Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A NEW name..

As some of you might now, most of the children coming from Ukraine request new names. 
Some of these children come from VERY hard places and want nothing to do with the former names or language or really much from this orphan life.
Can you blame them?
Adrian was Sergiy when we met him.
He wanted a new name to go with his new life and new family.
We had approached him and asked if he wanted one and he was so sure and happy we had one!
We told him the name we had picked out and he loved it.
He wanted his name changed right then and there!

We were able to spend a little more time with Tanya building our bond as parents and daughter before we had to approach this subject.
As you can imagine, this is a difficult subject for us anyway. 
For us, a name is so important, it is who you are and how people know you.
Well, that is the same here, except these kids are becoming a part of something new and different and they don't want to be known as the former orphan.
They want to be known as who they ARE - a special, loved, child of God and family!

Because of all of the delays with papers and questions about brother and what not, we decided to wait to ask her, for a couple of reasons.
One, we didn't know what was going to happen with her completely and two, we didn't have a name!
We had debated and contemplated and thrown out many names but none seemed just right.

Her name in English as it is was Tatiana.
I have always loved that name!
We had decided that her middle name would be Elizabeth after my Mamaw.
(My Dad's Mom)

When we got the referral, and we picked the one with the blue shoe and were told her name was Tatiana, I loved it!
My cousin filled me in that our Mamaw's favorite perfume was...


We are naming her after my grandmother and her name now is Tatiana - her namesake's favorite perfume!


Well, when we decided to come here after losing Anastasia, we both had dug into God's word asking him for verification of what we were to do and to give us scriptures to speak to each of our hearts on what His will was for our family.

I blogged about it and posted those scriptures for you and if you want to go back and read it, it's definately a great read!  Scroll back a few posts to about the 20th or so of September of this year.

If you read it, you know that Bryan was given Acts 3 where it talks about the lame beggar who was told to RISE UP and WALK!

I was chatting with my Mom and little brother Mark on the phone one day after having told several people that we were unsure of a name for her and one person told me, I'm going to pray that God will give you a name, a special name that has significant meaning. 
Mom and I were talking about the fact that we still hadn't come up with a good name for her.
My little brother said he had the perfect name that he thought meant Child of God or Daughter of God.
Well, it turns out that this name is also one I've always loved and for some reason hadn't thought of until it was mentioned.  I said I loved it and that we'd look up the meaning and decide.
Bryan and I popped it in to Google and sure enough, it IS the right name!

It means.. to RISE UP.

Umm, remind you of a chapter in Acts anyone?
A special story that God gave Bryan that day?

On the 14th of October, as we sat on her bed in her room playing and talking, we brought up the subject of a name change.
We told her that we know that a lot of kids that are adopted want a new name when they join their new family and explained that Adrian was Sergiy but he wanted a new name.
We asked if that was something she had thought about and if she wanted a new name.

She said DAH!
Yes, she wanted a new name!
She looked at us with eyes wide awaiting her new name.

We told her we had chosen....

Aliyah Elizabeth Horner

She is to be named after her great grandmother with her middle name and she LOVED it!
We told her the story of the perfume and she was so excited.

She has decided that her new name is just that, Ms. Aliyah Elizabeth Horner.

She sure is proud to be a Horner already and we sure are proud parents!


  1. LOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!! Perfect!!!!

  2. Oh Alecia. Love this! I just can't wait to hear more of your journey.