Sunday, December 4, 2011

Big Day tomorrow - Please pray~

Today has been a rough day.
We were all very emotional and on edge today.
Because of tomorrow.
Yes, I know the Bible says to cast your cares upon Him and to not be anxious about tomorrow.
Let's be honest though, sometimes, we all struggle with this.
Whether we worry about the car payment, the dishwasher or heater that stopped working, how to pay our bills next week or some even worry about where their next meal will come from.
We all struggle with worry at some point I'm sure.
I know I do.
I struggle with faith.
I struggle with trust.
I've been hurt so many times in my life, failed by so many that "loved" me.
I have NEVER been failed by HIM though.
He's ALWAYS come through!

Yet, still, I struggle.
I struggle with my flesh and with my mind and with my thoughts.
I struggle between knowing what God's word says and what my circumstances look like.
I struggle when I see a financial burden of nearly $10,000 that MUST be met in order to complete everything. 
I struggle when my kids are having trouble breathing and our equipment fails.
Yet, He provides.
He knows.
He cares.
He loves.
He provides.

Tomorrow is of paramount importance for our family.
Tomorrow is our SDA appointment.
Yes, we already had one.
It was for Aliyah.
Aliyah alone... before SDA realized that she did indeed have a little brother that WAS in the system and WAS available and IS adoptable and therefore is NOT seperable.
No problem, since we agreed to take both that day in the inspector's office right?
You see, there's two lines for adoptions.
One that we were in that is for children 6 and older.
We waited in that line, and came to our appointment and received our referral.
And then, found out about a 4 year old little brother, our son!
Yes, we were blessed to find out we were not only receiving a daughter, but a son as well!!
Amazing right?
It's all great except for that means that he is in the other line.
The line that requires that we must START ALL OVER and RESUBMIT ALL our papers.
How long?
Well, at least until March and that is IF the line hasn't grown since we were last told it is backed up into March.
Is this fair?
Will we wait and come back if we have to?
Do we want to?
So, what are we doing about it?


We are on our knees, as a family, all together, with one voice and one cry,
begging God to work on our behalf.
To show Himself MIGHTY in this meeting tomorrow.
We are praying and crying and praying scriptures and letting our God hear what is in our innermost beings.
We are reminding God of His word and how he cares for the orphan.
We are asking him to step in and take control of this situation at the SDA.
We are asking for it to be a smooth process where we go in and they give us our referral for BOTH kids TOMORROW at 10am.
We are praying that we have no struggles and no issues or challenges with getting the approvals to not have to go to the back of the line again.
We are praying that God would hear our cry and answer our pleas.

We had time tonight as a family on our knees in a circle, praying these scriptures to God.
We cried and we prayed and we cried some more and we just begged God to answer our cries to save these kids!
We are asking you to do the same.
We will go in for our appointment at 2am CST.
So, while you all sleep tonight, this life changing decision will be made and we ask that you pray.
Pray for Aliyah and Misha.
Pray for us and our kids as we are here and awaiting the outcome of this meeting.
Pray for the Director of the SDA and all the clerks involved on our case.
Pray for favor!
Pray that there will be no issues and they will allow us to proceed regardless of the age change due to the addition of little brother.
We've done all we can and now we must wait, watch and pray.
If you have it in you to wake up and pray for us at this exact time, that would be great.
If not, that is fine, you can pray now!
You can pray when you go to sleep.
Please just pray!
Please go to the Father on Aliyah and Misha's behalf and on our family's behalf.
Pray for favor.
Pray for clearance.
Pray for good news for our family tomorrow.
I can't imagine the heartbreak of having to leave again without our kids.
Leaving them here, in two different orphanages, alone again for months to come.
I can't imagine missing another Christmas, another birthday, another Easter and more.
I can't imagine missing any more nights where I can't tuck them in and say prayers and kiss their little foreheads and tell them they are loved.
Please, pray.
We will update as soon as we can.
In the mean time, know that we need your prayers and support, now more than ever so before.
We need a miracle from our Father.
Will you petition on our behalf for God to reign down his mercy and love and to make a way where there seems to be no way.
Pray for these beautiful faces..

Yep, that's OUR BOY and OUR GIRL!
Aren't they precious?!
We can't wait to have them HOME!!

Will you help pray us through?

Thank you!


  1. I will be praying for you and your family!! I have been following your story for quite a while now and think that it is amazing what you and your family are doing. Please keep the faith and stay strong and know that God will be with you. I know all to well myself that things happen in HIS time and just keep praying.

  2. I will def be praying for you and your FAMILY!! What you are doing is AMAZING!!! THis will work out for the good! I just know it!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us!!

  3. Praying for you guys Alecia. God knows the desires of your heart and in His timing Aliyah and Misha will be home with you. I can't wait to hear the good news! They are indeed precious!


  4. Woke up this morning to your prayer request! I just ache for the heart wrenching situation your family has had to go to. I have lifted up a prayer and hope to hear good news soon...oh may our sovereign Lord grant favor for your family in this situation.

  5. Oh he is simply beautiful!!! She is too!!! I just hadn't seen his picture yet. Rejoicing with you on how the Lord's favor has been shown to you with this week's proceedings! Our God is GREAT!