic sheet protector that had all of Aliyah's papers in it and the picture we first saw of her on the front.
There she is!
She gave us the file and the kids all looked at the pictures in there and we looked back up to see where brothers file was.
She had nothing in her hands.
She had sat down our file. 
She had to make a call to check on him.
We prayed some more and oohed and awed over Aliyah's pictures and we waited.
She came back into the room and was going from smiling to concerned look and back and forth.
I was so confused.
I usually can read people by their expressions but she just looked so confused and back and forth.
Man, I need to learn Russian, I thought as I had to wait for her to tell Sasha what was going on.
Sasha told us ok, 2 things.
Deep breath.
Ok, I'm ready.
Whatever you have for us God.
We'll do whatever it takes.
Prepare us for this.
Ok, what is it?

1 good news and 1 bad news.
Good news, they are going to allow you to proceed with both of them!
Bad news....
Little brother has not made it fully through the system.
But, you will come back next week and we will have his papers ready and cleared for adoption!
Umm.. that is GREAT NEWS!!!
We were all smiling ear to ear and just so thrilled to hear it would only be a week and not 6 more months of waiting!
We don't have to leave them here again and we don't have to go home alone again.
We can meet our boy and hug our girl and tell them both that soon, VERY SOON, we'll be going HOME!
They seemed suprised at our reaction, but we were thrilled with this news!
So, we have an appointment for next Monday to get our papers - it is a tenative appointment as they say he could be done anytime before then and we should be ready for a call to come in at anytime.
We are praying that the papers will be done and that we could even get the call tomorrow or sometime this week and be able to get started on the process so we can start seeing our kids as often as possible and get them home SOON!

Thank you all for your prayers and kind words.
He's got this!
We need prayers for:

Misha's papers to be processed quickly and correctly.
SDA appointment to be this week to get the papers for both kids.
The initial meeting and there after to go great for Misha.
For Aliyah as she is also anxious about meeting her little brother for the first time.
For our family as we are away for another holiday.
For the financial need that remains at almost $10,000.
For our health to remain strong.
Pray for the court process and for everything to go smoothly!

Also, a special request...
Please pray for the people who have commented so negatively about adoptions.
For the people who tell those fighting in the process to give up and go home.
Pray for their hearts.
Pray that God would heal their broken hearts and bring them to him.
Pray that God will open their eyes to his love for the orphans and for all people.
Pray that they would start to encourage adoptions and support them rather than post hateful comments to those in the process.
Pray that they will understand God's love and he will love on them even more!



  1. I am soooooooo happy for you and your family. God is big and love hearing the blessings he is giving your family.

  2. AWESOME!!! Praise God! I am so happy for you guys! This has made my day. Will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.


  3. YAY!!! I am so happy for you and your family!!! This is so awesome!! It is so amazing to watch God work!!! I will continue you to pray!!! May God keep blessing you all the way HOME!!!

  4. So excited for you. I'm living vicariously through your process at this time, I don't believe is the right time for me and my husband, but I know someday it will be. ((hugs))

  5. Woohoo! Awesome news. I am crying tears of joys for your family right now!

  6. Rejoicing with you over this wonderful news!! Our God is an AWESOME God!! He reigns!! Lifting up your requests to Him!

  7. This is wonderful news!! Congratulations to your entire family :) It looks like your family will be in UA for the holidays, sounds like its time to bring some holiday fun to UA. Maybe make cutouts this week and set up a Christmas tree when you get to your region :)
    Kelly Selkirk-OH

  8. Praise Jesus!!! Rejoicing with your family! This is WONDERFUL news! God is faithful!

  9. Any news? I'm praying for you, for Misha and Aliyah - to be home with you soon! God bless you! Greetings from Poland. Maria