Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowed in day #2

We are on day 2 of being snowed in and we are having a great time!
Today was still a bit too cold - high of 14 - for our family to get outside and play.
We had a morning full of school for everyone, ate some lunch and then had rest time.
I think Adrian is starting to wean himself from naps.
He is still laying and resting for a little bit though.
After rest time we got up and I had to finish up school with Lexi.
She is stubborn on her reading..
Wonder where she gets her stubborness from?!?!
She doesn't like to sound it out and it is easier to say I don't know how to read or it's too hard than it is to actually TRY and do it.  
Sad thing is she KNOWS how to do it!
She got used to the break in the Ukraine.
We weren't doing it everyday so she fell back some and now doesn't want to catch back up.
Funny thing is.. we mentioned a sleep over and the possiblity that she might not get to go if she didn't do her work right and guess what?!!?  SHE COULD READ!

After school, the kids went off to play for a bit in their rooms and were having a great time.

I got hungry and decided I wanted to make something homemade for dinner and I was missing the Ukrainian food we had..
Yes, I know...
and NO, not butter noodles! LOL


They are so good!
So, I searched around and found some recipes; none of which I ended up using, and I roped Bryan into helping me make them.

We decided to make the dough the same as we do for the homemade noodles we make and that was a great idea.  I'll salt the dough next time though.

I took pictures of our process for ya.

This is the dough rolled out and being cut into circles...

Bryan is rolling the sausage to fill the dumplings.
I then cook it and let it sit to drain the grease and then fill the dumplings. 
We used "breakfast" sausage this time but next time we'll try an italian sausage.

The kids were playing dress up at this point and having a blast.
We've got to get some bigger costumes for Adrian! LOL 

Have you met Cowboy Mario? 



And here are the dumplings as I started filling them. 

I even had superhero's come and help me fill them!
Bryan had to quit and go defrost the pipes in the kid's bathroom.
The running water got turned off and they froze up! 
We said a prayer and Bryan tackled it with the hair dryer.
THANK THE LORD it worked! 
The water is now running again!!!

So, here they are boiling in the water...
T-minus 7 minutes to yummy goodness! 

I remembered about half way through to take a picture for you...
My plate... 

Bryan's plate..
(Ayden's in the background) 

The dumplings got a "thumbs up" from everyone!
(I wonder if I'll ever get a good picture of him again??? LOL .. I HAD to teach him to do a silly face!!)
ha ha  

Ayden didn't want to stop eating them to take a picture! LOL 

I had to look around during dinner to remind myself I'm at home!!!

It was delicious!

I am so glad to be home though!!

I started saying "There's no place like home, there's no place like home."

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  1. You're so right there is no place like home. Looks like your young man has settled right in. Loved the picture of them dressing up. Hope your weather improves soon. Hugs