Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Did you miss us???

We've been really busy around here!

We are back to our school routine and settling in very well.
Here are some pictures of our school days..

This is Adrian practicing his name.

Break time!
This was cracking me up!
He got out there and climbed right in this car.
He was using his feet out the front to move the car.
He later tried to break the black parts off the car so no more car. LOL 

It's a bird!
It's a plane!

Here's my Austin the boston!  LOVE HIM!

All the kids at work in their jammies.
We love homeschool! 

Look at Ayden's work!
He's doing so great! 

Enjoy this video -
Adrian telling what his paper says :)

Time to clean up!
Ayden LOVES to vaccuum.
He even cleaned up Sister's room!

It was so beautiful outside the other day that we were all in short sleeves!
We had two HUGE successes this day..

Austin AND Adrian both learned how to ride their bikes!!


Yes you read that right.  Adrian had no idea how to ride a bike!
He got on and was pedaling backwards!
I was able to help him and show him to push forward and he got it so quickly!
I had to video it of course so Bryan got him going again and that's the video below.. (like after 3 pictures)ENJOY!
We sure did!

Bryan and I also took turns riding the bikes. LOL
Bryan has some skills on that bike..
I on the other hand .... not so much. 

Austin has been working so hard to figure out his bike and it clicked!
He was so happy!
I was going along holding the bike and helping him balance...
I let go, grabbed the camera and started filming..
Off he went! 
He crashed and I told him he had been going all that time by himself and he was like what??
I did??
He got up and kept practicing and he has it down!
We can all learn from this..
Get back up again!
Reminds me of a song..
I get down, He lifts me up~ I get down, he lifts me up!
In my weakness he is stronger..

This is the 2nd video of Austin so you can actually see him riding~
SO PROUD of my boy~

Look at Keithers with the helmet! lol 

It's Ms. Lindy's turn... 

My little poser..
Lexi Lou--
Yes, it is JANUARY in this picture!
It was beautiful outside! 

Adrian wanted his friend Erik to come over and see him ride his bike so they came on over and we had a great time watching the kids play outside.
Erik had a few tricks on the bike that were pretty cool.
I got them on video but it is taking too long to upload all these videos and so you'll have to imagine! LOL

I got to cuddle Benny (our neighbor's baby) and he went to sleep!
WOAH! How does he sleep like that!
I was wondering what he was leaning to look at and realized he was out! 

We had our welcome home party that night as well.

Here's Adrian and Erik sharing Goldfish.
Just think.. this time last year both of these boys were orphans.
No hope for a future..
And now... 

We had a wonderful time celebrating Adrian's homecoming with you all.
Thank you so much for coming and sharing your love and support for our family!

Adrian had a blast opening all his gifts :)
He has PLENTY of clothes now!

Silly face pic.. he must have really thought I was gonna lick him! LOL

I love it when he is this happy!
We got outside and let the party balloons go.
We weren't able to follow them long! LOL
It was pretty dark!

Friday we got to go visit our friends the Paytons..
Thankfully Brian Payton is a computer genius and fixed our computer- I dissapeared for a bit b/c we got hit with a killer computer virus that shut down the computer big time!
Layla and I took 3 of the kiddos with us to go to the store for some stuff and this was the view of the back seat.

We had a rough weekend medically..
We had allergic reactions, fevers, asthma attacks and flu like symptoms.
Thank God it didn't last long!~

Adrian in his bed with all his new blankets.
He loves his spiderman blankets!
Thank you Mom and Angela!

Adrian is a big helper and I love it!
He wanted to help with the laundry and so he was having to climb in and get the clothes!
Ha ha - look at his feet off the ground!

And now we are snowed in...
This was last night as it started...

This is this morning in the back yard...

Out the front door...

By the car...

The drift at the front door on the porch...

What better thing to enjoy with snow than....


This was a super simple recipe and was really good!
We used a new one this year and it was 8 cups of snow (we used 12 cups b/c it was too sweet), 1 can of sweetened condensed milk and 1 tsp of vanilla. 

Try it if you like and we hope you enjoy it!

So there's our update in pictures.

Some other things that have been going on are...

I am so very proud of Bryan.
He literally loathes job hunting.
He has consistently and actively searched and applied for numerous positions.
We are praying that he will find something soon that will support our family.
We have had so many of you pass on information, prayers and kind words and it means the world to us.
This was definately not something we were expecting but we are so honored that God would see it fit to use us again to show his glory and his power and his perfect plan.
We are all anxiously awaiting to see how he will show himself again through this situation.
God is good all the time!
He always provides for his own.
So glad to be a child of God!

We are not having snow days because we homeschool so that is keeping us busy and entertained.
Austin is working on his cursive handwriting and is getting better everyday.
Alexis is working very hard on her reading skills and is improving all the time.
Adrian is learning more and more sight words and working on writing his letters.  We are hoping to memorize the ABC's this week. 
Ayden is pretty interested in school these days so he is jumping in on the phonics worksheets and handwriting pages too.

I was sick on Sunday and missed church but all our Sunday School kids made me cards and that made my day!  Adrian made so many!  He came in to look at them with me and was shouting ADRIAN, ADRIAN, ADRIAN on just about every other one b/c he had made it! :)

We had a super busy day yesterday and we HAD a busy week lined up with doctor appointments, dentist appointments and eye doctor visits.
Adrian and Ayden went to the Doctor for a well child check and little did I know that Ayden would have to get 4 shots!  I knew he was due for vaccines at this appt but assumed it would be one.  WRONG!
He was not happy at all!
So, I bribed him with a Happy hour drink at Sonic.
Poor guy!

Adrian's medical records are all in Russian and his shots are so sparce and just odd that they didn't know what to do with him.
He has had like 4 or 5 polio shots!??!
He had a severe allergic reaction to the Hep B vaccine we got before leaving the country and hasn't had Hep A or the other rounds of Hep B. 
I can't even remember all the ones he has had and hasn't had but they decided that they would talk to the vaccine rep to see what on earth to do since he has aged out of most of them and it is not a requirement since we homeschool so we'll see what to do about that later. 
We definately didn't want to have any more reactions like we had last time.
That was NOT fun!

We then went to the eye doctor - just Adrian and I.
This was a challenge in itself b/c he cannot communicate with them.
We focused on numbers and tested him as well as we could with those.
He is measuring a slight prescription but the doctor decided it would be better to wait and recheck him in 6 months when he can read and know his letters so they can more accurately screen him.
He was doing the numbers at 20/20 but the other machines said he needed a small prescription.
I hope that make sense but the point is that he will be rechecked in 6 months and might need glasses at that time. He was pretty dissapointed actually!
He apparently wanted glasses like Momma and Austin.

That's about it for our week.
We had more appointments starting tomorrow for well child checks and dentist but I don't think we'll be getting out of this house any time soon!


  1. You've been busy. It looks like everyone is settling back in now that you are home. That's great news. Love the pictures. Hugs and prayers

  2. I loved this post - but about the eye exam...I tested 20/15 on every eye chart imaginable so no one ever figured I had an issue with my eyesight and neither did I. I was 18 when the over strained eye muscles gave out and I went from having perfect vision to needing bifocals. Had I taken a real eye exam during those early years, they might have found the problem much earlier. I totally understand the discrepancy...