Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve - Ringing in the New Year as a New Family

 Well, this year was definately one for the books!
We have come so far and done so much together as a family.
Most of which I never imagined would happen!
We began a journey that would enlarge our family.
We started homeschooling.
We made goals and set out to accomplish them.
We grew closer to God and eachother this year.
I am proud of where our family has come.
I am also very excited to see the New Horner Family 2011!
Yes, we are doing this all over again to come get Anastasia in a few short months.
We are so excited and blessed that God has CHOSEN us to be her family!

Without further adieu, our last day together as a new family in 2010...

Wrestling to start out our morning of course! :)

We then hung out around the house and played games.
We are beginning to go a bit stir crazy in this apartment.
We need to get out and do things!
So, we went for a walk again today.
It is so cold here!
Below freezing.
As we were walking Adrian reached out and grabbed my hand.
He held it the rest of the way to the pizza place.

Ok so we get to the pizza place and the workers are all female today and they are all wearing bunny ears.
We figure it must be something the restraunt is doing but then look behind Ayden.
Girls were coming into the restraunt dressed like bunnies!
Yes, some even had tails.
You don't know how many pictures I had to fake take of Ayden and everyone else to get a picture of these girls! LOL 

They brought us coloring pages today!
Mommy and Daddy were the only ones who were excited. LOL
There was a cartoon playing on the tv.
Lexi and Ayden did finally join in and color a bit.
Austin, Lexi and I played a few tic tac toe games on the back too.
Look at the pictures..
They have given you some sort of a guide to color by.
Look at the refridgerator.. it has blue on the bottom corner.
The cat.. green.
sick maybe??

We ate then we walked back home.
On the way to and from the apartment we have to cross several busy streets.
We usually have everyone holding hands and we cross all together or in groups of two or three.
Well, today, we were on the way back and getting ready to cross a street...
We waited for the little walking man to go from red to green and for the cars to stop coming.
If I have learned anything here it is make sure you look to see that the other cars coming have obeyed their signal.  I'm sure it is the same back home but we never walk this much!
Well, this time we didn't have hands..
The light changed and a car was turning right...
Austin had bolted across the street as Daddy yelled GO.
Only, no hands..
Car coming.
Austin in the street.
Flare prayers were flying!
Thank GOD that he had that car stop before hitting my baby and we all made it safely across the street.
I'm sure the people around all thought I was a crazy person if they didn't see what had just happened b/c I was letting him have it!
I explained that I wasn't angry, I was terrified!
My baby was alone in the street with a car headed right towards him!
A mother's worst nightmare is to lose her child!
I wondered if mine was about to come true!
I don't think my heart stopped pounding out of my chest for a while after we got home.
Although it wasn't so cold anymore..hmmmm
Oh and I didn't let go of his hand for the rest of the trip!
Not until we hit the stairwell!
I held on tight to him and Lexi!
If only I had 2 more hands I would have held them all!
Bryan had the other boys and we finally made it hom safely.
Thank you Jesus!

Adrian has been asking to help make noodles since we got home so we decided to do so tonight.

Here's some pictures from our fun!

Me and the boys rolling out the dough. 

Look at the intensity in her face! 

Time to make some memories..

The aftermath of the flour fight!
Not too bad..
Although, I'm the only one who had a bag of flour. lol
They were all scoping it off the table and chairs to get me though.
Fun times! 

Look how good it looks! 
Too bad it didn't taste as good.
I burnt the noodles.
I have never messed up this dish and here I make it for the first time for our new son and I messed it up.
I felt horrible.
He didn't like it.
Who can blame him?
Salt and pepper can only do so much for burnt flavor.
To tell you how bad it was..
it didn't get put away to save.
No leftovers.
We always have leftovers.
Hope I haven't ruined the poor kid on this delicious dish.
We'll try again at home with a stove and pans I'm used to.

Now, as if I haven't given you enough to laugh at us for this post, there's more...
It gets dark here about 4:30 or so in the afternoon.
Ayden and I had laid down to take a nap while everyone else was up playing.
We woke up and it was dark.
That must mean it is time for FIREWORKS!!!
Woo Hoo!!
We had been told it would be massive!
We are right by a big public square and it looked as though they were setting up for a show tonight.
There have been miscellaneous fireworks shooting off for days now.
We were excited about tonight.
We are on the 5th floor of an apartment building so we have a pretty high view of the surrounding area.
It was dark so we began the wait.
We waited and waited and waited.
A few hours later we heard several booms!
I grabbed the camera and we all huddled around the window..
boom boom boom..
that's it!
Well, that sucked!
I came back to the chat I was on with a dear friend and she laughed and said only 2 more hours for you guys huh?
Oh yeah!
4th of July!
They wait until MIDNIGHT to do the fireworks!
We felt like such ID 10 T'S

So, we waited and waited some more.

All but one made it that long and we woke him up.
It was so neat and loud!
There were fireworks EVERYWHERE!
We were running from room to room trying to see them all.
Everyone was shooting them off!
People on the playground in the center of our apartments.
Fireworks flying out of high rise apartment windows!

I think the view from the kids' bedroom was the best!
Remember the pictues from the bridge with the village on one side?
We can see the entire area from our window and it was like a panoramic interactive shot!
Fireworks light up the sky from left to right!
It was so cool!

We took a few minutes to review our goals we set last year and set new ones.
Austin wants to get straight A's for the year adn learn to ride his bike with no training wheels fast.
Alexis does too and she wants to read a full chapter book this year.
Ayden wants to learn how to ride his bike fast.
Adrian has some goals I'm sure and we'll say that learning English is one of them and learning to read.
Our next big family goal is to raise the funds to come back and get Anastasia this summer.
We also want to figure out how to make a difference in the lives of others around us and around the world.
We know we are called into children's missions and we are anxious to see what God has in store to further his purpose in us this year.

We have been truly blessed tihs year.
We are honored that you take the time to read our story and send us encouraging words.
We love how God is weaving our family and friends together in ways we never could have imagined!
God bless you all!

Happy New Year!

Make a difference this year!
Leave a LEGACY!

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  1. Happy new Year. I can't wait until you get back to be a part of your adoptions. Hugs