Thursday, January 6, 2011

Napped away the day - Jan 6, 2011

We arrived in the main city this morning about 7:30am.
Thankfully Sasha was there to help us get off the train and get all our luggage.
Everyone slept well on the train except for me of course!
I kept thinking we were going to miss our stop and it was so loud.
We had the very last compartment on the train and it was right by the bathroom so it STUNK.
People were in and out of there all night and so it the doors were being slammed continuously.

We all woke up about 6:30 to get dressed and ready to leave the train.
We were so happy to see Sasha.
He welcomed us back and helped us get to the car and back to our apartment.
We really like this apartment.
It is very small but also very nice.
It is in a good part of town and we just are comfortable here.
We have been fortunate enough to have the same apartment all 3 times we've been in this city!

Bryan and Sasha dropped me and the kids off with the luggage and they went to the market to grab some necesseties.
Bryan did good! 
He came back with LOTS of stuff and plenty of each item so we don't have to go for a few days!
He also got me some medicine so that I can breathe!
I swear I am allergic to this city!
I think it is all the pollution.
I literally get sick every time we come here.

The kids and I laid down and watched some cartoons while they were shopping and then we had some lunch and crashed!
We all napped for almost 5 hours!
We were tired!
Here are a few pics from today.
We spent most of the day sleeping!

Adrian found a comfy spot to play his DS..
(Mommy, why do you keep taking pictures??)

More game time pics..
We were having fun racing each other.

Sister Sue playing pretend with her toys. 

I do miss the old kitchen.. We had 1 pan and 2 pots along with 2 lids.
Here we have one pan, one small pot with a lid and that is it.
We worked it out though!
Look at Bryan's ingenuity!

Here's my little pot!
I'm cooking 3 small hamburger patties in there! 

We used the pan to boil the noodles since I needed a lid to cook the burgers the way I have found is easiest.
Bryan used a plate to drain the noodles.
Yep, butter noodles again!
I seriously think we have gained some weight here!

We unpacked most of our stuff and found homes for everyone's clothes.
We have our laundry going and everyone is down for bed now.
Praying we get some good sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow and enjoy our day.

There is some new artwork up in the apartment so I'l have to be sure to take some pics of them for you.

We are all so happy to be here and just feel better being one step closer to home.
Even if our time frame hasn't shortened, we are one stop closer!
Oh and I'm so glad we don't have another train ride for another 6 months!

Anyone have any ideas to share about fundraising opportunities for Anastasia?
We've got to get busy~

We do plan on doing another dinner / silent auction so if you or someone you know has something you would like to donate, please let us know!
We greatly appreciate all of your prayers, kind words and support.
This is definately a long and tiring journey but oh so worth it.

We hope you are being blessed by our story.
God bless you all!


  1. Glad you were all able to take a nap. Hope and pray everything goes smoothly and quickly. Still praying for those flight prices to go down. Hugs

  2. very blessed! maybe you could do some kind of skate night fundraiser, that would be fun!

  3. Ohhhh, I LOVE the idea of a skate night! What about a craft fair where a portion of the proceeds are donated? And of course you KNOW I have some wonderful stuff to donate from my Mary Kay stock! Waiting anxiously for the next post!

  4. I think that the new, Jude's Jewels, can contribute something to whatever type of fundraiser you choose. And if you need pink, for a girl or possibly to go with some Mary Kay, that would be easy enough. We can chat about it later.

  5. Two ideas - what about a kid's play day or Parent's Night Out event - I think many would offer to help with supervision.

    What about a Scrapbooking Crop - all admission fees could go to the adoption? I would be glad to help. We could probably do it at CHA in the cafeteria. Let me know.

  6. WOW YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Great ideas! The airfare has come back down through our adoption agency,BUT due to our lack of paperwork progress and delays due to that we don't know our return date now! ugh.. Trusting! We were thinking of a PNO around Valentine's day but the Church will be having date night then too so not likely to be a good time. We also have to make sure we have a place to enterain them! LOL We have talked about a family movie night but again need a place to do it. I would love to hear more about the scrapbooking crop!! Craft fair also sounds great - again location - most places are min 300 to rent and we have been told we cannot book anything else at the church.. praying that changes as they did let another family do so but you never know.. Skate night is a great idea! I used to set those up for the school all the time so I know who to talk to! YAY! Keep the ideas coming!!!