Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 12, 2011 No boredom today!

Visit at the orphanage on October 12, 2011

We started out our morning by running to the SDA to pick up some paperwork Sasha needed to get for another family.  While he was inside we decided to become tourists for a bit.
We walked up and down the shops on "the hill" as it is known in the adoption world.
It is basically that, a hill; with lots of vendors lining the streets selling souvineers of all kinds!
Literally, all kinds.
Some cool, some Ukrainian, some that have nothing to do with Ukraine and others that are just plain creepy.
What do I mean by creepy, you may ask.
Well, how about a skin of an animal.
Yeah, like a fur.
But, it still has its entire body, including the feet and head!

We also saw the world's largest Matrovska / Babushka doll - Nesting doll. 

This ummm lovely? shirt...
I think that was to say Nokia??  

It was FREEZING outside and I did not pack for this kind of weather.
It was in the 70's on the forecast we saw and the first week we were here.
It has been so cold since then.
So, I got a scarf.
Blue and Yellow with Ukraine written in Cyrillic on it :) 

After our touristy walk up and down "the hill" it was time to head out to the orphanage.
No small feat by any means!
Of course, in Ukraine, there are lots of dogs.
Stray dogs.
Stray dogs that are allowed to stay on the streets.
There is no animal control here.
No doggy police.
So, there is, as my Ukrainian friends say, "big problem" with dogs.
They are everywhere!
They like to chase the cars and bark at them.
Thankfully they haven't approached us in a negative way. 
They are usually laying there resting or up following people to find food.

Traffic here is horrendous!
As you can see by the many cars, it is like this everywhere, especially in Kiev.
Downtown Kiev is a place I NEVER, I repeat, NEVER want to drive!
I don't care if there is 4 feet of snow, I will walk or ride in a cab or stay home!
It is seriously enough to drive a person insane.
So, if you ever start to wonder about me .. think and remember the traffic in Kiev.. it must have gotten to me!
In all seriousness, it is crazy!
I mean, one thing I never thought I'd be grateful for is stop lights, pedestrian crossings only at lights, passing lanes and no passing zones.
The drivers here drive wherever they can, even if that is into oncoming traffic as long as they can swoop back over into the proper lane in enough time.
We've had a few close encouters.
By close encouners I mean, I could reach out my window and touch the car next to me without streching my arm!  Oh, and there was that MAC truck coming at us head on.. yeah, my life seemed too short in that instant replay! 

We have a strenous drive to the orphanage, which is one of the reasons we only go every other day.  It is a 2 1/2 hour drive from where we are staying to the orphanage.  We stay there for about 2 hours and make the 2 1/2 hour treck back. 
Makes for a long day.

However, THIS face, is worth it all!

On the way to the orphanage, since we were already in downtown and had had such a rough visit with nothing to do the other day I decided we should stop and get some yarn to play with.
No, not like a cat, to make things, like scarves or finger weaving.
So, we found the store and got a couple of different colors of yarn and a crochet hook.  I thought it would be fun to teach my girl how to make a chain out of yarn with nothing but her hands and maybe even crotchet.  I'm telling you, I must be having Hobby Lobby and Michael's withdrawals because, this tiny little hole in the wall store had me so excited with all the beadwork, knitting, crocheting and other crafty supplies.
I wanted to buy it all!
I settled for the yarn and hook.

We got to the orphanage and the kids were outside playing.
It was not too aweful out in the sun.
Tanya was in the middle of the soccer game with all the boys.
That's a good thing she gets right in there with the boys as she, Lou and I are outnumbered at our house!
She was really getting after that ball!
I was so proud!  Felt just like I was watching her play in a real leauge game.  I was yelling and cheering her on in both English and my best Ukranian.
Not sure anyone really understood a word I said, but they knew..
I am Tanya's momma and I'm proud!
That's all that mattered!

The loud bell rang and vibrated in my ear drums.
All the kids ran to get their coats back on and followed their teacher back to class.
Must have just been recess.
We followed Tanya to her class where she had some homework to do.
We arrived at her desk and what else would we find?
A ball of yarn and a crotchet hook!
Yes, seriously!
I was so excited!
We were both thinking of doing the same thing today! 
How cool!
Thanks God!
It was math time for her and I sat there with her trying to figure out what the problems were and with a little help from Sasha we figured out it was breaking down decimeters into cenimeters and adding them etc.
She finished her math and moved on to some Ukranian.
Not really sure that's what they call it but we would say English when you were doing homework about finding words.. that's what she was doing.
We asked how much more she had to do and if we could go visit and were told it was just homework and she could do it later or finish now.
She decided to finish that section and then to go play with us.
As we were sitting there waiting, I saw a card on the corner of her desk and noticed that she had been quite bashful since sitting at her desk.  I wondered what the card was and picked it up to look at it.
I couldn't make out what it said as I unfortunately don't know how to read Cyrillic .. yet.
I opened it and saw what I thought said Tanya and Mama.
There was a big heart on one side with a lot of writing and on the other there was a picture of two people  with hearts above their heads.
I asked a few minutes later what the card was and was told it was for us!
I smiled so big and opened it, showed Bryan and Sasha and waited for the translation.
It said Mama and Papa,
I love you Mama,
I love you so much Papa.
It wished us good health.
It also asked us to take Grandpa to America too because he will cry with out her.
The picture is Bryan on the left and myself on the right.
Made me cry!
So special! 

We held hands and made our way upto her bedroom where we sat on her bed and had fun crotcheting together and learning to finger weave.

She was really a quick learner!
She did a great job!
I did get to teach her how to actually crotchet, she only had learned to make the original chain so that made me happy that we could share this together. 
We are making a scarf together :)

Here is a picture of the necklace we made.
When we were leaving I asked her if she wanted us to bring back the yarn next time and she said no, I want you to leave it here! :) 
She really enjoyed it.
I left the orange for her to teach her friends to make necklaces and she promised to make me one when we returned. 
So happy walking with her Daddy!
Look at that SMILE!!!
We're seeign it more and more often!

And we were off...
If you remember my comments on how bad the roads are here, you'll appreciate this..
We were driving down the road with Sasha trying to miss most of the potholes and we hit one.
It slammed the car so hard and it was so loud!
I saw something fly off the car and across the street into the field.
I hollered to Sasha that his hub cap just flew off and we stopped to turn around and go back to get it.
It actually rolled back across into the field on the other side of the street!
That was a powerful ejection!
Bryan and Sasha got out to search for it and thankfully found both pieces and put it back on.
I was cracking up laughing! 

Fun times in Ukraine!
Great day with our girl!
Tomorrow we would venture out into Kiev via the public transit system...
A bit nervous...yes..


  1. I look forward to every single typed word that you give to us. Thank you soooo much! We pray for you daily and cannot wait to meet your "new family" and actually hang out...maybe a dinner to share between our two big groups? Love you Horner family!

  2. Sounds great! That is a definate yes! :)

  3. Praying for you and your family! What a beautiful face she has!

  4. Alecia,

    Always excited to read your next post. Love that girl of yours. She looks so happy. Keep the pictures coming. Makes me want to be back there even more.

    (I sent an email to your gmail acct.)


  5. Oh, I loved the part about making the necklaces! So sweet. <3