Monday, November 28, 2011

SDA Meeting...

We finally got the paper we were waiting for..
The official results from the committee.
This paper was long overdue for our process in our mindsets anyway.
We picked it up and it said indeed that there would be no seperation and that we would need to adopt both kids.
We were ok with this, more than ok with this.
We were happy to have another blessing from the Lord.
What we were not so happy about is that this meant we had to start the paperwork process all over.
When we went home for the 2 weeks, we got our USCIS approvals updated, fingerprints updated and our homestudy updated.
Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork!
We got back here and turned all of that paperwork over to our facilitator and prayed for the best.
We just needed the last document from the committee to proceed and now we have it.
It's time to move forward!
We went and filed the documents with the new petition to adopt both kids.
We anxiously awaited news...
day after day after day...
and, nothing.
No news.
This is so draining to have to wait and wait and know nothing and be able to do nothing for days on end.
Day after day we'd ask and hear nothing back.
We got a call last Monday morning telling us we needed to go to the SDA to find out about our date.
The process now is that we had to submit for a new date, get the date, go to the appointment, get the referral, go meet Misha and see Aliyah and then start the paperwork for court, go to court.. etc.
So, this was step one.
We were so excited about this meeting, but I just had a pit in my stomach that something was just not right.
I tried to put it out of my mind and just go.
It was just not an easy feeling.
We got there and waited on the same brown couch in the same narrow hallway as we had many times before.
Finally, the clerk came down the stairs with her big appointment book in hand, she laid it out and asked us to sign on our designated spots and said this is for the appointment, not sure how things will work with these kids but that this is an appointment in general, not for our specific children. She couldn't do that.
 When is this for and what is wrong?
Why not for our kids?
There were no answers being given.
Emotions were rising and impatience was growing stronger.
What do you mean you are not sure how this is going to go?
You gave us the referral for her in the first place and we were told about little brother and accepted him too!
You should have known about him, the inspector did, he was on the registry, he was in the process, we did our part, we went home, redid papers, came back across the world again and now you don't know what to do about your mistake?!
The lady got upset with us and said that there is a 6 month line for children under 6 years of age and we were not in that line. 
No, we weren't but we got a referral for a 9 yr old and she had a 4 yr old brother attached to her and you should have known that.
We were told to choose if we would take both or neither and we said both!
What do you mean you may or may not give us the referral for both kids?
We could not believe what we were hearing!!
How could this be happening?
It was your mistake, we did our parts, now fix it!
We asked when the date was and were told December 5th.
Are you kidding me?
2 more weeks of stand still?
2 more weeks of delay?
2 more weeks to wait for you to figure out what to do to fix this with no real guarantees?
We've been down this road before.
We had our hearts broken like this before.
A mistake on their part changed our situation with Anastasia and we had to wait 6 months and then right before we got here, they had given another family her referral and she had to go through the agonizing process of deciding who she beleived and what was the best choice for her.
She had to wrestle with her thoughts for a week with this other family not knowing if we were truly coming or if she should go with this family that was here right now.
We got this devestating news just about a week before we were on our way to get her.
We trusted God anyway and came.
We fell in love with our daughter and our son when we found out about him.
We don't want to travel this road again.
We can't handle this much heart break.
God, please help us!
We pointed out that this should not be an issue as it was their mistake at which point the clerk got very upset with us and said you weren't supposed to know he was in the registry.
My thoughts were, but you were to know.
The inspector knew and we were told as it is our right to know.
Yes, we know you made a mistake, we don't want to do anything bad to you for it, we just want to adopt these kids and be done.
She was so upset though.
She stormed off after we signed for our date and that was the end of it.
So, we have a date.
December 5th.
For now, we wait.
We pray and we trust and we wait.
We were obviously upset about this and the kids were all asking over and over what this meant and why this was happening..
Unfortunately, Mommy and Daddy didn't have the answers this time.
We don't know!
We can only hope and pray that the lady will go to the director on our behalf and present the details of our situation and that there will be some way for grace to be given and us to be able to proceed on December 5th.
With things being at a stand still for another week, I figured I would get on here and update you all as to what's been going on and what you could pray for.
We appreciate all of the prayers you all have sent up on our behalf!
First of all, we know when doing God's will and walking in faith, you are prone to attacks of the enemy.
We have felt this on every single front possible.
We woke up on Thanksgiving day to find that our business account had been hacked.
Ayden, Lexi and I have all been sick.
Bryan had a health scare the other night and passed out on the floor, hit his head and started seizing.
Our dogs were fighting back home.
Our nebulizer got fried.
The kids have been argumentative and just bickering with each other quite a bit.
A couple of the kids have been having issues with lying.
We've been attacked on just about every level possible.
I'm not saying all of that to complain but to tell you things you can pray for.
We've also had lots of good things happen.
We've had a great place to stay where we feel safe and at home.
We have been able to do lots of school work and the kids are all doing great on that front.
We've been able to get medicine for Ayden, Lexi and I to help us feel better and we are all on the mend.
Bryan came out of his seizure episode fine and is doing well with no after effects.
We have found a church to attend that we love and are so welcomed at.
We've been able to get our accounts straightened out back home.
We are still in the dispute process for some of the transactions so pray for that still. 
We were able to find a nebulizer that if we need to purchase it we can.
It is almost 500 gryvna so we decided to wait on it as long as we can and stick with the inhalers until we run out and praying that isn't until we get home.
We are doing our best to stay on a tight budget to maximize what we do have.
We did get a couple of donations this past week that helped lower our total need and got emails from a couple of you that said you donated as well so thank you!
We have emailed Eli Project to find out what that brings our need to and will update it asap!
Overall, we are doing very well.
We just have to keep remembering that we are doing what God has asked us to do and we will be attacked and that is ok.
God is here with us and He's going to take care of us.
Can I tell you just how amazing it has been to worship with fellow believers here in UA?!
Bryan and I even found ourselves singing one of the worship songs in Russian at some points!
It was so cool!
Such a supernatural thing!
It was amazing to be there praising our God; us in our language and the church members in theirs, all lifting our voices and praising our God!
The kids really love the church and the children's ministry.
The worship is beyond great!
It is the kind of worship I grew up with.
So passionate, so exciting, so involved and just amazing!
It doesn't matter that we don't know the words in Russian or Ukrainian, our God works beyond all barriers and He understands us all!
They do have the words to the songs on the screens in Russian and English so that is really neat and we have a couple of really great girls that work with us and translate for us during the sermon.
The sermons have been so on time for us.
God has really spoken to us in these messages about our specific situation.
I just LOVE how God works!
I told Bryan that if God were to ever move us to Ukraine, this is the church I could see us being a part of.
We just love it!
So, if you come behind us and would like to visit it is Hillsong Kiev.
You can take the Metro and get there.
It is about a 2 hour trip for us from where we are staying with taking the 2 metros and a bus to get there but it is so worth it!
What a blessing it has been and will be for our family in the coming weeks.
I pray that you have a church family like this wherever you are!
We are blessed to have found this church!

Thank you all for your prayers and support of our family and our mission.
We are so honored and blessed to be used of God.
We'll keep you updated!


  1. Continuing to pray for you guys. It is all going to be so worth it.


  2. I know how scary it is to wait on the Lord, but so glad that His timing is everlasting and so what we really need! Praying for you all and for the judge to find favor with you.

  3. Teary eyed to read that the Lord has given you a church family while you're there! We praise His Name!

    Continuing to pray and trusting Father's will, His absolute BEST for your precious family! Your humble obedience just blesses my family! Thank you for being real.

    The Morrows