Friday, November 11, 2011

Going to the BIG D and yes I mean Dallas!! October 25, 2011

Our first few days home was filled with cuddles, sleep, food, phone calls galore, and getting things handled, both at the shop and at home.
We were able to get our documents all in hand, updated and ready to go in a matter of days.
As soon as we got home, we had done some number crunching and checking in with different friends and family about keeping our kiddos for the next trip/trips.
We would need to go to UA for a week, come home for a couple of weeks, go back to UA for about 3 weeks and come home for another 2 weeks and then go back to UA to complete it all for another 2 weeks.
As you can imagine, not many, or any, were up for that feat.
Especially when you add that there are 4 kids and several holidays that will happen during this time frame.
This is a hard situation no matter what way you look at it.
Well, after looking at the costs of airfare to do all of those trips and trying to find someone to care for the kids, with that emotional strain, we compared it to just taking all the kids with us and staying.
Yep, that won out!
It is cheaper and better to keep our family together during all that time.
So, we had one more thing on the check list before we could make plans to head back to UA.
Well, make that passport.
If you recall, the other 3 kiddos came with us last year to get Adrian.
We only had to get Adrian's US passport.
We have his UA one but that would only allow him to get into UA not to get back home to the USA.
So, we called and got an appointment for the next day to go get his passport in Dallas.


We made it there with no problems..
other than we forgot to bring his passport picture!
Thankfully, there was a passport office that would take the picture right down the road.
Bryan dropped Adrian and I off with 15 minutes to spare before our appointment to get the picture and get back down the street to the Passport Office.
We got in line and man oh man, I thought they were NEVER going to call us.
Finally, they did.
I hurried over and said, "we just need a picture, we have an appointment at 11am at the passport office and don't have a picture."
"No problem" she said and told him to stand there to take a picture.
Got it done!
Flew out of there and outside to call Bryan to swing back around and pick us up.
Only thing was, he was now stuck by a train!
Good thing we walked so much in UA, off we went!
Speed walking in downtown Dallas to make it to our appointment.
We got there with 1 minute to spare!
Only, our documents were in the car with Bryan.
Uh oh!
I called him and said, when you get here, just pull up and hand me the papers then go park and come in.
We made it through security with only a few jeers about our OU gear and headed up the elevators to the passport office.
We got in there and realized we didn't have a form we needed.
Man, oh man, we are late now.
I grabbed the form and filled it out as fast as my little fingers could write and jogged up to the window, out of breath and appologized that we were late.
They checked us in no problem and had us sit down to wait.
She did inform me that Bryan had to be present as he was under 16  yrs of age.
I assured her he was on his way up.
Good thing we all came.
I didn't want to come.
Today was ladies Bible study at our church and I wanted to go there instead.
Good thing we all came.
They called us up to the window after a bit and we turned in all our docs we had.
They were asking for originals, which we did not have with us.
I was so worried!
Thankfully, we had brought the entire adoption folder and there were originals of what we needed in there, just down in the car.
Bryan ran down to get them, we turned them in and they said, ok it'll be ready by 3pm.

So, we became tourists!
We went to Galleria.
This mall is HUMUNGO y'all!
I mean, they even have an ice skating rink.. IN THE MALL!!

We walked ALL around that mall and then decided to head back to get our papers.
I was in tourist mode so I was flashing pictures everywhere.
Here's some cool buildings. 

And, now back at the Passport Office..

We walked in, got the folder and were done!

This trip wore them out..

Passport in hand, we are off!
Now, to wait until we can head back and get our kids!

Oh, and raise $11,000....

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  1. wow, what a day for you guys! I love Dallas, lived all around Dallas for many many years! I didn't know that you can get a passport that quickly! I am needing my passport, can anyone get a passport that quickly? Do I need to travel to Dallas?