Sunday, February 6, 2011

Special times at the Horner Homestead

Ready for another update?
Adrian is doing VERY well with his English! 
Both writing and words!!
He amazes me with how much he is picking up so quickly!
Dude, I'd be lost if I was him.
I got maybe 3 or 4 words of Russian during our 7 week stay.

I got these handwriting board things before we left at Target on clearance for 50 cents!
He wanted to write his letters over and over b/c it was so cool that he could wipe it off and start again!

Ooooh!  Look!
A tractor!
Someone is going to come dig us out!
Well, not really but it gave us the unction to get out and work on it.
They did get the huge mound from behind the cars for us.

Fun times here.. Don't forget to take in your shovel before a snow/ice storm or blizzard..
It will get burried and it will be frozen..
Thankfully hot water melts it and you can get it out!
I love you honey!! 

We work smart around here... 

And we're out!
We needed a few things from Wal-Mart so off we went and looky what we saw..
That mound was pretty high but you can't really see it from this picture.. 

Austin, you are such a great big brother! 
Ayden and Lexi really look up to you and love you so much!
I'm so proud of you!
You are going to make a great Daddy and husband one day.

Yesterday was a very special day in the Horner household.
It is an evening that is planned for and anxiously awaited all year long..
Daddy Daughter Dance Night.
Daddy and Lexi go to the dance and Mommy and the boys have a date too.
This year was a bit different from the rest because of our change in circumstances we could not afford to take them all out to eat but we did it up right at home..
Melting Pot a la Horner's!
Yeah baby! 

Doesn't that look wonderful??
Let me tell you .. It was! 

After our nice dinner (we didn't use paper plates which equals "nice" dinner) it was time for Lou and Daddy to get all dressed up for their big date!

Here's my angel all dressed up, hair and make up done and ready to go! 

Isn't she gorgeous?!

I just love her!
Her hubby is going to be so blessed one day..
She is truly a gift and we are honored to be her parents.
We love you Lexi Lou! 
You are the most beautiful little girl both inside and out.
Your compassion and love for others inspires me.

She was courtseying like a princess!
Oh and Ayden was being a photo jacker!
(wonder where he gets that from??) 

The boys and Lou ready for our big night! 

I couldn't tell you how many pictures I took of the 4 of them trying to get them all smiling at once..
Yeah, probably never gonna happen!

Silly pic! 

Nope, not working..

And Daddy is now ready for his princess.
She sure loves him! 

He sure loves her! 

Me and my boys.
We did it up casual since we stayed home.
We usually get all dressed up and go out to eat somewhere fancy and then do whatever they want after that.
We had a great time though and it was nice to just be comfy! 

Me and my baby girl! 

We got Adrian's curtains up to start off our night.
He was so eager to get them up.
Nana had bought him some that he loved but they were too short so we had to get the bigger ones and he wanted a picture for Nana, so here you go Mom! 
Thanks for the curtains! 

Me and my boy Adrian..
Again, a little photo jacker in the back!

We got our coats on and headed outside to get some snow for some fresh snow ice cream. 

Homemade ice cream is so good!

We even added caramel and chocolate!
Sorry, Adrian, I cut off your head..but we got your ice cream in the pic! LOL 

Ha this is Ayden saying over and over "Mommy, it's DEEEEEEEEEEEEEElicious!!!"
Ayden you are the cutest little boy ever!
I sure love you and your silly faces and cute comments.
You keep me on my toes and I sure love everything about you.
I enjoy your cuddles and your sweet thoughts.
You are one special boy! 

After we ate our ice cream and warmed up by the fire we all got in our jammies and cuddled up in Mommy's and Daddy's bed for a movie.
They picked UP and we had a great time watching it together.
We had the volume ALL the way up on the TV and we pretended we were in a theater.
During the movie, I felt eyes on me..
You know how you just KNOW someone is looking at you?
I looked to my left and there was Adrian with a big smile and water in his eyes.
He was looking at me just smiling.
I said kind of sheepishly.. what?
He smiled and shook his head and leaned into me.
Made my heart swell up.
Just to imagine what he is thinking..
He is here.
With HIS family.
With HIS MOMMY and HIS BROTHERS and feeling so loved and at HOME.
Because that is just where he is and where he belongs.
Home with his family.
I am so happy you are here Adrian and love you so much!

Lexi and Bryan got home just before our movie ended and after it was over Lou crawled up into the bed to cuddle with me and tell me all about her special date with Daddy.
Let  me tell you now, the pillow was soaked with my tears!
As I held her and saw her smile and saw her in that dress with the white lace.. yeah you know where this is going... I started thinking before long this will be her telling me about her first date..
Then her first love and that she wants to get married and then I'll be watching her pick out her wedding dress and then with Bryan be giving her away.
It makes me cry just writing that!
I am so proud of her but man oh man time flies!
Cherish your family!
Cherish EVERY moment with your kids!
We are only blessed with them for what seems like a blink of an eye.
She told me it was the "best night ever" and I'm so glad she sees her time with her Daddy as so special.
I'm glad she has Bryan for a Daddy and that he loves her as much as he does and loves to spend time with her and show her how a lady is to be treated.
Man, we are blessed!
I love you Bryan!
Thank you for being an amazing husband and father!

Tonight was the Superbowl which for me means food and funny comercials and a little bit of football. lol
So, we had some chips and queso..
Sorry it was gone before I thought to take pictures!

I made some Jalapeno poppers - anything wrapped in bacon gets two thumbs up from me! 

Then I made some sugar cookies and iced them then the kids put some sprinkles on. 

Let me just tell you now, we are so blessed.
We are so thankful God CHOSE us to take this journey with him.
He has the best plans and we love him so much.
God is good and even when the devil tries to steer our attention away from God and his plans we will cling tight to the promises God has given us.
Please continue to be in prayer for our family during this time of adjustment as well as for our income situation.
Pray that the perfect job opportunity would be presented, available and accepted.
Pray that God would continue to provide in the mean time and pray for our adoption process with Anastasia.
We have got to get things rolling with her but can't do anything till the job is secured.
Thanks again for so many of you who have made a positive impact on our lives.


  1. Geez - you made me cry this morning...oh well, they are happy tears. I have so much enjoyed this journey with you and your family and look forward to many happy times with you guys. I am so blessed to have you in my life.

  2. What a wonderful post. Look at your little lady...she is beautiful. And those young men growing up to be exactly what God has called them to be. What a lovely family. I love this father/daughter dance. We've never been anywhere where that been sad. Hugs