Monday, August 15, 2011

Time to Break a WORLD RECORD!

Well hello there!

Boy oh boy have we been busy!

I'll try to give you an update as best as I can with all that has gone on!

As you all know, we opened up The Cupcake Lounge and have been enjoying God's blessings on it.

We have been home now for a little over 6 months- almost 7!!

So hard to believe!

Adrian is adjusting well!
He's learning English,
has braces,
has grown a couple of feet!
Well, atleast a foot and his feet have grown from a size 3 to a size 7 in mens! LOL
He is thriving in his new loving home envirionment.
He loves being a brother. 
He has really just blossomed over the last few months!
I can't believe he is so big!
He had his first birthday in America, has started his first school year, has beat his dad in his first real bowling game! ha! Had to throw that in there! He has learned to LOVE hamburgers and hot dogs - good ole American food!
He loves to help out and do things around the house and the shop. 
He has found his niche in rolling silverware and doing the dishes at the shop.
He is very anxious to get his sister home!

That brings me to our next update..
We are adopting again!
I'm sure most of you already knew that but some of you may be new.

We are adopting a 10 year old princess in our hearts named

We have been slowly but steadily working on getting things in order for her adoption. 
We had a major roadblock when we got home and had no job. 
God has blessed us with our own business now and we are back on track!

As of today, we have completed all of our docs and are just about ready to submit our Dossier (big pile of documents) to her country's government to await our travel date which could be in the next few weeks!!

In the mean time, we have to raise a substancial amount of money.
We have not had much time to do a bunch of fundraisers like we did with Adrian's adoption.

This has brought us to think outside the box on what we can do to raise the over $20,000 remaining need in just a few short weeks.

As I was praying about it the other day and asking God what we could do and he sent my sweet 9 year old son Austin a great idea!

You see, we have started homeschooling as of last year and with that comes the need for new materials to do school each year.

So, off to Mardel's we go to buy curriculum.
As we are checking out the lady from guest services comes up to my kiddos with a basket full of silly bands saying did you get your free silly bands??


Those things are like $5 a pop and for 4 kids that's $20 plus tax.  BIG TIME SCORE!!

Well, we get in the car and out come the silly bands.

Everyone is so excited that they got them - and for FREE at that!

Austin starts to tie his together to make a rope and says, hmm, Mom, I bet we could break the world record for the longest silly bands rope ever with all these!

I laugh it off and say, maybe, that's a lot of silly bands!

He doesn't let up.

He asks "Mom, what IS the world record for the longest silly bands rope?"

I have no idea!?!?

So, I brush it off and say, "I'm not sure honey, but I'm sure it's way more than 100!"

"Can we Google it and find out?  I really wanna break it!"

"Sure son, we'll google it later and find out."

I forgot about it.

The next day....

Austin "Mom, can we look up that world record?  I really wanna beat it!"

"Sure honey, not right now, though, remind me later"

"Ok Mom!  I bet if we get all our silly bands together we can beat it!! I'm sure we can!"

"Ok honey, let Mommy finish her school (yes I'm in college too) and we'll look it up later ok?"

"Ok Mom!  I'm really excited about it!!"

"Ok, Austin, remind me later and we'll find out and maybe we CAN break it!"

Later that day while we're cuddling in bed reading...

"Hey Mom"

"Yeah buddy?"

"Did you google it?"

"Google what honey?"

"The world record for the longest silly bands rope!!"

"Oh yeah!!! Ok, let's google it right now"


(that was the computer working :P )

Oh look! There's a video!

There IS a world record!!

Let's watch it!!

I don't remember who said what there b/c we were so excited we were both talking! LOL
We watched this video!

And we heard that they were able to not only break the world record, but also raise $4773.00 for their friend who was diagnosed with Lukemia.

(Said in my best Russian Accent)
(Despicable Me)

Now, you get it! :)

Ok, so we looked at eachother and Austin says "MOM!! THAT'S HOW WE CAN DO IT!!

"Austin!  You just may be on to something!! I think that is a great idea!!"

"YESSSS!!! Mom, we can do this!  Let's get to work!
How are we gonna get all those silly bands?
We HAVE to make this work!
Everyone would want to be a part of breaking the world record and bringing Anastasia home!!
We've got this!"

"I am so proud of you son!  You thought outside the box and came up with a great idea that will change the world!  We can not only break the world record, but we will also raise awareness for the orphans of the world and adoptions AND we'll get to bring sister home!!  This is a really cool idea and we'll figure out how to make it happen."

Fast forward through about 24 hours and some great comments from supportive friends on FB and the ideas were rolling in.  We have found a place to get silly bands for a nominal fee and in the mean time are accepting bands from everyone! 

In order to be a part of this world record breaking attempt all that is needed is $5 per person that wants to be included.  You can provide your own silly bands or you can have us buy them out of the $5 you donate. 

We will attach each silly band to another and form the world's longest attached silly band rope and have it in our shop - The Cupcake Lounge in Moore, OK for viewing, to add to and to donate towards.

Our goal is to have 2000 packages of 24 silly bands sponsored!

We'd love for you to be a part of this!!

What a great opportunity!

You not only get to break a world record - (how many can say they are a part of that in their lifetime??), you also get to help raise awareness of adoption and speak up for the orphans of the world, you get to help in bringing home a 10 year old little girl to her forever family, and you get to help my boy's wish come true to do all of the above!

You also get to make my heart overflow with joy and please our heavenly father as you care for the orphans!

Donations can be dropped of at :
Or Mailed to:
The Horner Family
C/O The Cupcake Lounge
304 N Telephone Rd
Moore, OK  73160

Isn't this exciting!?!

We have some other things going on too that we'll keep you updated on as details become available.

For now, come be a part of this world record attempt and let's make a difference in this world!

We are currently seeking Media attention for this attempt as well, so if you or someone you know can get someone to do a story on this, the more, the better!!

When it is all said and done, if you want to have a momento of your part in this record breaking rope, we can disband your part of the silly bands rope and you can keep it!

We have already notified the Guinness World Records and are ready to roll!!