Tuesday, November 8, 2011


When we packed to come to Ukraine, we of course checked the forecast.
Let me tell you, it was NOT what it said for very long!
We saw the forecast and were elated that it was in the 70's.
We were here last year in the dead of winter and about froze to death.
Ok, not really, but it was COLD!
After seeing a week long forecast of 70 + temps we packed accordingly.
Of course, in Oklahoma, fall had just started.
Trees were just beginning to change colors, temperatures were starting to drop into the 70's and that tends to stay that way for a while.
We were here less than a week and it had turned so bitter cold with lots of rain.
We hadn't packed for such weather.
We just knew it was going to be sunny and 70 all the time we were here!
Stupid Americans!
It was COLD and they don't turn on the heat here until October 15th.
Why you ask?
Well, I suppose that's when it's "cold enough" to turn it on.
It was "cold enough" in my opinion the night it dropped below 65!
We were on our way to the orphanage and it had been a nice morning.
Temps were in the 60's and we were not overly layered or anything as it wasn't cold.
Well, we got to the orphanage a short 2 1/2 hours later and it was FREEZING!

On the way, we saw a hill that you could actually see the snow accumulating on!
I mean seriously?? SNOW in OCTOBER?
Yeah, yeah, I know, you Alaskans and Minnesotianites? are used to it.
I've NEVER seen it so early!

Ok, now I look at this picture after saying we weren't overly bundled but ummm... yeah, I was still FREEZING!  I needed my scarf, mittens, and some ear muffins as we call them!

Aliyah, her friends and I decided to make some things out of some modeling clay I got at the store for a buck!
We had a great time trying to use the molds and making eachother things.
I made her an ice cream cone and she made me a doll.

Umm, I like Ice cream?  LOL I know, it's HUGE! 

The next thing we did MADE MY DAY!
I have always loved to play with hair and to have my hair played with.
I have dreamed of the day when I would be able to play with my daughter's hair and she would be able to do mine and Lexi and I have a great time doing so.
Now, both of my girls and I can play salon!
I was holding back the tears in this picture!
She was so gentle and yet so skilled.
After we were done making things out of clay she told me she knew how to braid the chinese way.
I was all ears - I only knew of french braids so I was excited.
I asked if she wanted to do that to my hair and she jumped at the opportunity.
Fun things Moms and Daughters do that we take for granted.
She's NEVER been able to do this.
She was abandoned at 2 months old.
It's about time she had her Mommy here!
Thank you LORD for choosing me!

The finished product. 

Of course, I had to learn how to do this too, so we asked her friend Olga if we could practice on her and she obliged.
Not bad for the first time eh?
Aliyah started it and handed it over to me to finish.
She is such a good teacher!
I can't wait to see her with her little brothers and sister.
She's going to make a great mom someday too!

Aliyah and Olya (Olga in English)

After we finished playing beauty shop, Aliyah ran off saying she'd be right back.
We tried to ask where she was going or what was up and she just said, I'll be back and ran off.
Hmm, what was she up to?
What was so important she ran off like that?

I found out shortly after when she came back with this precious jewel..

She made me a penant to go on my necklace she had woven for me!
She was so excited to get it and give it to me.
She was a bit shy about it still, she gave it to me and giggled and hid her face behind her friend until she knew that I loved it and wanted to put it on right away!

 My Favorite Necklace!

Now, I'm sure you're all thinking where was Bryan in all of this?
He was patiently waiting as we did girly stuff and then it was Daddy's time!
He and Aliyah and Olya played Angry Birds on the iPad for a bit and had a great time trying to figure out all the secrets of how to beat each level.
She is awesome y'all!
Love her so much! 

Great visit today!


  1. I am so glad things are going so good.. She is a beautiful angel brought into your life and you deserve her.. The life you give these children is amazing.. Without you they wouldn't have a good life..

    How are things going with her brother? If you have posted information on his adoption, I'm sorry I missed it..

  2. Sounds like a great day! What a blessing for you all to get to do each others hair! It looked so good, and after one try?? Wow! Praying for your family!