Sunday, November 13, 2011

Finally got to see her again!!!

The day has finally come!
The day we get to see Aliyah again and the day the kids meet their new sister!!!
Excitement is in the air!!!
The kids waiting in the board room at the orphanage for them to bring sister to us.

We had to be in country this week to pick up a crucial document.
The one from the inspector's office that said they were not going to seperate Aliyah and Misha.
We had to pick it up early this week so we could submit it back to the SDA with our new petition to say we want an appointment to adopt both of them.
This document expires this weekend and you can't pick it up on the weekend so, we had to come earlier in the week.
They didn't have it on our last trip because they had required all the doctors visits, dental check ups, and mental check up to be done before finalizing their answer.
Yes, mental.
You see, they have her in a specialized orphanage. 
There is a document that says she is mentally retarded.
The doctor that saw her to clear her for adoption said that there was nothing wrong with her and that they could not confirm this mental problem diagnosis.
So, with conflicting reports, the comittee ordered for her to be hospitalized.
Yes, hospititalized.
We didn't know this until after we had left her from the last trip or we would have tried to explain it to her.
They wanted to watch her in the hospital to make sure that she was mentally stable and functioning properly at her mental level.
I was crushed when they told us they were hospitalizing her.
I thought how confusing that must be and how scary!
You go and say yes you want to be adopted and they hospitalize you?
I hate red tape!
I sure hope someone explained it to her and she was ok.
Anyway, it was either wait a week for the testing and then for the comittee to meet again and possibly be here until the 12th which is the last day they legally had to get it to us or just come back before they HAD to turn it over to us.
We decided to come back instead of take our chances waiting.

I. could. not. wait. to see my girl again!
It seemed like hours as we waited for her to be brought from her classroom.
Everytime I heard a door screach open or foot steps coming down the hall, I would look to see if it was her.
Finally, I heard her little voice from down the hall.
I looked and there was her beautiful smiling face!
I bolted through those doors as fast as my feet would take me and she did the same towards me.
She lept into my arms and I picked her up and spun her around telling her over and over, I love you so much!! I've missed you!!
I sat her down realizing I had to share the lovins with brothers, sister and Daddy who were all anxiously awaiting her arrival too!

She immediately ran to Lexi and grabbed her tight, gave her kisses and just smiled as she rubbed her hair and her cheek saying sweet nothings in Ukrainian.

Ayden was next and he gave her the cookies we found at the store that were made in her town.
She gave him big hugs too and lots of kisses but I was too slow with the camera.
I was enjoying every minute of this, taking pictures was secondary, but I knew I wanted them to keep the memories forever!! 
She finally got to see her Daddy and boy was she happy!
He gave her a great big hug and she was all smiles! 

We went up to her room after visiting downstairs for a minute with the Director who just loved all our kids.
We had to take a picture of us all, so here it is! 
Can't wait for the one with Misha in it!!

We had also gotten her this bow you see last time we were here but weren't able to give it to her before we left.  We got it from a lady at the Metro Bazaar.  We also took her those pretty pink earrings she's wearing. 

Me and my girls! Love 'em both so much!!
So blessed!

We had a busy visit today.
After a short time in her room showing her siblings where she lives for now we headed into her class to visit with the other kids.
They've been working on their English it seems, we walked in and everyone said Hello instead of the usual Dobre Dien (good day).
It was great to see all of these kids again!
Our kiddos each took a package of cookies and shared with the kids in the class.
We had exactly enough! WHEW!
Aliyah and Alexis were practically inseperable! 

Aliyah was taking  her to her friends to introduce her friends to her new sister.
She was so proud and it sure made Lou Lou feel special.
She's honestly been a bit worried about sister liking her.
I kept telling her she is great and you will love her and she will love you!
And boy, they do! 

Ayden was quite the entertainer.
Everyone loved him, so little but with such a big boy attitude.
Not in a bad way, just a big kid! :)
He loved that sister was carrying him around.

Today was a special day in another way too, we got to tell another sweet girl that is in this orphanage that she too has a Mommy and Daddy coming for her!
She was thrilled!
I was honored to get to tell her.
I can't wait to share more with you all about this family!!
They found her from THIS blog y'all!
Praising God that he uses my meanderings to change lives!
Who knew??
After we visited about that, our family went out to play outside as it was such a nice day! 

For some reason, Adrian didn't want to play today, he sat on the sidelines for the most part.
He did go play on the monkey bars later but didn't want to play soccer b/c it was cold.
I tried telling him if you play you'll warm up!
He wanted inside!
Funny how things change, last year it was him outside in the snow saying it's not cold and me saying it's freezing let's go in!

This is Adrian with Sasha, our facilitator.

Lou got tired of soccer pretty quick but saw a bunch of leaves falling.
It was so beautiful to see so many falling all at once as the wind blew.
She decided to make a big pile to jump in. 

And throw!
I loved those pictures!
How many times do we have the opportunity to enjoy the little things like leaves or rain drops on your tongue and we hurry along to get to the next thing.
Oh, to be like a child again, where time is abundant and the world is your playground!
We can learn a lot from kids!
I know I sure do!

Mommy needed a break so Aliyah came to check out the pictures I was taking and decided we needed one too, so up in my lap she went. 

There are tires in the ground over by the soccer feilds we used as chairs and for "king of the mountain" of course!
Get him Adrian!! 
I had to help from behind!
But, we knocked him off!

I just love this picture of them.
So happy!

I am one PROUD MAMA!


  1. How old is she compared to Adrian? Our girl was looking over my shoulder and recognized him as Sergie from her school! :) Of course - how could I forget??!! She was shocked at how full his cheeks are! I told her that he's healthy now!

  2. Yes, we know your daughter from his orphanage too :) We saw her mostly in passing. He is doing great! Aliyah is 9 and Adrian is 14.

  3. Love the family photos. Sweet memories. Can't wait to see Misha.


  4. Thanks for sharing your incredible journey to find your new daughters. It is an amazing thing what you guys are doing. My husband and I have also adopted a young man, but it was from DHS here in the States. I think your story very inspiring and I love hearing how God was in the whole thing. God bless you and your family...