Thursday, November 10, 2011

10-17-2011 Touristy Day #1

Today was a fun day all around.
Sad thing, I forgot to take many pictures at the orphanage, so you only get two.. but they are two of my favorite things..


And her shoes!

We joked about her clicking her heels together saying "there's no place like home."
Soon, baby girl, soon.

We had a short morning visit today and then we went out to see the town since we had a free afternoon to tour since Aliyah had school to do the rest of the afternoon.

I've got lots of pics for you all in today's blog!
I feel horrible I didn't have many pictures from this morning, but we really just hung out in her room talking for the visit.
We are still waiting to hear back from the committee on brother.
They should be meeting this week and we hope to hear something by Wednesday when we come back for our next visit.  They are to meet Wednesday at 11am so we'll come out early Wednesday and hope to be present for their response.
Praying for God's will and favor with the committee!

We had Sasha drive us into Kiev and drop us there so we could walk around and enjoy the city before catching the metro and the bus back home.
Here's a few shots from the car..
Oh, you know, just a CHANEL store on the corner.
No, we didn't go in and no, I've never been in one or even seen one before!

The American hang out.. if you are ever in Kiev and want to run into another American and hear some English, this is a good place to go.
Here's the sign in cyrillic.

Another store I've never been in..
Tiffany & Co.
According to what we've been told, not many people can afford these stores.
In UA, you are overly rich or overly poor.
There is no middle class.
Sad and interesting at the same time.

This is a picture of a group of protestors that have been here since months before we arrived in country.
There was a big scandal going on with a former official and she was sentenced to 7 years in prison yesterday.  One day we were down here and they had another group lined up protesting right next to them, all black flags and they were against her.
This group here is for her.
They refused to leave even after the ruling was handed down as they are in support of her appeal.
Rumor has it that they are all being paid to be there to protest.
We got a copy of the paper with her face on the front and the big headline of GUILTY!

We were walking into the wind and it was COLD or holednya in Ukrainsky!
I didn't care what I looked like, even if it did embarass Bryan.
He wanted a picture of me all tied up with my hoodie cinched as tight as I could get it.
It was cold y'all!
Walking into wind is not fun!

I have posted pictures of this church before, but it was covered in snow.. so, here it is in the fall.
St Michael's Cathedral.
It really is beautiful.

And, Across the street with the lovely clouds is Saint Sofia's.
This is the bell tower that we went up last time.
We didn't go this time.
It was cold enough at the bottom of the tower!

We walked around the churches and saw this pretty statue in the middle of the grounds.

This is also on the grounds, I'm not for sure on what it is about, but there is water under that cross in the middle, there are pegs around the base of the cross and people were there praying and they would pick up coins from the water, and stick them onto the pegs and then walk away.

Maybe some sort of good luck thing?

This is an administration building for foriegn affairs.
There were several news crews outside and we were wondering if this had anything to do with the trial.

We stayed around long enough for a reporter to come up to the hill where we were and set up his camera.  His name was Sergey and he spoke English so we asked what was going on.
He said it was just routine affairs and nothing big to report. 
They were just about to do a briefing and that's all.
He was very kind and excited to talk to us.

More pictures of statues outside of the chapels.

St Sophia's from far away.
So pretty!!

Oh, as we were crossing the road to go to St Sophia's, we saw this..
Yep, that's a car under a trailer.

The other side..


Honestly, I'm terrified of being in a car, much less driving on these streets.

It happened right in front of this hotel.
Absolutely beautiful!
The Hyatt.

I really love the architecture here!

The last time I saw this statue it was covered in snow too!

We didn't go inside St. Sophia's this time, but I did get a picture of the grave outside the church.
It is of one of the old leaders in the church.
Strange but cool all at the same time..

Cobblestone roads.
So uneven and sometimes shaky, like our journey, one step at a time and you'll be fine.

Ok, we were making fun of all the locals out eating ice cream in this freezing cold weather.
Now, I'm all for ice cream, even in the winter, INSIDE.
Yeah, well, when you are outside long enough, you kind of go numb to the,
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!
Yep, I got one.

We grabbed it at the McD's right by the metro on our way home.
We bought our tokens in our best Russian and the lady tried to tell me that ice cream wasn't allowed.
I didn't understand and shrugged my shoulders and walked on to go through the metro entry. I just ate away and then looked up and saw the sign.. NO ICE CREAM~

What I didn't notice.. the "no camera's"sign 2 signs over..
Let's just say the lady behind that glass was not happy with us.
She yelled at us "Nyet photographa!"
So, I hurried, ate my ice cream and we left on the metro.
Good times.

We got off the bus just in time to get home before dark.
We walked home under this lovely sunset.
I love how God paints the sky don't you?


  1. Oh Alecia, all these pictures make me want to be there sooner. Can't wait to see and hear more.

  2. I just want to thank you for sharing you journey, experience and travel with everyone. I came to the Cupcake Lounge when Leah was singing I think the day after you guys came back this last time. My friend Cassi plays with her band and she was sharing with me about your family. I love what your family is doing and I pray that God be with your family. Again thank you, thank you, thank you for doing Gods will and sharing with me!
    Tiffany Miller