Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We are here!

Well, we have made it safely to Ukraine.
It is beautiful here this time of year. 
It is 3 am local time and we can't sleep!
So, I decided to update the blog.

I don't know why I have had such a hard time doing so this trip... I suppose it is still very hard and surreal for me that we are here and it is not to get Anastasia. 
I did break down when we got here and were told more details of what happened with her adoption.
But I am reminded that in all things, even heart breaking, sad things, that God has a plan.

I have shed many tears, lost lots of sleep, said lots of prayers and even begged the question WHY?!
I will not know the reason why for a long time, maybe even never, but My Father has a plan for me and his word says his plans are good and that he works EVERYTHING together for the GOOD of those that love him!  I sure do love him!  As much as I love him, he loves me more!  As much as I love Anastasia, he loves her more!  As much as I thought I knew the plan, he knows more.

So, we TRUST.

Wholeheartedly, sometimes blindly, we trust.

We follow.

We obey.

This my friends is the story of our lives lately!

I have to say it over and over and thank God he allows me to share it with others b/c not only does it help them, it helps me to know that we are doing the right thing and we are trusting God with our WHOLE hearts.

I'm sure you want details of all our flights and first days here so here ya go..


We'll back it up to Sunday morning.
The day we left.
This was a much easier transition than I ever expected.
I was not looking forward to leaving my kiddos for an undetermined amount of time; at least 2 weeks!
I was not looking forward to the teary eyed "see you laters".
I wasn't looking forward to the drive alone to the airport where we would say goodbye to everything we had known and hop on a plane to go to Ukraine to who knows what?

I was looking forward to the rewards of obedience.
I was looking forward to seeing what God had in store for us.. and that, that required all of the above.

Well, that fateful Sunday morning was much easier on us than we ever anticipated!

Our wonderful church has a great ministry for our children - the bus ministry.
Well, thankfully, they were willing to come and get our kiddos on Sunday morning so they could attend church.  Let me tell you, the kids were so excited for us to leave because THAT meant THEY COULD RIDE THE BUS!!!

If you are mom, or if you have ever been a kid, (pretty sure most of us have) then you probably looked forward to riding the bus! I know I did!
Well, we homeschool, so that doesn't happen often! ha!

The kids could not wait for us to leave! 
There were no tears - for them.
There were no lingering hugs filled with moans and groans and pleadings for us to stay.
Instead, it was Love you Mom, Love you Dad, hug, kiss, BYE!!!!
On the bus and off they went.
This was bittersweet for me.
I mean, I wanted them to be sad, to miss us on one hand but on the other,
the sane one, I was so glad they were happy and ok with us leaving!

I shed a few tears on the way back in after waving them good bye as the bus pulled away and quickly got on the computer to print off the pictures for the album we had forgotten we needed to remake to take with us.  We had made one and left it there for Anastasia; we actually left hers and Adrian's there for her.  So, we had forgotten to remake one until I woke up in the middle of the night and gasped Oh! We have to make an album!  So off to the store Bryan went as soon as we got up to get the photo paper and album.  He's a great guy ya know!

I should also mention I have a great friend who showed up and told us she was taking us to the airport - Gina is amazing!  She probably will never know how much it meant to me to have her there to support us and be our taxi driver that would hug me and cry with me and pray with me. I sure am blessed!

As I was printing off pictures, Gina was grabbing them and putting them in the album for our daughter.
A few of the pictures started to look a bit odd... umm shall we say "purple-ish".  Probably not a great color for a first impression! Although they are for a girl.... hmm..
Nah, better change the ink.
Changed the ink, thankfully we had an extra on hand, and the clock was ticking away, we were to be at the airport in less than 30 minutes but we had to get these pictures.
Bryan had loaded up the car and Gina was telling me we have to go! 
Definately don't want to miss this flight! 
I was hesitant, and just had to get the last couple of pictures to fill the album.
Well, God sent a sign in the form of turning off our electricity for a second, long enough to turn off my computer and stop my printing.
Sign from heaven that it's time to go.. Yes, I think so! LOL

So, we headed out!

Along the way we did the "did you remember the...." and the "what about the...." yep, yep, yep, Got it.
Not that it really mattered b/c there was no time to turn back now! LOL

We made it to the airport and through the baggage check in area rather quickly. 
We saw some of the most precious and sad see you laters happening while we were waiting in the security line.  It made me cry.  I am forever grateful to the mommy who was kissing her little girl goodbye and her husband,mom and rest of the family as she boarded a plane to protect our country.  I am forever in debt to the Daddy who had to turn his back to hide his tears from his wife and two little girls who were so devestated to tell daddy goodbye that they couldn't even stand, rather they fell to the ground in tears, crying "daddy!"  I have so much respect and admiration for those families that are sacrificing so much with their own husbands, wives, children for our freedom. 
So, to all the military families out there..  THANK YOU!

