Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 2 at the orphanage - October 8, 2011

Orphanage day 2

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I suppose I should finish Friday’s story first… on the ride home from the orphanage I was so exhausted and was in and out of sleep as Bryan and Sasha talked.

They discussed the possibilities of little brother. We don’t know his name or anything other than he is 4.

As this is new legislation, no one really knows how to interpret the law or how to proceed with it. We are the first family so far that we know of.

So, everything is still up in the air on brother, and sister for that matter. She is waiting to give her official answer until she has her grandfather’s approval.

Things could go either way at this point and that is wearing on me.

There are several ways things could go.. they could say he is available and go ahead with allowing him to be on the same court date as a younger sibling adoptee, they could say we have to wait for him to be on the national registry longer, or they could say that they will separate them.

We will not know anything until Monday when we can talk to the Ukrainian government further and see what can be done on their end and also talk to the US Embassy to see what we need to do as far as US documents to bring another child home. I think the US Embassy might be closed on Monday though so we’ll do as much as we can Monday and follow up on Tuesday if need be.

We are just praying and trusting God that if he wants us to take them both, he will work it all out one way or another. This may mean we have to leave them both here a bit longer and come back or it may mean we take them both at the same time as originally planned or it may mean we have to do 2 court dates and 3 trips – this would be the least favorite as it would separate us all again for another trip and of course that is lots more money. We are trusting that God will provide no matter what way it goes.

We were told on Friday that the Director was sending a message through the village to Grandpa that they needed to talk and asked him to come to meet.

So, exactly what we did not want to take on in our referral, God gave us anyway. We had both grandparents and a sibling. WOW God, you just keep taking us deeper with you don’t you? Well, it’s the best place to be in my opinion. At least we know we are with the one in charge!

I was very worried about Grandpa. The director assured us that he was a good man and would know that it is best for Tanya to come with us and that he knows he will not live much longer and it is better for her to go now with a family than to be left alone after he passes. I could only hope this were the case because Tanya respects him so and would not want to go against his wishes. He is the only thing she has and same goes for him. I love that they love each other so much. I was very close with my Papaw and can appreciate that. It has got to be so hard for both of them.

We went on to have our second visit with Tanya as she had said she did want us to keep coming. We got some fingernail polish so we could have some girl time. She had told me she liked to do that. They are not allowed to paint nails there or have polish themselves, but there is someone that comes once a week and does the girls hair and nails. I love this orphanage. They are so great to these kids! I mean truly, if a child had to be in an orphanage, I would want these caregivers to be there.

We got to the orphanage and it had cooled of drastically! I mean it was sunny and probably 70 something and then by the time we got there it was in the 50’s. COLD quick! We pulled up and saw a group of kids washing potatoes to peel them. They have several garden areas here that they grow their own fruits and vegetables! It is great and they are all so large! I mean, I have never seen some of these vegetables grow so big! It is great to be teaching the kids these things.

The kids all recognized us already and asked if we knew where to go. We said yes, and headed inside the dorm building for younger kids. We got in and asked a little boy if he knew where our Tanya was and he said “Dah! Pashli!” (Yes, Let’s go!)

We followed him up the stairs as fast as we could go to keep up and he hurried down the hallway to the classroom on the end of the hall. I saw him run in and heard him yell “TANYA!” with such excitement in is voice. Next thing I know, there is Tanya, RUNNING to me and LEAPING into my arms with the biggest smile on her face, I swept her up and spun her around! I was ESTATIC to see her so happy to be with us! And of course, she had her purse with pony, carrot, apple, comb, and picture album inside on her arm.  She went over and gave Bryan lovins and we headed off to her room to play.

We got in her room and sat on her bed that was not in the uniform state it had been with the matching duvets on each bed with perfectly propped pillows and towel folded out. It was bright and fluffy. All of the beds were. The girls were not in their uniforms either, instead the same clothes they changed into the night before. I suppose you don’t have as many regulations on the weekend. We sat on her bed and she opened the bag holding the hot pink and glitter nail polishes. She was so happy about them! We immediately began our manicure session. First we painted pink and then a second coat and then we moved on to the glitter. Glitter makes everything better!

Of course there were lots of kids that were watching and just in awe of the concept of family that was happening right before their very eyes. We are blessed.

After our manicure session, we looked at pictures from the day before. She loves that she is on a digital camera that you can take the picture and see it right away. They are amazed by such little things that we take for granted. We then headed to her classroom where we were met with warm smiles and kind welcomes again. They were working on their autumn people they were making for the festival. I don’t know how else to describe them. The performance was to celebrate and welcome Autumn. So, the classes all made things out of vegetables and fruits. Her class was making a “Mr. Owner”; he has a bountiful harvest. The kids went out and picked the veggies, washed them and brought them to the teacher who was putting them all together. It looked like an olden days Mr. Potato head! Only, it was a pumpkin with potato ears and topkea – slippers. Look you’re learning Russian! They are so creative! She had all of the kids helping her. Tanya took the camera and was taking pictures of all her friends and then wanted a picture of us with all her friends too. That picture taking made us feel so good!

The girls in the room wanted to paint their nails too and so Tanya sat down and shared her polish with them. She is so sweet y’all! I am one proud Mama – even if we haven’t heard the official “yes” YET….
PS.. she is such a ham!  She hears the ding of the camera and she looks over to smile!

We headed out so we could try to get home and eat and rest before getting up early to leave to make it to the performance on Sunday. She walked us out to the car and gave us big hugs.

The traffic was horrendous getting out there this morning so we were not looking forward to coming back either. It was like OU v Texas traffic. Crazy busy and slow! Lots of construction too!

And, we needed to get rest as tomorrow would be the day we are all waiting for… d-day from grandpa….


  1. Dying to know how the performance went and if you've met Gpa and/or Brother!!

  2. I'm in love with your journey! Thank you for taking the time to share it with us. You can feel the love growing in your relationship already and it's such a joy to read about it and look forward to the next blog :) Praying for you guys, that everything works out with the little brother as well, and that it all goes smoothly with as little red tape as possible & finances so low you KNOW it's been in God's hands! I speak God's peace, calmness & protection over you.