Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flying above the storm

Has it really been almost a month since the last post?!


So, if you don't know me well, you might think we've dropped of the planet.

Ok, if you know me well, you might think we've dropped of the planet!

We haven't!

We are still here and doing well.

I feel that I should tell you the reason for the silence.

It is me.

I have taken the time off and done some real soul searching, growing, learning, and living!

Nothing was wrong.
I'm not upset at anyone.
Just living life!

We have had a great month!

Bryan is still seeking employment.
I am so proud of him!
He has kept his head high and has trusted that God has something out there for our family.
He is working hard every day to search out available opportunites that will support our growing family.

God has been so good to us.
We have lacked for nothing!

Adrian has been blessed with more clothes than we even had room for!
We already had school curriculum and supplies.
We have food and we have had enough on unemployment to get us through.

Thank God we learned to live on a budget long ago!

God is good and his love endures forever.
He takes care of and provides for his own.
I'm so glad we are claimed by God!

I have grown closer and closer to God in the last months and especially through this hard hit.

Although, it hasn't been really hard at all.

You may ask how?
Did you have a ton of savings or what?
How can losing your only source of income not be hard?

Well, because, we CHOSE to and continue to choose to fly with God above the storm!

You see, he is in charge of the waters, the rains, the winds, and us!
If he allowed it, he will bring us through it.
We are to trust and obey!
As a bonus for our trust and obedience he gives us PEACE!

Undescribable peace!

Let me tell you, in times past, I would not have handled it this way.
God has opened my heart and eyes so much that I fully trust him and his perfect will!
I go back to when we were on the plane going to get Adrian; it was snowy and stormy all over the place, yet there we were, up above the clouds in the glorious expanse that is sunlight and absolutely beautiful!
We were ABOVE the storm!
God said, come, go with me... and he showed us his most amazing sights ever!

If you have never flown through the storm, up above the clouds, into the glorious light and seen just how amazing our God is and how majestic his creation is, I hope you do one day.
Both literally and emotionally!

It is truely eye opening to see just what lies just beyond the stormy grey clouds.
The sun is still there, as vibrant as ever.
The sky still magnificently brushed with shades of blues.

This is the story of our lifes...
We go through storms.
The SON is still there.
We CAN fly with HIM above the storm.
He's in charge of it all!

Rest in his peace, knowing all is under control.
It is well!

I can't tell you how much that airplane ride meant to me in more ways than one.
This one is just a small picture of the father's love for us.
He is carrying us over and through and past this storm.
God, I trust you!

There are many more adventures I'll share with you later, but for now, rest in his peace and fly above the storm with us!

In his name,


  1. I so understand! Many, many, MANY years ago, I had a boyfriend who was a pilot. We lived in central California where the fog is as thick as pea soup. He has an instrument license (which allows you to fly in fog) and took my up one damp, misty foggy day. I loved being above the fog and into the sunshine but it was when he banked the plane that my breath left me. Above the fog, bright in the sun, were the Sierra Nevada Mountains in all their glory, snowcapped and clear. He had flown the plane keeping me from this sight until he was ready for me to see it. After reading your post I can only compare what he did to what God does for us on a daily basis, letting us see only what He wants and needs us to see for all is in his perfect time!

  2. Awesome awesome post!!!! I LOVED it and so fitting with how I am feeling!!! Such a minor storm we are going through right now, but I trust that my Father will get me through it :)

  3. Alecia, you don't know me but I have been following your about the time you went to get Aiden, you are never far from my heart, would love to hear updates, praise reports as well as prayer request! God is faithful, I have enjoyed hearing your heart of confidence in Him! The best place to lay your trust! God bless you all! In Christ, Sarah Johns a sister in Pennsylvania

  4. I've been in several times and I love your cupcakes. I have to tell you something about God & cupcakes just works! My mother took a wilton class to pass the time a few years ago. In the midst of this she lost her job and was faced with the terrible economy and no work in site. Thus she opend her kitchen and started a cupcake delivery service! It kept her more than afloat during hard times. Its a great day when you get to bake stuff you love everyday and provide for your family at the same time!
    God Bless & Good Luck