Friday, November 11, 2011

A Horner Halloween October 31, 2011

Meet Fred.
If you have known us long, you know that this is Bryan's costume from about 3 years ago when we decided to dress up for our first fall festival. 
He was Fred and I was Wilma.
Since we are saving as much as we can, we recycled old costumes.. and made some new ones..

Lexi's Mermaid gown 

Ayden's Superman.. pretty sure this is the last year for both of these! 

And our homemade genius one, Austin as Perry the Platypus. 
Funny thing is, he walked around ALL NIGHT LONG making the clicking sound Perry makes.
Not sure what I'm talking about?
You should check out Phinneas and Ferb on the Disney Channel for more info!

Here's us with our boy, Adrian, for his 1st American Halloween.
Umm he's really grown!!
Look what good a family has done for him! 
We are so blessed to be his parents!

So blessed by all of our children!

Thank you Lord for choosing us!

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  1. We are so praying for you guys and believing that that mountain will be moved.