Thursday, November 10, 2011

Caves Monestary

I don't know that I'll ever post this many pictures again! LOL
It took FOREVER to upload and they got all jumbled up.
Aparently, I also had my camera set on the largest picture size and so I had to size them all down which made some of them very blurry. 
I hope you enjoy them anyway!

This is a statue that is at the Dnipro River.  It is right as you get off the Metro station at that stop.

There were some boats out on the river so we snagged a pic.

Ok, this boat has fascinated us since the first day we saw it.
The big one on the right is some sort of restraunt on the water.
The one on the left looks like what I picture the Ark to have been!
We call it the Ark! :)
I think it may be a dining establishment as well!
Wouldn't that be neat?
Dinner on the Ark?

A beautiful shot of the city and the Dnipro river.

The stairs that I never thought would end.
Was wishing I had my inhaler for this trek!

The highway and the river.

The male statue on the other side of the metro stop at the river.

Outside of the Caves Monestary there is a beautiful garden I guess you'd call it where they have all sorts of amazing things crafted out of flowers and mulch!

Cool statue in the back withe the arena in the front.

Some sort of a carnival inside of this garden area.

I so want one of these if we ever have another baby!  Look at it!!  I love the strollers here!  So cute!

Look how they filled the sample sizes.. that is the plumbers foam or whatever it's called. HA!!

Ok, it was FREEZING outside, pretty sure this lil guy should be away for the winter.  It fluttered by and we gasped, it flew all around us for several minutes and I captured all kinds of beautiful pictures of it.
Thanks God, I love it when you send me special reminders of your plan!

Oh, this made me laugh, an old lady went up to play the gun game. Not sure if I should be concerned or not so we headed on about our business after sneakily snapping this photo!

We had to go down a very steep hill to get to the caves at the Monestary.  The caves, for those of you who don't know hold the bodies of several church leaders of the past.  The climate down there is said to have perfectly preserved the bodies that are hundreds of years old.  We decided it would be cool to check out and it's free! So, this hike included these raised rows of smaller bricks that were really not helpful at all on the way down.  I thought for sure I was going to fall and knock out a few teeth on the way.  However, we liked them on the way up, they helped to provide traction.  Interesting!
We made it to the caves and got our candle as that is the only light is your hand held candle to light the way.
I had to wear my scarf over my head to enter, so ladies, if you are coming behind us, know that you will need some sort of head covering.  We followed the crowds and entered the dark, clammy caves.  It was a very tight space with low ceilings and only the flicker of your flame to lead you.  A few times there was a gust of wind that almost put out my flame but I protected it with my hand and it stayed lit.
hmm.. ring true to anyone's life?  Gusts of wind that come and try to knock out your light - maybe a negative Nancy, or a job loss, or a death, or some other traumatic event?  Thankfully the Lord of Lords is my protector and he holds me in his right hand and covers me with his left to protect me from all things.
God is good and his love endures forever!
So, we continued on the path with the crowds and turned to the right to go down the hallway where the caskets of glass encased in the wall with the men inside of them were.
We saw one, passed it and went on to the next. I felt a strong tug on my coat that pulled me back and I looked to see that I was being yanked out by a guard of some sort.
He was telling me in Russian that we could not go that way.
That's where all those people went.
I told him, I'm sorry, English?
He pointed at the white sign with big black letters in English that said for "prayer passers only".

Oh, ok, yeah, we're not praying to these bodies.
We were motioned to go to the other side, I suppose to see the less important dead guys?
Anyway, we went to the other side and we were thinking, you know there realy is nothing to see here, for all we know it is just pillows wrapped up like bodies.
I've seen this trick in the movies.
The kids always get busted.

And then, I saw it.
A hand.
A dark, shriveled up, dead hand.
Not one, TWO.
They were criss crossed on his chest.
Ok, yeah, that's really a dead guy.
But, kinda cool.

After seeing a couple of them, I was good.
A bit creepy, but hey, we can say we've been there.
Sorry, no pics.
Suppose that's something you'll have to come see for yourselves!

Now, back to the pretty stuff...

I love these egg sculptures.  Amazing!

How long has it been since you've seen one of these?
Oh, and I got yelled at for taking this picture by a lady on the street.
Not sure why, but she yelled at me something about Nyet Photographa telephona and some other things I didn't understand.

Bryan and I were thinking how fun it'd be to slide down this bad boy in the winter with the snow!!

Oh, on the way back to the metro, we saw a photo shoot of some sort.
The girl was striking all kinds of poses. It was so funny!

The last one, I missed but imagine if you will the most hilarious pose you can.. did you picture her with her hands up and rawring at the camera?
Yeah, me too - and then THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT SHE DID!!
I was laughing too hard that the pictures didn't turn out.
Funny thing is that I had just said something to Bryan about that would be a pose and boom, she did it!  LOL

Had to stop to use the facilities - well, Bryan did, I try to avoid the squatty potties at all costs.
Speaking of costs, this is the lady taht is accepting your payment to use the public restroom, oh and yes, yes that is the roll of TP on the edge of the desk for you to grab what you need and go on about your "business".

Back to the metro, had a fun day and now it's time to head home!
Big things are happening tomorrow.


  1. exciting! Praying for you guys! Cool pictures, makes me want to visit!

  2. Look at all those BUTTERFLIES!!!! Did you notice them all in the flowers? God is truly amazing!!!