Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fun day in Kiev - and some sleep!

It is 4 am in the morning here.

We can't sleep.

Jet. Lag. Stinks. BIG TIME!

Today is the day we meet Tatyana.
In 2 and 1/2 hours Sasha will be here to pick us up for the 1 1/2 hour drive to her village where we will meet with the inspector and upon her approval go to the orphanage to meet her.

Today was a much better day for us.

Of course, I slept most of it away!

I hadn't slept in 2 full days and was finally exhausted about 3 am yesterday.
I slept from 3am to just before 3pm when Sasha rang the doorbell to pick us up to go back to the SDA to pick up our paperwork.

I was finally asleep and did not want to wake up!

Bryan had tried to wake me a couple of times from noon until then and it didn't work!
Sasha had come in and was whispering after he realized I had just woken up and I was thinking, oh, that's quiet talk, that means sleepy time... I began to fall back over and reminded myself I HAD to get up! 

So, I reluctantly and very slowly, I might add got up and dressed and out the door.

We met Sasha at his car, got in and heard the sound of the key turning, the bell dinging and.. nothing.

Again, key turning, bell dinging, nothing.


Oh, what's this I see, a part in a bag next to me... oh, it's a starter!


Ok God, we REALLY have to get going, can you help us out here?

Sasha continue the turn, ding, nothing process a few more times.

 In his still small voice:
 Hey, that starter in the bag next to you, touch it and pray that it will start and it will.


Umm, what?
Am I seriously losing my mind???
I mean first blue shoes, now a starter in a bag?

Just do it.

Ok, what have we got to lose?

I reached my hand in the plastic bag, touched the starter and prayed, God, please make it work!

Turn, ding, nothing

Turn, ding, nothing


YES!! Thanks God! 
You Rock!

Faith of a mustard seed, honey, faith of a mustard seed!


We made it to our SDA appointment to pick up our papers and did what we do a lot of in this process, hurry up and wait.

We were the first there and we walked around, looking outside at the church that was being rennovated - it is almost done now, it was being worked on when we were here in December as well. 

We met another couple from Georgia that were here adopting a 16 year old boy they had hosted this past Christmas.  So cool! 

We got our paperwork and the clerk said "Good Luck" in English.

I of course wondered what she meant by that but also thought, meh, my God is bigger.  I don't need luck!

After the SDA paperwork pick up we needed to take Sasha's car to the dealer to get it fixed.

We drove across town and dropped his car off, grabbed a cab to a Ukrainian buffet for lunch and had some Borsch. It was good but not like last time.  It was not very hot and I think that makes all the difference.  For those wondering, it is like a cabbage soup.  Good!

We then walked, walked, walked, walked and walked some more.

Over an hour or more.

We were wanting dessert so Sasha took us to a place called Chocolate 1. 
It was in one word.. AMAZING.

And another word.. INEXPENSIVE!

We had FONDUE y'all!
Like, melting pot fondue!

We had strawberries, bananas, kiwi, and pound cake with our chocolate fondue and it was so great!

Definately going back there!
It was only $7 for the BOTH of us (Bryan and I)
Sasha had a Cottage Cheese Fritter thing with sour cream.
Like my description? :)

We had walked all the way back to the area of our apartment so Sasha caught a cab back to the dealer while we called and met up with our new friends Jake and Ashley from Wisconsin.

We had a great time walking around the city and going to Independance Square.
We saw a group of guys that had set up on the side of the road with their equipment breakdancing.  It was so cool!  I recorded it and we'll see if it will upload here.  It is a long video - about  3 minutes - long for the internet speed I have anyway.

We took pictures of the fountains and it was beautiful.
All of the lights and water was magnificent.
I finally took some pictures for you all!

Tomorrow - er, today- we  meet who we hope will be our daughter! 

Our Friends Jake and Ashley

 YESSSSS!!  Butter noodles, hamburger with BBQ sauce, pickle and onion!
Who knew simple could be so good??
What Bryan does while I blog...

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  1. We must be related and just not know it cause we were here in Ukraine in December also for our 1st adoption and now here we are in Ukraine again for out 2nd! The first was a boy and the 2nd a girl ... same as you. WE JUST HAVE TO MEET SOMEDAY!!