Thursday, November 10, 2011

Committee Meeting- answers on little brother...October 18, 2011

Today is the day!
The committee is meeting today to determine whether or not to seperate Aliyah and Misha.
We really don't care either way on the ruling as far as we are concerned, we are adopting them both, either way.  If they rule in favor of seperation, it is actually better for us at this point simply because it would tie Aliyah up in paperwork and then when brother is available we could just swoop him in under her case in court.  If they decide seperation is not what they want to do then that puts us in a different situation.
That means that there could be a time frame where she is not tied up in paperwork and another family could come for a referral and pick her and stall our process.  They could come and talk to her and she could refuse, but then they have 10 days to convince her to come, same thing that happened with Anastasia.
This is a scary thought for us, but we are confident in God's plan for us.
We are trusting Him to take care of it all and regardless of how the comitteee rules today, we will push on and do whatever we can to seal the deal as soon as possible and get our kiddos home with us!

We had an early start to the morning.

It was cold outside and yet warm under the streets... so much so that there was steam coming from the drains along the side of the road!

We decided to head out to the orphanage for our visit earlier today so that we would be there when the comittee made their ruling.
We got to the orphanage only to find out that Aliyah was gone!
Where is she?
The comittee members decided that they would come visit her LAST NIGHT and ask her if she wanted to be adopted by us and several other things.
They had told Sasha that they would not do that until they met and if they decided to seperate then they would come talk with her, the orphanage staff about us, and also require doctors clearances.
Well, the meeting hasn't taken place, but they came to do all of this and she is at the Dr. office right now!
We found out that after the doctor she would be heading to the inspector's office to drop off the medical exam results, so rather than wait at the orphanage with nothing to do, we hopped in the car and high tailed it to the inspector's office.
We got the number of the person that took her to the doctor and called to see where they were at.
They said they had to go to the dentist and then would come to the inspector's office.
We waited for them to arrive and when they did we were so happy to see her!
They went in, delivered the papers and then came and got in the car with us.
We had gotten her a new hat to wear with a little bling we bought from a street vendor yesterday and she loved it.  She put it on and smiled so big as she said "Spaseeba!"
There was another boy from her class that was with them too and the teacher from the school.
We all crammed in the car and just played for a while as Sasha was inside awaiting the news.
He came out and we were just so sure of the results.
I mean, they said that they wouldn't meet with her or do any other papers until they decided to seperate.
This was going to be perfect!
They would say to seperate was ok and we would go file the papers and wait for court and get little brother added in, no problem!
No problem that is until Sasha came out with the bomb that was that they ruled against seperation.
This means that she will not be tied up in paperwork to keep her safe.
Another family may come.
They may bribe her.
We have to leave her here, without any guarantees, without any for sure return date, with trust that she will not go with anyone else.
Praying that they don't give another family that precious picture of the little girl in the blue checkered dress with the blue shoes.
My heart sank.

Ok, God, we are trusting you.
We had to know that it would work out like this.
The other way would have been easy and man could have taken credit for what God was doing.
This way, all will see what the Lord has done for these kids, for our family!

So, after the news, we drove back to the orphanage with our daughter in the car and the thoughts whirling around in our minds, what if this is the last time?
What if they send someone else?
What if she says yes to them?
What if?

Well, my God is not a God of what if's!
He is not a God of chance.
He sent us here for a reason and we are marching forward.
New plan and now what do we do?
We have to keep our heads up, our hearts in the game and be ready to move!
So, we went for our last visit of this trip.
We played in the board room at the orphanage.
We put together a puzzle a few times and played on the iPad.
We talked about what was happening and tried to explain it the best we could.
We told her that we loved her and we'd be back for her.
We told her not to give up.
We may be gone for a few weeks but we'll be back.
We aren't leaving you!
We love you!
You are our daughter, we are your Mama and Papa.
We are coming back for both you and your brother.
She promised us that she understood and that she would not go with another family if they sent one.
She would tell them, no, I have a family, my Mama and Papa are coming back for me.
She won't give up.

As we left the orphanage, I couldn't help but cry.
I will miss my girl.
I will be back.
I won't give up!

Here's some pictures from the day.

This is a 2 story Stork's nest. Those things are huge!~ 

This is the common mode of transportation in this village.
Cars are a rare commodity.

I will miss this drive.
This is the most beautiful display of trees ever.
It was lovely to see this everyday with the changing colors and falling leaves.

My girl. 

Puzzle time.

So proud! 

hmmm.. Checkers with Daddy, gotta think to beat him! 

This was a bittersweet hug.  

We're coming back baby girl, don't give up hope!


  1. Oh Goodness!! I have loved following your journey. I will keep you and your family in my prayers!! You just remember not to give up hope either and keep positive. Things will work out just keep the faith!!