Saturday, December 17, 2011

9 days till Christmas!

We are only 9 days away from Christmas!!

 Aliyah and Misha only have ONE request on their list... A FAMILY!

Just think, if 11 people a day were to donate $100 each day until Christmas, we would have met the need and be able to give these kids what every child deserves and longs for..


Please pray, please share, please give!

$100 from 11 people a day from now till Christmas.. that's not that many! This CAN be done! Will you help spread the word?

Donations can be done here on this blog through paypal! If you'd like a tax deductable donation, you can do so through and mark it for THE HORNER FAMILY ADOPTION.

Please know that we are not asking you to do anything we haven't done.
We are putting every last dime we have towards this adoption and have for over a year and a half since we started with Adrian in the Summer of 2010.

We came here, following God's plan and he showed us that he wanted more from us.
Not just financially, but from our hearts, from our homes.

He blessed us with not one but TWO angels.
This of course increased the expenses.
Unexpected blessings, unexpected delays, unexpected expenses..
for us.
Not for God.
He called us to this and he will provide!

Where he leads, he provides.

He doesn't always call the equipped but he equips the called!
We didn't have the extra thousands of dollars in a bank account, but we had the love and willingness in our hearts to say YES to this new plan for our family.

God uses people in many different ways to help the orphans.
For us, it has been in many ways, including adopting them ourselves.
For you, it may not be possible for you to adopt, but you can help!
You can pray!
You can give.
You can share!

We are all called to do something!
Please help us as we answer the call to these special kids!


Please help us make this Christmas the BEST Christmas for these kids!


  1. Praising God with you for His provision! Grateful to the Lord for allowing me to come alongside you in this journey! It's been a joy to see His hand in your lives! Rejoicing in advance for providing all the funds needed to get your whole family home! If not before, I'll meet you in heaven joining in with the angels praising Jesus for the good things He has done and the wonder that He is! In Christ's love & blessings for the merriest of Christmas's ever for the new Horner family!~Sarah Johns

  2. Merry Christmass to all of you! I hope you'll be home soon with your new children. I'm praying for you! Greetings from Poland! Maria