Now that we are all crying, let's continue our journey!
One that can only be made because of the sacrifice our Lord made for us and our military families work so hard to protect for us.

We got through security no problem and found our gate, boarded our plane and off we went.
We made it to Washington D.C. and were able to talk to the kids for a bit which was good medicine.
In DC they had this cool wall that was rainbow colored and it was there right as I was talking to Lexi Lou who just LOVES rainbows.  I took a picture and sent it to her right away.  It's the important things like that that mean so much to little girls.  God gave us that rainbow right when we needed it.  We were missing eachother and we were just talking the night before about how much we love rainbows!
Yes, I'm crying again!

Ahh, Ok, let's try to not cry for a bit!

We were on the plane to Germany after about an hour delay due to the plane not being ready to go.This was welcomed by us b/c we'd much rather be delayed in America where we can talk and order food and all that good stuff. 

After we got on the plane we realized we were missing one vital peice of information we needed to get in through passport control in Ukraine.

We now had no way to get that.
No internet.
No phone service.


Well, we got on ground in Germany and found out they had a few computers with free internet access - YES!

We just had to wait.
And wait.
And Wait.

Well, we had nothing better to do so..

you guessed it..
we waited!

I was able to get on the computer and send a couple of messages to let our facilitator and Chris know that we did not have the address info to provide passport control.  This was a very important piece of info we had last time so we were worried.
BTW, odd factoid for you, the z and the y button are reversed in Germany.

Yeah, so every time I would time "you" it turned out "zou"  I was actually pretty impressed with my typing adjusting skillzzz  when I was able to remember that and change it very quickly! Yeah, I started hitting the "z" key when I needed the "y" and it worked! :)

See, I'm a quick learner!

We boarded the flight to Kiev and I spotted another American couple.

How did I know they were American?
Well, the hubby was dressed very brightly!
I mean LIME GREEN bright!
And his shirt said "adopted".

Another adoptive family, and maybe, just maybe they might have the info we could use!
We caught up with them and chatted on the bus to the airport terminal and they were so relieved to hear English! It is a great thing when you are in a country you know that most everyone does not speak your language to hear someone speaking it is amazingly refreshing!

We quickly exchanged info with them - well we got the address we needed and gave them our contact info and we were off to get our luggage and find Sasha.

This process went rather smoothly - much smoother than expected.  They never even asked for our address that we thought we needed. Whew!

Sasha was there with a big smile and open arms to greet us and welcome us back!
That was great!

We got in the car, headed to our apartment to drop our luggage and off to the store for groceries.
Man, it was so much different having just Bryan and I in the back seat, last time it was 5 or 6 of us in the back seat! Fun times!

We were so excited to go to the store this time around b/c we knew what we were looking for and looking at for the most part!
Last time around, the store was a scary place!
We didn't know what anything was and it was so confusing!

We ate dinner and watched a few "The Office" episodes and crashed about 6pm. 
Unfortunately, this meant we were up by 11pm (me) or 12 am (Bryan) and were up until 5am.
Thankfully we had nothing to do today other than rest so that's what we did... until 12pm (Bryan) and 3pm (me)  I would have slept longer but Bryan woke me up so I'd sleep tonight.. yeah that didn't work out so well.

3 sleeping pills and a zyrtec later.. still awake!

We were able to go out and walk around the city this afternoon.  This evening we met up with the couple from the plane.  They are great!  Jake and Ashley are from Wisconsin and are here adopting Carter who is 3 years old!  Such a cutie! 
We needed that time with them and they needed the time with us.
We had snacks and chatted about our journeys and what God was doing in each of our lives.
Great to hear how God is at work all around us!!

We then headed out with them to the grocery store to pick up a few things we had forgotten and of course show them some of the great things we like here. I sure hope that helped them, I know it was a big help to us when Oleg and Yana or Sasha went to the store with us and said "get this, it's good" or "don't buy that". 

I'm so glad we met them and have been able to meet up with them.

We found out our SDA (state department of adoptions) appointment is tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9 am.  Also known as in about 5 hours!

God is faithful!
God is Good!

We are loved!
We are excited!

Next post will be a great one!

My tummy is nervous and my heart is leaping with excitment...
We see the next phase of God's beautiful plan unfold in 5 short hours...


  1. Okay - I was doing so good - I haven't cried in over 24 hours...and then I read the part of your post about the military families in the airport. I'm sitting here at Fridays, totally crying like a baby. Thank GOD for those men & women!!

    It's been so good to spend time with you...praying for you...don't forget it!

  2. Thanks for loving on my kids..Jake and Ashley. What an answer to prayer you were....God placed you there at just the right time for a specific purpose. I am following your blog and praying for you. Your faithfulness to God is a testimony to who He is in your lives. Stay strong. You can do ALL things through Him who gives you strength!

    Debbie Gibson
    AKA soon to be Carter's Mimi!!