Friday, November 11, 2011

How about a SURPRISE Trip home?? October 20, 2011

Our day started out SUPER early!
By early, I mean 3 am.
We thought about not even going to sleep, but yeah, we were tired.
We packed and got our tickets booked home last night and headed home to surprise our kiddos!
We had to get to the airport by 4am and got on the plane and headed to Germany at about 6:45am.

As you can imagine, we were hungry!
We were in Germany and hungry.
We only had USD and Gryvna so we had to exchange for some Euro.
Man oh man! 
Euro is expensive!
Not to mention the change fee at the airport.
Oh well, we had to eat or get sick.. we chose to eat.
We exchanged $30..
We got this...and some change...
WOW!  Ok, what can 2 people eat in an airport in Germany for 15 Euro?
Well, for starters, a water..that cost over $5!!!!!!! 
Yeah, we split that! 
We each got an egg and a roll and I had a couple of slices of bacon instead of a second egg that Bryan had.
It was very good though.
I thought, oh we'll exchange $30 and we'll use the extra when we come back through next time.
Dude, we spent every cent on that breakfast.
Good thing they fed us on the plane a few hours later.
This was our first time to have a weinersnitchel. Sp?
Pretty cool.
It was filled with mustard! 

After a long day of flights, my dear friend Gina picked us up from the airport.
We were waiting on our luggage, one of which never showed up, we could care less at this point.
We just wanted to be home.
So we  had to wait around and file a lost luggage claim first.
After that was over, we got in the car and it was T minus 20 minutes to home!
We were so excited!
We had asked our friend Tina who was staying with our kids to keep them up late tonight.
They were all in our room watching a movie.

She met us at the door and we walked in to the room saying "hello!!  Is anybody home?"
The kids all said "WHAT?" Looked back and forth at eachother and said, "Mommy? Daddy?  MOMMY! DADDY!  YOU'RE HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Adrian belted off that bed so fast and about knocked me over!
Blurry pic but excellent memory! :) 
The rest of them are still in shock at this point.

There they are!
Let the tears begin!
All the lovins and tears and what are you doing home questions began.
We were all so excited to see eachother!

Austin was crying he was so overwhelmed and didn't know what to think.
He was so prepared that we'd be gone several more days and was in shock! 

Tickle time! 

I was telling them all about their sister and how she made me the necklace.
Lexi loved it.
I put it around her neck and told her she'd get to meet her sister soon and we'd make them together.

And then came the dogs!
Love my puppies!!

It was a great day!
We loved surprising our kiddos.
Now, if only the others were home too.
Very soon!

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  1. Oh how very exciting! I bet they missed you so much. So hard to leave some of your kiddos for your other kiddos. I hope that your adoption goes quickly and smoothly so that your whole family can be together!